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Waist Trainer Extenders
July Diaz (Kissimmee, US)
Perfect !

Definitely recommend getting the extenders just in case and if anything returning it, make sure you measure yourself first before selecting a size ! this brand has helped me go down in size so much i went from extenders to the 3rd row in 2/3 weeks ❤️‍🔥


I ordered the short torso waist trainer and I absolutely love it! Its super comfortable
Also looks GREAT under clothes👍🏼

Great quality and quick results

I've been actively wearing my traditional waist trainer for about 2 weeks and I'm already seeing some shrinkage in my belly. It's ultra comfortable to wear throughout my day. I did have to order an extender but I'm already down to the second row and I'm confident I'll be tossing my extender pretty soon. Ultra satisfied with my waist trainer!

Vest Full Back Trainer
Terri (Brampton, CA)

I recommend luxx curves waist trainers they help you to feel confident and feel beautiful just be consistent and wear ur trainer everyday they are comfortable after it gets use to ur body at first its hard to go on and little uncomfortable but it have to be hard to go on or else it wont work for you i get the full back vest waist trainer and i love it now am excited to go a size down trust me you will notice different withing few days it doesn't happen overnight guys this brand is a very high quality brand the best one i ever purchase

Traditional Medium Torso Waist Trainer 11.5″ - Patterns
Sommer Musser (Washington Court House, US)

Just got it today! Im 5’8 160lbs ordered the Medium in a medium Torso length! Got it on the second hook first try! So I’ll prolly need a small for here too long! Works great and girl my body looks bangin!I workout a lot anyways and I look good! Just my waist is kinda bloated always! Makes my posture amazing!!!!!


I've been wearing my waist trainer for 6 days now with 1 extender. After 5days went down a hook set. I don't see a difference yet but my partner does. Hoping by the end of the month I can go down a trainer size. Fingers crossed!

No better waist trainer!

I started waist training in February, and it's now July, I love my results. My waist is significantly smaller. Gives me an hour glass figure. I am wearing the clothes I never thought I could wear again ... without the trainer on!!! I look bomb with it on under my clothes, but I could do without wearing it. It did wonders to my love handles. Of course I incorporated healthier eating choices, gym time, and walking/jogging. I've lost weight before the love handles were just so hard to get rid of, but I don't even have those anymore. Ladies at work ask me what brand I use, and I say "luxx, it's pricey but it's worth it"

25 Steel Bones Short Torso 9"
Jazmin (Round Lake, US)
Love it so much!

I love this waist trainer so much it feels so comfortable and lost 2 inches already and thats without eating good or exercise

Double Compression Vest
Arianna Marroquin (Minneapolis, US)
Faster results

I am a fan of all the luxx curves waist trainers, but I must say that the double compression vest is probably my favorite. It took maybe a day or two to break in while the normal ones usually take a tad longer. I also was able to size down more quickly. It's a great choice for something to throw on over a t-shirt at home or to wear under clothes out and about. I am normally bouncing between a small and extra small for regular trainers, but I started out with a large for this one. I will probably try the medium size next time I order as long as I am religiously keeping up with training. I will say that I still love the original ones for strappy or strapless clothes or just for the fun designs, but the double compression vest is a great addition to the arsenal.

25 Steel Bones Short Torso 9"
Angel Richardson (El Paso, US)

I love my waist trainer but I think it's too soon to see results

Excellent customer service/product

I am a tailor and these are the best quality waist trainers on the market. I am a male who is bodybuilding, but I use Luxx Curves to give me a size differential of my waist and chest. Had an issue from the manufacturers but was able to get it fixed with the extremely kind customer support. I will only buy Luxx Curves; anything else you are seriously just wasting your time and money.

Fantastic trainer!

I absolutely love this trainer. It is VERY well-made and does just what I need it to. Makes me feel sexy and it's comfortable for all day wear.

I'm in LOVE 💞💞

I purchased the medium galaxy traditional waist trainer medium length with extensions. I started with the extentions on the third loop. Three weeks later, I no longer use the extentions I am on the third loop on my waist trainer. My waist went down three inches in three weeks, you guys are amazing.

25 Steel Bones Medium Torso 11.5"
Jess Marie Carr (Atlanta, US)
The best solution since quarantine/coronavirus

My doctor saw me before my waist trainer arrived and looked at me so puzzled with how huge I had gotten I was inspired to lose all of my unhealthy weight literally just in the nic of time LUXX CURVES 25 steel bones medium torso arrived in the mail and my journey to being a doll began I’m literally up editing my monthly video for YouTube tune in it’s a real movie transition I’m literally in love with the product so much I sized down in two days of dramatic non stop waist training I look amazing feel amazing Flawless approves of this product wholeheartedly

Long Butt Lifter
Donnella Bates (Fort Worth, US)
Booty Lifter


Getting snatched!

Very cute patterns and comfortable to wear!. This is my second one size M with extenders, I started with an XL a little over 1 month ago

Give It Up For The ONE! The ONLY! LUXX CURVES!!!!

I simply love this waist trainer!!! I have immediate confidence when I put it on. It pulls everything in properly in the right places! I feel sexy and so womanly!! Customer service is awesome! I also love the design!!! Yay!! Luxx Curves ROCK!!!! Thank you so much! Priceless company!!!! Blessings!!!

I'm hooked!!

I love LUXX CURVES!! I am for sure seeing results already!! So much I just got to my last row of hooks already!! I must say though if u want results then u have to be consistent!! But these waist trainers are so flattering to my figure, great for my posture, and truly comfortable which is a plus!!! I already have ordered 3 other designs in my next size down because I have a goal and I know I am going to get there for sure with this amazing product line!! So thankful I discovered LUXX CURVES!!

Great After Tummy Tuck/Still Comfy Mold

I love it more than I thought I would. It works Amazing over the Binder after Tummy Tuck. It actually holds the stiched muscles & sutured scar much better & doesn't roll up. Love that the back is shorter & doesn't cover or smash my butt flat on the contrare. It is SO COMFY yet helps supress my apetite. I can really feel the quality of it compared to another I was gifted. I am truly happy with my waist trainer and glad I was able to use the extensions to avoid buying a whole nother waist trainer so soon after already going down a whole 3 sections. And the torso was perfect.

So glad I found these !

I had been wearing traditional corsets for a number of years and liked what they did for my posture and silhouette under clothing. They were too bulky for summer and working out however. The short torso Luxx Curves have been giving me almost the amount of support, but completely without the bulk and weight. Working out with them has been fantastic for mindfulness for best form for squats and leg lifts. So glad I found them - I am a very happy customer! I am 50 yo, 120 lbs, 5’1” 35-27-36 and the 2xs with an extender is perfect for me to size down over time. Look great under all my clothing, tee shirts to suits

Love this waist trainer!

I was a little skeptical about trying a waist trainer. I am so happy that I got this one from LuxxCurves. It actually does work. I started at 35" waist on May 6th and am now at 33" waist May 25th. Not only have I lost inches, I also lost weight. I am amazed at this waist trainer and very happy. Thank you Luxx Curves!

Regret not getting one sooner!

I have been waist training consistently now for a little over 2 weeks now and love this waist trainer. My beginning measurement was W 31.5"
As of day 9 my measurement was W 30.5" and hooked on the 2nd row! On the first week I did wear the extenders to help break it in a little because it was verry tight. But at the end of that week, I went without the extender, no prob. The only thing that I should have anticipated was my torso length being so close to being a long torso (med is maxed out at 12.5 which is where I am). So naturally the sizing guide told me my size was S Med Torso according to my beginning measurements. I did order my next WT XS in long torso because I feel like I have to pull my WT down a lot more than I should throughout the day. Plus, my love handles are waaay more exaggerated with the Med Torso.
I definitely recommend getting these waist trainers, they really do work. But if your torso length is like mine (in-between torso lengths) then go with the longer side, you'll be glad you did!

25 Steel Bones Medium Torso 11.5"
Karla Rodriguez (Austin, US)
25 Steel Bones

Favorite waist trainer!
It’s a little more intense than the traditional waist trainer but I’ve had great results and went from a 24 inch waist to 23 inches!
I ordered the 2xs Medium torso and it fit perfect.


I love my waist trainer! My natural waist was 29 1/4in. Since wearing my trainer everyday for almost 3 weeks I’m down to 28 1/2in. The quality is better than any trainer I’ve ever purchased and I’ve bought several!

Waist Trainer Extenders
Jasmine Cervantes (Medford, US)
Definitely worth the money

So my measurements are 30.5" Waist, 12" Torso and 44" Hips. Which would basically make me just small enough to fit into a size S, Medium Torso Waist Trainer. Without the extender, it's kind of uncomfortable and I needed help getting it on from my man the first 3 days of wearing. After a little advice I was told to get the extenders even if I just need 1 row (which was the case for me) because it should never feel uncomfortable during your waist training, ever! Plus, you can keep using these throughout your journey with the new trainers you get after sizing down. I just put on the extender today and huuuge difference in comfort. It's still nice and tight but I don't feel constricted to the point of discomfort. Thanks Luxx Dolls for all the advice, love y'all! 💘🧘‍♀️😇😁

P.S. the package comes with 2 extender pieces btw, I just needed 1 but it's awesome that it comes with 2!! Verified Reviews Badge
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