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The best

Amazing quality, fit, length, and super comfortable! I have a 10.5” torso but I ordered the 9” because I hate being stabbed underneath my boobs and I like having room to move it up or down if I need to. I previously ordered an Angel Curves waist trainer and it doesn’t even compare with the Luxx Curves waist trainers. It was way to long, the sizing wasn’t correct, and the quality was not near as good. Highly recommend Luxx Curves. ❤️

Amazing !!!

I have been waist training for years and by far this is the most comfortable waist trainer that I have ever worn. I bought a size Small and in 24 days I was already downsized to an Xsmall. So far I have lost 2 inches my waist and 3 inches in my lower abdomen.

Love it

Yes I love it.. it fit prefect

Amazing! its works

fast delivery! and I ordered it the 23rd and I got it on the 28th :)
As a transgender women I was a little skeptical but it works super well!
I bought a small I can already have it on the last set of hooks after a week

Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love it

Works wonders!!!!

I love this waist trainer!!!! I went from a XL to a Medium with extenders and I can see a BIG difference!!!! I have went down 2in on my waist already in 30 days

Traditional medium torso solid color.

I love this waist trainer. I’ve been training with it for a month now and I am in love. This waist trainer holds you well in every place. Very comfortable which I love. Highly recommend it.

Love my Luxx Waist Trainer

I am new to waist training and Luxx has made it so easy to begin. I used the sizing guide and my WT fit perfectly. I have found so much support with the other waist training dolls and already ordered my second one.

It's amazing!!!

I purchased mine a bit too small so I had to order extenders so right now I'm wearing 3 extenders the top part has a little gap like it's loose but I can't go any tighter because my belly is just still to big compared to the top iv been wearing it only a week 5-8hours a day but I won't check for any results until maybe another week or 2 but it is a great waist trainer just still trying to learn somethings to get a better result. But other then that I love it it gives me go posture, it's comfortable and now my best friend wants one


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! From the first day it arrived in my mailbox, I've been wearing it everyday for 8 hours. I'm already on the third row of my waist trainer!!! Thank you so much Luxx Curves for helping me reach my body goals!!! 10/10 Would definitely recommend to those who wish to have the perfect body.

Best investment Iv made this year!

I absolutely love it!!! It’s by far the best investment Iv made this year. My waist has visibly trimmed out in only a few weeks of wearing it! A total of 6 inch!!!

Amazing! It really does work!

I’m naturally a very small person but I wanted a waist trainer to really help give me a more hourglass figure. I’ve had mine for 2 weeks and already see a difference! I didn’t even notice how much of a difference until today when I looked at side by side pics. I’ve already moved down to the second row of the trainer after one week of wearing it. I wear mine for about 4-6 hours everyday and so far I’m very pleased with this product!

Great quality waist trainer

I found Tatiana’s YouTube channel and learned so much about waist training. At the time I had only tried one other trainer. I sized out of that one quickly so I wanted to give hers a try to see if there was really a difference. I’ve been wearing the medium and short torso trainer for about 3 months. I’m in between torso sizes but prefer the medium torso. I started at a 26.5 inch waist and I have lost an inch so far. I’m finally at the last hook. With the waist trainer on my waist measures 23.5”. The beige trainer was in the beginning of September and the black trainer was Mid October.

It works!

I’ve had a corset and a couple other fitness belts, but nothing like this. This feels like a tight hug, it’s super comfortable to wear! It being so comfortable makes 8 hours feel like nothing. It’s been easy to be consistent with it, and my results are speaking for themselves. I have gone from a 30-31” waist to now a 28” Without ANY special diet or exercise (imagine the results if I did! I have my XS on standby. If you are thinking about getting one, DO IT! Pic in the yellow is before the waist trainer , pink wall is my waist after reaching the 3rd row

Best Waist Trainer I’ve ever purchased

This waist trainer is better than a lot of trainers I have tried. The boning is sturdy, and I love how the back doesn’t dig into my butt considering I have a bigger butt. I’m 5’2, around 140 lbs and got a small because I’m experienced in waist training. Holds everything together and the style is beautiful. Couldn’t ask for better!

Medium torso xs waist trainer

I love my waist trainer! My results so far have been amazing

I should have bought it from the start!! >_

Been waist training for a year and I am mad at myself for not buying Luxx’s fitness belt sooner >_

So excited

I’m absolutely amazed with the results I’ve had with my waist trainer. I’ve lost a bit of weight, but most importantly it’s definitely helped my figure! I’m so happy and I cut down 2 inches in my waist fairly quickly. Can’t wait to buy my next waist trainer soon!


So I have been waist training on and off for three years, I haven’t really waist trained properly for almost a year. So I said let me start again. I am a student and I work both full time. My waist is between 30-32 inches so it depends on my body. I got this about almost a week ago and GOLLYYY getting it on... ON THÉ FIRST HOOK! Crazy! Two people have to help me. I’ll say no matter your waist on the first day start on the FIRST HOOK, let your body adjust for a week or two before you move to the second hook. I am doing that and my biggest problem was bloating, I eat what I want with portion control and timing and trust me, my body is looking way better in just a couple of days. No BLOATING! I cannot wait to see myself a month from now.

Pro tip
First day try wearing it for a couple of hours so it adjusts a bit to your body. First week try wearing it for 4-5 hours

MUST buy!

I’ve been waist training off and on for about 2 years, but I was never consistent. I typically wore corset trainers, but being a busy mom, I never felt like I had the time to stop and lace it up myself. I decided to buy one of these after coming across them on Instagram and then joining the Facebook group. They’re so easy to get on after you’ve worn them for a few days. I’ve been waist training consistently with Luxx Curves for about 3 weeks now and the results are awesome! I’m already down 1.5” in my waist size and my mom belly has visibly shrank. I’m able to wear it comfortably every day for 8 hours. It’s well made, strong, and comfortable. So comfy that I already bought another waist trainer in the next size down so I can size down immediately when I’m through with this one. I can’t say enough good things about these waist trainers! And shipping was insanely fast. Get one ASAP!


I absolutely love my short torso WT! i’m a first timer and ended up getting a size smaller (2xs) because they were out of the xs at the time that I made the purchase. I wear it with the WT extender, which I bought from amazon (sorry) because it was out of stock and I wanted to start wearing my WT ASAP. They did restock about 2 weeks later.

The material is thick, yet very discreet under clothing. Super high quality materials, nothing like I expected!
It was a struggle putting it on the first time lol, as expected, but by the 4th day it became a quick thing as the WT expanded and molded to my body.
It’s only been a month and I can already see a maaaaajor difference in my waist and abdomen area. I’m on the 3rd and last row on the extender. I also workout 2-3 times a week. Wearing the WT also significantly improved my posture, especially while sitting at a desk for long hours with 6 online classes. I wear it at work too!
I made my younger sister and aunt get them, and now I want to get my mom one as well lol! A little later I plan to take it up a notch and get the 25 steel bone WT.

Seriously. Get the waist trainer and snatch that waist girl!!

Love it!

I was always shaped like a door even when I was in shape. After wearing my waist trainer for a week I am slowly seeing results with dieting and working out. I’m excited to see my results after a month! I’ve tried to waist train before but WT was too long and uncomfortable. But maaan this WT fits to my body and is actually comfortable to wear for hours. I love the designs and trainer itself. And it’s affordable where I bought other WT for more and weren’t doing it’s job. I wear it while I workout and at home doing laundry or playing with my son. I love it!

That is just the results of one week. 👀

Absolutely amazing...

I have the full Vest waist trainer which is absolutely amazing. I purchased the full Vest waist trainer in a XL. I started with a 40" waist, and I am plus size. This waist trainer has covered all of the unwanted and un flattering wobbly bits (back fat) that most of us women dislike. I have been wearing my waist trainer for about 3 weeks now and I am now wearing my trainer on the second set of hooks. I have gone down to a 37" waist so that is 3"off. My tummy area has smoothed out so much and I am noticing a hour glass shape forming. I wear my trainer for 6-8 hours a day about 5 - 6 days a week. I have been eating a lot better moving more. I am looking forward to going down to a large in size. I would highly recommend this style of trainer to those who have stubborn back fat as it covers it all. I am even able to wear a Vest top with my trainer and feel comfortable. You will not be disappointed.

Excellent waist trainer

This is an excellent waist trainer...been using it for almost a month now and its holding its shape very well

Amazing Waist Trainer!!

I love the waist trainer!! I’ve got skinnier and I see my curves ! I’ve had it for about 3 weeks and I have seen a lot change! I’ve been so confident with this waist trainer !! Verified Reviews Badge
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