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Body Glove
J.A. (Philadelphia, US)

I love it 😍 the shape it gives 10/10 I have the the body glove on short on the green dress and the thong one on the white dress.


I started 25 days ago with a size L and 1 extender. My waist was 36". In less than a month, I've sized down to the first row of a M and my waist is 32 1/2". I'm officially hooked!

Perfect waist trainer

I love my waist trainer still making progress with it

Absolutely love

I am so pleased with this product. 10 out of 10. On top of amazing costumer service.

I'm inlove!

I am beyond happy with the results I am having so far! I started March 14th and I'm so excited with my before and after picture so far!!!! As a mother of 2 beautiful boys, I didnt think there was hope for my stomach! Well, I was wrong! I highly recommend!!

So Far So Good!!

I have only been wearing my waist trainer for about a month. I have gone from using the outer most eye hooks to the inner eye hooks. I love the way I feel I look in it, as well as how it feels on my body. I have not noticed a dramatic difference as of now, but I have lost approximately an inch off of my waistline.
I am excited and eager to start the next phase of my journey so...So Far So Good!!

Double Compression Vest
Suzy (San Diego, US)
If I would’ve known…

I’ll start off by saying that I failed to use their consultant fitting option- my fault. In which case I got this too small. Ended up reaching out asking whether I should exchange for a larger size or get the extender. They recommended the extender so that’s what I did. Unfortunately even with the extender, the zipper vest portion was so uncomfortably tight that I couldn’t zip it on my own. My partner helped zip it the first time and within 20 mins of wearing it the top clasp broke which has now made it impossible for me to keep the zipper up. I’ve tried to wear it without the zipper portion and it’s so bulky that I can’t wear it anywhere other than inside my home- it doesn’t hide well and bunches under even the largest sweatshirt. Pretty disappointed that I spent $100 to not be able to use it properly. My advice- use the consultant service. If you want the same item I bought and order too small, EXCHANGE it or it’s pointless to have the zip up vest for much more money.

Vest Full Back Trainer
I.C. (El Paso, US)
Not good material

I've bought waist trainers from different shops and this material is by far the cheapest one. It is not stretchy, it doesn't tighten on your body, if i was to go smaller, I probably could but since it doesn't stretch it probably wouldn't close. Disappointed.

Waist Trainer Extenders
Mitzi Ruelas (Fort Bragg, US)
Love it but..

I love how the waist trainer makes me feel snug and shapes my body. The only problem I have is that I ordered a medium torso. I thought it was going to fit but I find that it does dig into my pelvic and bust area and can be a bit uncomfortable at times. I wasn’t too sure because I wanted it to cover my Fupa which it does but now it’s just really long. I guess I am a short torso! Looking forward to purchasing a new one soon so that I can be more comfortable! Other than that I love it.

Love Luxx

I ordered a medium long torso with extenders. In 15 days I am down two rows. The waist trainer is very comfortable and I am able to wear it most of my day. I have tried other waist trainers before. Luxx is definitely much more comfortable. It hugs my body just right. I look forward to seeing inches loss as I continue to use the waist trainer.


After ordering a medium length torso I decided to try this short (within a week of getting my first Luxx trainer). So glad I did. Though my torso (under bust to top of pelvic) measures 14" I am finding this short very comfy. My eight hour tour goes very fast each day.

I have a black paisley, short torso, L, in my cart waiting to be ordered now! This trainer is an XL and I can put my entire arm down the front which I am glad of because I do so to position the fabric behind the hooks after putting her on.

Still not surprised!

I have moved on from this trainer that you are asking me about (black paisley). I am now in a size XL with a short torso (galaxy) and I am l o o v i n g it. Not to mention it is too cute. My eight hours go by so very fast each day.

Looking forward to my "Come to Jesus" end of 30-day challenge, measuring, weigh-in early March.

Thanks yaw'll. Keep 'em coming. The education on YT and social media is invaluable. The transparency is great business practice. I already have a black paisley, short torso, size L in my cart ready to be ordered. So very excited. If yaw'll decide to develop more fabric designs I won't be mad. Wait, yes I will because then I'll order more. :-)

Very impressed

I’m very impressed by this waist trainer! I’m new to waist training and so far it has been pretty easy. I started with a 25.5 inch waist and in less than 3 weeks I’m already at 24.5. I’m excited to see how many inches I can lose off my waist.

Love this waist trainer!

This is my first time ever using a waist trainer and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm so glad that I purchased from this company. The waist trainer is great quality and they have a variety of very nice designs to choose from.

I purchased the short torso 9" new Flexi-Steel, Camo design in a 2xsmall with extenders, and it couldn't be more perfect.

Will definitely purchase from Luxx Curves again!

Amazingl, Super Comfortable@, Cute af, and Surprisingly Fast Acting

Girls It’s only been a month and I’m like 3 sizes down. This waist trainer is the real deal! For a trans girl like me looking feminine is everything and girl let me tell u this product will put the woahhh in woman!! Super excited!!!

Read all the tips

I like others thought I had the wrong size at first but make sure to read all the tips to be able to get it on lol. I also bought the extenders which have helped so much. I am slowly working my way down to not needing the extensions anymore and the smaller I get the trainer, the easier it is to move in it. I can move around in it better than some of my high waisted jeans!

Luxx Curves product review | TikTok

I'm confused

I'm confused. The fact is that I reached the last hook at the smallest size - in 25 days, wearing a corset for no more than 3 hours a day, but this is still 67 cm in a corset (without a corset I am even wider), which is far from my goal of the waist 59 cm. I am extremely happy with my achievement, but absolutely at a loss what to do next, since I don't like lace-up corsets. I have reached the maximum result, but I have not reached my goal. I will look for a smaller corset.

My New Favorite Garment

Started out in the medium waist trainer with the extender on the middle hooks. Within two weeks I lost 1.5inches of my waist and am now holding on the first (largest) hooks on the trainer without the extender. I've definitely noticed a difference and feel so much more confident with and without my trainer on! It is so comfortable and easily worn for extended hours. If you are on the fence, please please give Luxx a try! You won't be disappointed. Stay consistent and just remember LOTS of water!

High quality waist trainer!

Very impressed with this high quality waist trainer! My waist is down 2 inches in 4-5 weeks wearing the waist trainer combined with good eating and exercises. Highly recommend!!!! If your thinking about ordering it, order it, you won’t regret it ;)

Looking snatched

I love my trainers, they have made such a difference in my body and figure! 100 days strong and still going, already ready to size down to an xxs!

Vest Full Back Trainer
Cindy (Orlando, US)
Full back vest trainer review

The full back vest trainer is excellent quality and works really well; however, the strap that wraps around my arm, rubs up against my skin so for this reason, I decided to switch to the traditional waist trainer, which is amazing! My waist was 34” when I started 25 days ago and is now 32 1/4” …..this really works, highly recommend!!

Amazing product! A must have for EVERY WOMAN

This WT is very well made. Beautiful designs, sturdy great support team can't wait to achieve my desired figure

Waist Trainer Extenders
Chappel (Ladera Ranch, US)
I can't even begin to explain how this actually works, but it works alright!!!

First off, I have only had my waist trainer for 19 days as of today, 11-9-2021. I purchased the Traditional Short Torso Waist Trainer 9″- Black / XL. When I received it, I could not get it around my waist to cinch it closed, it just wasn't happening and I was a few inches off from getting it cinched. I didn't need the next size up, so I purchased the extender set (2) in a pkg. I got those and put both extenders on and was able to get myself in the waist trainer but I was hooked on the 2nd extender on the middle row, so I had to use both extenders. Now I am wearing my extender at least 8 hrs. a day, a minimum of 5 days a week. After a few days, I realized I could remove one of the extender rows, so I was now only using one extender and was cinched in on the farthest row out. A few days go by and I am now cinched on the middle row. A few days go by and I am now cinched on the 1st row of the extender, which is the last row before I am able to remove the extender altogether. After a few days, I can now remove the extender completely. I am now cinching on the farthest row out on the waist trainer with no extenders. A few days later I am on the middle row and today, I was able to cinch on the last row of the waist trainer! How the heck is that even possible. The only thing that I can think of is that this waist trainer is stretching and making me think my waist is getting smaller. However I pulled out the tape measure and when I started this 19 days ago, my waist was 39 inches and today it measures at 37 inches! What the heck is going on here? How is this even possible people? I will now have to order the L waist trainer and my 21 yr. old daughter has asked me to gift her this waist trainer so she can try this out. All I can say is that this really works, but you need to wear it to get the results. Best of luck to you all, I shall be moving on to the Large waist trainer next. You have got to love this thing!

Hour Glass

Loving my Luxx Curves waist Trainer! Day by day as I wear it, my body molds more and more into the hour glass shape, and at the same time it's correcting my posture!