Customer Reviews: Perfect Curves™ Waist Trainer by Luxx Curves

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Full Back Waist Training Vest
Shonda Brown (Dayton, US)
Yes love

Worn it for 3 days 5 hours per day lost 3 inches in my waist

Arthritis hands

I love my new waist trainer. The only problem is I have arthritis in my hands. So it makes it very hard to put my waist trainer on. Every time I put it on. It causes me pain. Otherwise this waist trainer is great.

Undecided, but comfy

I have not worn my waist trainer for a full month yet so am not yet sure about whether it works or not, but it is very pretty and is pretty comfortable to wear.

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Molly Lalli (Fort Dodge, US)
Best one I’ve found so far buuuuut…

This is my 3rd luxx curves waist trainer and I have just a few things.. they breakdown fast.. I wear mine 5 days a week for 8+ hours a day and they don’t last more than 6 months.. also it doesn’t have much “curve” to it.. it pushes on my hip bones and ribs but not enough on my actual waist, which causes a lot of pain and makes my legs go numb lol but I’ll continue to wear it til I find something better.. maybe make one with a deeper more exaggerated hourglass for thinner customers..?

It’s not surgery, it’s Luxx Curves.

I started waist training with Luxx Curves in 2020 at a 3XL with a 45 inch waist. It’s almost 2024 and my waist is 30 inches and I’m in a large. You have to be disciplined and wear the trainer everyday at least 6 hours to see real lasting results. Once you break it in, it will be your best friend. I wear it on road trips, to work, at the gym, everywhere. People think I’ve had surgery when they see my coke bottle shape. Thanks Luxx Curves.

Best Waist Trainer I ever used!

I cannot believe the results I’m getting with this waist trainer. I bought a Small and started on the first row and now I’m on the third and will be ordering XS soon!!

25 Steel Bones Short Torso 9"
C. (El Paso, US)
Surprisingly Disappointed..

I’ve waist trained for 5 years now and I’ve heard of this brand here and there so based off all the good things I’ve heard I was so happy once I revived my waist trainer but two weeks into my waist training with this trainer not 1 but 3 hooks fell off ! I was so upset because it was so expensive I don’t know I was so shocked and disappointed..

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Long Torso - 13.5″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Ebony Davis (Cleveland, US)
Waist trainer

I love my waist trainer. I started out with two extenders and now I’m down to one extender. It’s very comfortable and covers my lower stubborn belly area. I typically wear it for about 10-12 hours a day. I’m looking forward to the next waist training challenge.

Full Back Waist Training Vest
Samiek Clowson (New York, US)

Love it works great for me and very comfortable

Waist Trimmer Fitness Belt
Josselin Acosta (Long Beach, US)
GYM Trainer

It truly makes a huge difference when I wear my waist trainer. If for any reason I forget my GYM belt, I rather go back to the car and get it or I won’t do the workouts. Someone broke in my car and stole my gym equipment including my gym belt :( so I do not feel complete right now :(

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Vanessa Anthony (Castries, LC)
Good Waist Trainer

The waist trainer is good quality very thick and strong but I think I got the wrong size, I think a large or medium would have been better buts it still good

Brittany's results

I lost 12 pounds and 3 inches which trainer should I get next my mom Patricia isn't doing it and I will be buying my next one with your recommendation

most trusted waist trainer

when i first had it, it was quite hard to breath but it pays off lol. u have to workout if u wanna be lean however, it pinched my waist and my overall bone structure. It helps with back pain as well. Two in one. I love it. im planning on sizing up to a 2xs because my xs is too small now . in the yellow shirt that was me before. now i totally feel like a victoria secret model now. i was 26in now i’m 23in,with inconsistency. im pretty sure if you’re very consistent you’ll have even more results.

Great quality! Love the design!

This is not my first waist trainer, but it is one of the best made ones I’ve received! I also love the design (Roses). I can tell it’s definitely going to help transform my shape!

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Linda M-R (Winsford, GB)
I love it

The one I wanted wasn’t available but this one will do. It’s very comfortable and it fits perfectly.

Slow but consistent

So far I have been wearing my waist trainer for about 3 weeks now and I’m down to the last row on my waist trainer, I see a small difference when I’m not wearing it, not too much. I’m ready to go to the next size down so I can continue to sculpt my curves and see a different when I’m not wearing my trainer.

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
D.L. (Glennville, US)

To short my hanging stomach, I ordered this because of a YouTuber doing a review and said it is best for back fat but that a lie, pushed my back fat right up like a sausage roll. I ordered two extenders to just barely squeeze in. Then it was lose at the top and to tight on the bottom. Smh!

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Nadine (Dortmund, DE)

I love this waist trainer!!!
I used others before, but this one is really comfortable.
I started with an inch of 27 and now, after 24 days ,I have a waist of 25 inches and already orderer a smaller size.

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Love my trainer

I highly recommend this product. I am using in combination with diet and exercise. My waist is showing improvement. I am glad I started with XL and bought a L at the same time. Real incentive to use the product

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Long Torso - 13.5″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
S.W. (Portland, US)
Love this waist trainer!

It's more comfortable than I was expecting. Also I absolutely love the galaxy pattern. Very vivid and colorful. I was nervous when buying since they're so pricy and my measurements were a bit larger than the 5x would fit. So I bought extenders just in case. Luckily they were not needed! Make sure to measure correctly. I'm very short but learned I have a long torso which was a surprise to me. I mainly bought a waist trainer to help give support for my back. I worked as a caregiver for many years and messed it up. I have an actual corset but it's very hard to move in. Back braces are uncomfortable and not very cute. This trainer is best of both worlds (for me). I put this waist trainer on and by lower back is very happy! Overall very pleased and will be purchasing again. Customer service is very professional. When I didn't get any emails on shipping or any tracking info about a week after purchase I sent out an email. Customer service responded quick and friendly. I got updated on my order and got my tracking info.

The best waist trainer there is

I’ve had this trainer for few weeks and man I have already seen the difference I’m now on my second row and can’t wait to get my other one . The bathing suit is before and the others are during and now and I love it

Full Back Waist Training Vest
Nova (Newport Beach, US)
Waist training vest

I absolutely love my waist trainer vest! I have been using the regular waist trainers for a year now and have seen a difference. However, with the vest it hides the bra bulges that may pop out with the regular vest trainer. It's super comfortable and I tend to forget that I am wearing it.

3XS waist trainer

Absolutely amazing! Not only did it give me an amazing shape, but it helps so much with back support.

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Long Torso - 13.5″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Anonymous (Corona, US)

I love this brand. It has shaped my body so nice!

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Long Torso - 13.5″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Mariah Sepulveda
Luxx waist trainer

I absolutely love it and definitely love how it makes my waist look smaller I can't wait to move down in size! Started about 3 weeks ago and loving the confidence it's giving me♥️