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Let the shaping Begin

I just started using my waist trainer on October 10, 2021 and I love it. Took a day to get use to it with one extender added to it. I have been using it faithfully since. Looking forward to seeing results in 30 days.

Love it

I love my waist trainer. First day it was bulky but the second day it was much better. It’s helping me with my weight loss journey. I’ve already noticed the weight loss and it is helping to flatten my c section pooch . It’s a little uncomfortable and annoying bending down in it but it’s worth it. I may need to buy a smaller one next month!

Great constructiom

It’s working well so far. I lost about an inch in two weeks. I started with an extender on the medium now Its off and I’m on my first hook :) was 34 1/2 inches now I’m 33 1/2 inches . Will do my third week measurements this Thursday. I sit at a desk all day and although Its snug it doesn’t dig into my hips which is good!


My LuxxCurves waist trainer has arrived and it’s really amazing to wear it!! I honestly could not believe it can be comfortable, I thought it will be extremely tight and a struggle - I should have believe in what they said. It is absolutely comfortable, it really is like a bear hug!! I thought I won’t make 8hrs on the first day, but the time fly and it was really cool!! Love it!! Thank you LuxxCurves - great product, wonderful customer service and lovely community :)

Great back support and works pretty good!

Started with a 29.5" natural waist and down an inch in 3 weeks! Pretty pleased with the results, considering I took a trip and didn't wear it (or even worked out while I ate lots and lots of delicious, and probably not so healthy food) for 5 days in week 2. Started on xs on last row of extenders and quickly moved to last row on xs without extenders. Now I can fit pretty comfy on the middle row of xs for several hours. And the back support I get from this at work does wonders for sure! (My only regret is not getting the medium torso length, but the small does just as well for me.) Definitely worth the price!

Like Magic!

Two weeks of using this trainer had made changes that over two years of consistent cardio & ab-focused exercises have not! I have diastasis recti & a herniated bellybutton from pregnancy which causes bulging. I thought I would look a few months pregnant forever and was trying to learn to accept it. Never thought a waist trainer would be able to help with my pooch, as I believed it was solely for cinching the waist & only worked while actively wearing it. As you can see from my before & after photos, my bulge has shrunk significantly, to the point where I am not even filling up the waist of those same leggings anymore. Even my bellybutton is becoming more flush with the rest of my tummy & am able to wear belly rings again! My *love handles* have been smoothed away. So in less than my 30-day waist training challenge, I am already beyond pleased with the results & still only on the first row of hooks! My only gripe is that some of the hooks are already loosening in the seam, which can make it harder to get on & off, so I am worried about longevity, as I don't feel I will want/need to size down; I just want to maintain the progress already made. Hopefully I won't need to replace or repair it too soon. I am loving this journey; Glad I made the investment. Very impressed by this trainer! I highly recommend! Thank you Luxx Dolls!!

It works!

This medium waist trainer has been working and it’s been a month and I’m on the last row. Im looking forward to buy the steel waist trainer. Ive gone from a 28 inch waist to 26.

I'm a Luxx fan

I'd purchased a " 9" Mermaid Traditional Short Torso". It took me a few days to get used to the feel of it. I started out 2 hours each day for a week, a full day each Mon-Fri the following week, giving myself Sat & Sun a break. There I was already seeing the difference in my stomach and waist. I'm now at the next section to get another few inches from my stomach and waist reduced. Keep in mind, do eat healthy, that can help you and speed up the process. Overall I'm loving it and highly recommend it.

Luxx life 🥰

I love my waist trainer. It is beautiful and I've accomplished goals I didn't think was possible without cosmetic surgery. The group and 30 day challenge helped me to make waist training and fitness a lifestyle for me.

Good Quality trainer!

I love this waist fits perfectly well. Omg I even saw results in 3 days. It's so comfortable. Is the best waist trainer ever. Love love it! Wow 👌 👏 😍


I am genuinely impressed! I have gained 10 inches in my waist in 4years. I’m positive Luxx Curves waist trainer will show ultimate results.

Why I say that? I have ordered the mermaid version❤️In short torso large pictured it’s too short but still snatched me!! (WOW!) I am 38inch waste and as instructed when I finally got in the trainer (Whew😏😌) my waist was 34 inches!!! (Pictured)💫I just ordered the Rose 🌺pattern in large medium toro length that’s going to nail it!!And I still have my mermaid short torso trainer when I’m good and snatched I can just glide in it🤭💛❤️🌟💫


I have been wearing this waist trainer for about 3 weeks now and am loving it! I lost an inch off my waist already and can’t wait to see my end results. I definitely recommend this if you are working out and eating healthy but, need a little help getting that hourglass figure.

Going wonderful so far!

I bought a size small short turso, started with an extender at 29.5in, im on day 16 and already on the last row of hooks and an extra small just a few days ago. I am now at 27in! This waist trainer has really exceeded the expectations that I had. I really love it!

Waist Trainer Extenders
Cynthia Gambrell (Greer, US)
Excellent quality

It works. Im 60 and just not willing to settle for that extra fat setting in my midsection. This makes it go away. Add diet and exercise and it is very effective! I do not tighten it as much as others do, but it serves my purpose well.

It's amazing!

Been waist training since 2017 and I've only been using Luxx Curves since I trust them.

Truly Amazing

In the last year, I gained 40 pounds and could not get it off. I tried everything including prescription diet pills and nothing touched it. I am definitely not accustomed to my body not doing what I ask it to do as I have never had a problem with that in the past. Scrolling through FB one day I saw a post about the Luxx Curves waist trainer and it got my attention. For the next 2 days, I watched countless YouTube videos and read countless reviews and testimonials. On the 3rd day I woke up knowing I was going to buy one. I ordered an Extra Large /Med torso per the measuring instructions and it arrived quickly. After having done do much research, I was prepared for the difficulty in putting the trainer on and getting it closed. I couldn't do it myself the first 3 days...but after that it became a favorite part of my daily routine! I began my journey on July 16th 2021 and in the 3 weeks since that date I have lost 11lbs and 5" off of my waist with the trainer on/3" with the trainer off! I couldn't be happier. I am on the last row of hooks and am ready to size down to a Large. I am going to try the double compression vest this time!! Thank you Luxx Curves and Tatiana for being the only thing that has worked to get me moving back in the right direction again and making me feel more like myself!!! XO
P S. I tried to attach a pic but this forum won't let me!

Waist Trainer Extenders
July Diaz (Kissimmee, US)
Perfect !

Definitely recommend getting the extenders just in case and if anything returning it, make sure you measure yourself first before selecting a size ! this brand has helped me go down in size so much i went from extenders to the 3rd row in 2/3 weeks ❤️‍🔥


I ordered the short torso waist trainer and I absolutely love it! Its super comfortable
Also looks GREAT under clothes👍🏼

Great quality and quick results

I've been actively wearing my traditional waist trainer for about 2 weeks and I'm already seeing some shrinkage in my belly. It's ultra comfortable to wear throughout my day. I did have to order an extender but I'm already down to the second row and I'm confident I'll be tossing my extender pretty soon. Ultra satisfied with my waist trainer!

Vest Full Back Trainer
Terri (Brampton, CA)

I recommend luxx curves waist trainers they help you to feel confident and feel beautiful just be consistent and wear ur trainer everyday they are comfortable after it gets use to ur body at first its hard to go on and little uncomfortable but it have to be hard to go on or else it wont work for you i get the full back vest waist trainer and i love it now am excited to go a size down trust me you will notice different withing few days it doesn't happen overnight guys this brand is a very high quality brand the best one i ever purchase

Traditional Medium Torso Waist Trainer 11.5″ - Patterns
Sommer Musser (Washington Court House, US)

Just got it today! Im 5’8 160lbs ordered the Medium in a medium Torso length! Got it on the second hook first try! So I’ll prolly need a small for here too long! Works great and girl my body looks bangin!I workout a lot anyways and I look good! Just my waist is kinda bloated always! Makes my posture amazing!!!!!


I've been wearing my waist trainer for 6 days now with 1 extender. After 5days went down a hook set. I don't see a difference yet but my partner does. Hoping by the end of the month I can go down a trainer size. Fingers crossed!

No better waist trainer!

I started waist training in February, and it's now July, I love my results. My waist is significantly smaller. Gives me an hour glass figure. I am wearing the clothes I never thought I could wear again ... without the trainer on!!! I look bomb with it on under my clothes, but I could do without wearing it. It did wonders to my love handles. Of course I incorporated healthier eating choices, gym time, and walking/jogging. I've lost weight before the love handles were just so hard to get rid of, but I don't even have those anymore. Ladies at work ask me what brand I use, and I say "luxx, it's pricey but it's worth it"

25 Steel Bones Short Torso 9"
Jazmin (Round Lake, US)
Love it so much!

I love this waist trainer so much it feels so comfortable and lost 2 inches already and thats without eating good or exercise

Double Compression Vest
Arianna Marroquin (Minneapolis, US)
Faster results

I am a fan of all the luxx curves waist trainers, but I must say that the double compression vest is probably my favorite. It took maybe a day or two to break in while the normal ones usually take a tad longer. I also was able to size down more quickly. It's a great choice for something to throw on over a t-shirt at home or to wear under clothes out and about. I am normally bouncing between a small and extra small for regular trainers, but I started out with a large for this one. I will probably try the medium size next time I order as long as I am religiously keeping up with training. I will say that I still love the original ones for strappy or strapless clothes or just for the fun designs, but the double compression vest is a great addition to the arsenal. Verified Reviews Badge
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