The Rectangle Body Shape: Everything You Wanted To Know

Just a guess, you put on an outfit that you believe will look amazing, but when you glance in the mirror, your initial impression is that you “look like a door.” Well, maybe that’s just me.

However, you can still hope! Resist the need to believe that you will seem like a straight door no matter what you wear! Your looks depend on your styling and understanding how your body responds to various styling methods.

This guide will help you by providing a variety of lifestyle, dietary, waist training, and exercise suggestions for a certain body type.

Four body shapes and the rectangle body shape displayed front and center and highlighted

What is the Rectangle Body Shape?

Unlike a pear shape, an apple shape, or an inverted triangle shape, a rectangular body features many straight lines.

The hips and shoulders of the rectangle body shape are comparable in width, there is little to no defined waist, and the legs are exceptionally lengthy. The hips, chest, and shoulders are all very consistent in size. The upper and bottom halves of the rectangle are balanced.

The rectangle form should be broken up to define the waist in this body type.

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So…You Have a Rectangle Body Shape: What Are Your Goals?

If you have a rectangle body shape, you should place special emphasis on the following:

  • Your body’s volume, especially in the upper half.
  • Your waist.
  • A dietary plan.
  • Various materials and textures.
  • Accessories to infuse your entire outfit with color and pattern.
  • Choose silhouettes that slightly flare out from your lower half.

On the other side, you’ll want to de-emphasize anything that accentuates the straight lines. Make sure to:

  • Avoid wearing formless attire that draws attention to your straight lines.
  • Avoid having a low or drop waist because this will prolong your “rectangle” and diminish your verticality.
  • Reduce or relax your shoulders.
  • Avoid adding a lot of fabric or bulk to your lower half. Although a flared lower profile works, it cannot be “voluminous” or hefty.
  • Layer if it’s cold.
  • Add color and pattern to your lower body, not the area around your waist.
  • Avoid using silhouettes that are straight and produce a long, vertical line.

How to Increase Your Curves with a Rectangle Body Shape?

Uniformity is a trait of a body shape that resembles a rectangle. Your bust, waist, hips, and shoulders are the same size in both look and measurement. Many ladies with this body type strive to add more curves to their straight angles because they lack many definitions.

With the appropriate fashion advice, though, dressing for your body shape is simple! Since most models have this similar slender, long bodies, many outfits are designed for the rectangular shape.

Let’s discuss more to find out how you can add body curves to a rectangle-shaped physique.

Develop a Narrow Waist to Add Body Contours

A naturally defined waistline is one of the most significant characteristics of the curved, hourglass form. Women with rectangle-shaped bodies can also have this; you need to make it with your attire.

Find inventive methods to wear a belt slightly above your hips to accentuate your body curves and define your waist. This fashionable item gives the appearance of depth since it cinches in your waist while allowing the rest of your shirt to flow out from your body, giving the impression that you naturally have an hourglass figure.

The Luxx Curves waist belt creates the appearance of enlarged curves while emphasizing the waist’s precise shape. Choose a rich fall color for the belt, such as aubergine or red, to enhance its effects.

With figure-shaping undergarments, you can go above and beyond what is achievable with a belt alone to further define your waist. Although it may not be preferred for casual wear, it is a helpful technique to have on hand for those special occasions.

If you are post-partum, you may want to consider using girdle belts as well.

How to Waist Train with a Rectangle Body Shape

By defining your waist, rectangle forms can create balance and provide the appearance of being more curvaceous. You can select a small bust shaper or a mid-waist shaper based on your torso length or desired outcome. The secret is to use a waist cincher to further narrow your waist and gain a slimmer figure.

For an eye-catching silhouette, you can even go full glam by throwing on a pair of booty or hip padding, both, or even a brazilian butt lift.

It makes sense to expect that wearing a waist trainer will make your waistline appear thinner and more sculpted when considering the benefits of doing so. But do you know that it can also highlight your natural curves in addition to slimming?

Results from Luxx Curves Waist Trainers go beyond just reducing the waistline. That hourglass cinch transforms your entire silhouette!

What Exercises are Good for Rectangle Body Types?

If you are looking for an hourglass figure, exercise can help you obtain it.

You should incorporate strength training into your fitness regimen, especially if you have long, lean limbs and a boyishly tiny torso, like Kate Middleton or Gwyneth Paltrow.

Make sure you push yourself to the point of fatigue with each activity and finish your workout with a protein-rich snack like a glass of milk and a fruit-and-nut trail mix. You may add definitions to your shape and muscle mass with the help of these exercises.

When doing them, think about using a workout waist trainer to itensify the exercises and slim down your waist.

Start with Some Cardio.

Cardio should not be viewed as a means of weight loss but rather as maintaining good health. Select an aerobic workout that will increase your heart rate while also allowing you to gain muscle in your extremities.

Kickboxing and spin courses are both excellent choices. Enroll in a class or start an exercise video at least three times every week.

Lunge While Balancing a Front Raise

When you lunge on a stability ball, you train your body independently, concentrating on the muscles across each side of your body while also challenging your core and balance.

Lunge backward while performing a front rise with weights in each hand. Your shoulder line will appear more sculpted, providing the appearance of an hourglass figure.

Twist with a Medicine Ball

The majority of women who have a rectangle-shaped body lack a pronounced waist. To achieve a more nipped-in appearance, you must train your core muscles as you tone your body.

To tone your sides, do this oblique twist with a medicine ball. If necessary, place your heels on the floor for balance.


One of those “dream exercises” that all fitness professionals adore is the plank!

They challenge you harder since there are many different ways to do them. They engage your main core, quads, shoulders, and chest. The plank with a twist targets your obliques while providing all the advantages of a standard plank exercise.

Hamstring Curl and Ball Bridge

You will not be disappointed with a hamstring curl and bridge on a ball to make your booty “pop.” This workout will test your core as you tone your back and tighten your hamstrings.

Put your arms on the floor adjacent to your sides rather than behind your head if you have trouble staying balanced while on the ball.

What Food to Eat with a Rectangle Body Type?

Here are foods listed that do wonders for your body shape:

  • Protein-rich diet: It’s critical to keep a fit body by eating meals low in fats and oils, high in proteins, and high in carbs or starches.
  • Greek yogurt, chicken breasts, and poached eggs are low in fat and will give you your recommended daily protein intake.
  • Walnuts, green salad, and rolled oats will help you get the fiber and vitamins you need to help with digestion and burn those excess calories.
  • Eat up to 80 grams of dry fruits each day, such as almonds, peanuts, and ground flax seed powder, since they are a good source of beneficial seed oils, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for the system. Use it in your breakfast dishes to get your day off to an energizing start.
  • The following non-vegetarian alternatives are lean: chicken, turkey, beef, and tuna. Keep as far away from the fatty cuts as you can. Have two servings of meat, chicken, or fish, one of bread, rice, or wheat, and one of the fresh salad.
  • These lean vegetarian options include quinoa, beans, low-fat cheese, and tempeh. Eat brown rice rather than white rice since it has higher fiber.
  • Avoid eating things that are ready to eat, white rice, fast food, canned food, fries, drinks, alcohol, and other condiments. Of course, you can indulge in such delicacies once a week, but no more.

Style Tips for Rectangle Body Types (What to Wear)

You have plently of outfit ideas! With a rectangle body type, you can greatly expand the range of clothing that flatters you by creating a wardrobe that compliments your shape. Here is a style guide filled with trendy tips for your rectanglar body!

1. Skirt Styles

If you want to find a skirt that compliments your figure, search for one with pleats or gathers at the hip; these will add volume and provide the impression of curves.

To round off those sharp corners, try a skirt with diagonal lines. Wearing a skirt with more of a full circle (and lots of pockets) can help to counteract the width of your hips.

Since you need a lot of volume in the hip area, the easiest skirts to find will have an a-line, full circle, or trumpet silhouette. However, it is crucial that they are made of suppler materials and don’t add any other sharp angles.

Straight skirts and pencil skirts are acceptable; nevertheless, it is recommended that you pay closer attention to your waistline and upper half proportions when wearing these skirt styles.

Don’t be afraid to show off your curves by wearing a skirt because there are so many creative ways to do it.

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2. Jeans

Denim is all about striking a delicate balancing act. You want to make sure you lengthen your lower-half not too little or too much. As such, try to avoid low-rise and high-rise jeans.

Following the advice given above, you should add some curves to your lower half to make it more visually interesting. This could include deeper pockets. They let you get the contours you want without adding bulk to your behind or thighs.

Another simple method for creating the illusion of curves is to have your hips whiskered. These light lines serve to divert the eye from your body’s vertical planes.

Regarding what type of jean silhouetee, you should be wary of jeans that emphasize straight lines. Straight-legged jeans, in example, are not the best jeans for you.

Instead, the bootcut silhouette is a good choice for you because it flatters your figure without making you look too squared off.

If you dislike bootcut jeans, you can also try a pair of mid-rise, ultra-skinny jeans for a more flattering look that doesn’t draw attention away from your beautiful curves. Wearing dark wash, mid-rise jeans can make your legs look longer.

3. Trouser Styles

When compared to jeans, trousers are less of a hassle to style because they come in a wider range of cuts and fabrics. You would look great in softer fabrics that help to soften your frame.

You may find various options for your body type, including culottes, trousers, and even wide-leg versions.

4. Casual Dresses

Even though there is a wide variety of clothing options available to you, it is important to remember your personal fashion objectives. To achieve this delicate balancing act, you should select dress silhouettes that define your waist.

You can easily wear an a-line dress, or a wrap dress. Using color blocking, you can draw attention to your upper and lower halves and to emphasize and define your body parts. But a belt is one of the most useful accessories you can buy to maintain waist definition.

Dresses with no tangible form, such as trapeze or tent styles, should be avoided. Undoubtedly, your sturdy shoulder structure can support those forms, but the added volume makes your body appear much wider all around.

Peplum dresses could also work, depending on your body figure..

5. Coats

Coats and other outerwear are a great way to give depth to your look and your silhouette. Indeed, they are based on many of the same ideas as your jacket choices.

Belted or waist-cinching coats are fantastic choices. These can help you curate the illusion of a waist.

In addition to being able to wear long jackets, your long legs, and slim build make it an option for you.

5. Jackets

You can create some curves for your otherwise straight body by layering on top with jackets. You should go for coats with a slight inward swoop at the waist or can be cinched in with a belt.

You can also try coats with a more conventional cut (not boxy) because they will look great draped off your broad shoulders.

A sleeveless jacket (or vest-type jacket) is a great choice when you want to emphasize your curves during the liminal seasons.

Also, don’t be scared to accessorize your top half with things like bust or neck pieces.

Avoid cropped or boxy coats if you want to avoid the appearance of being more healthier than you already are.

If you want to know for sure what length of jacket works best for you, it’s best to try on a few different styles in person. It could be a few inches above or below your hipline, depending on your height and how long your vertical line is (visually).

6. Tops, Shirts, Blazers, and Knits

It is imperative to define your waist while adding volume to your hips and bust while dressing for your figure.

You can achieve this by dressing in shirts that are softer and flowy all over since this will help the clothing flow over your body and create the appearance of curves. This will prevent harsh contours from forming on your body and create delicate, gentle contours.

Additionally, feel free to experiment with tops that feature bust elements like bibs, plackets, and front pockets. It’s wonderful if you can draw attention to your bust in any way. You can also draw attention to your shoulders with shoulder pads.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the proportions of your waistline to ensure that these accents don’t add unnecessary bulk. While highlighting the waist is not the goal, defining it will help you look better overall. It’s about letting a trimmer form emerge in the light without calling attention to itself.

7. Sleeves

Don’t be shy about rolling up your sleeves and having some fun. Sleeves with open volume and that are not completely fitted work best for the rectangle shape.

Stay away from columnar shapes and tight sleeves. Too many angular features will be added to an otherwise smooth body.

Sleeves may be fun to experiment with embellishment or volume, so try out puff or bell sleeves. Just keep in mind that it is ideal to have one focal point when choosing an outfit, so don’t overdo it with embellishments!

8. Necklines

There are necklines that highlight curves and others that lengthen a slender figure.

You like to highlight your body’s long, lean quality by wearing v-necks and other vertically-oriented garments. This can also be attained by wearing a garment with a higher neckline, such as a turtleneck. You’ll want to avoid straight necklins like the boatneck to prevent accentuating straight lines.

Alternatively, you might experiment with necklines with more curves to sculpt your body. You can achieve this look with a round, bateau, or scoop neckline.

Depending on your overall look, you may also want to embrace decorations around your neckline to provide visual weight to your upper half. You can experiment with voluminous collars, ruffles, or any other form of attention-getting embellishments.

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Final Thoughts

In short, a rectangle body form has equal measures for the bust, waist, and hips, and it is frequently referred to as a ruler or a square shape. They are often tall and thin, so they are sometimes called to have an athletic body type.

They lack curves and are very muscular. However, there are various positive things to say about shaping your curves using a belt like Luxx Curves. The above-mentioned lifestyle and dietary assessments are the safest approaches to characterize your body shape.

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