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Waist Trainer Extenders

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Is your waist trainer just a LITTLE bit too small? We’ve got a solution for that! Our extenders are meant to help you get that waist trainer on so that you don’t have to return it for a bigger size. Our Dolls will often size out of their first waist trainer the quickest, which is why it’s better if your waist trainer is a little bit too tight rather than a little bit too big… it will last you longer!

Each pack of waist trainer extenders comes with your choice of:

  • One row of black extenders and one row of beige extenders.
  • Two rows of black extenders.
  • Two rows of beige extenders.


IMPORTANT: The extenders will only fit our “new” traditional waist trainers. They will only work for the traditional waist trainers that are longer in the front and shorter in the back. If your waist trainer is an even length all around, they will not work for you. If you aren’t sure, just email us at and we’ll help you out!

WHAT? A detachable row of hooks, designed explicitly for Luxx Curves traditional waist trainers (will not fit other brands).

Available in three torso lengths; short (9″), medium (11.5″), long (13.5″).

WHY? For waist trainers that fit slightly too small, this extender will offer the extra inches needed to help you fit comfortably into your trainer.

HOW? Simply attach the side of the extender with hooks to your waist trainer eyes, then attach the opposite side of eyes to your waist trainers hooks.

WASH? Hand wash with lukewarm water. Air dry.

Note: The extenders only work with the traditional waist trainers that are longer in the front and shorter in the back. Please ensure your waist trainer will match with the extenders as we do not accept refunds or exchanges for this item. 

9” Black (For Short Torso Trainers)
11.5” Black (For Medium Torso Trainers)
13.5” Black (For Long Torso Trainers)
9” Beige (For Short Torso Trainers)
11.5” Beige (For Medium Torso Trainers)
13.5” Beige (For Long Torso Trainers)

Size Chart


Size  Waist (in)
Short 9" 7" - 10"
Medium 11.5" 11" - 12.5"
Long 13.5" 13" - 15"


Size  Waist (in)
Short 9" 7" - 10"
Medium 11.5" 11" - 12.5"
Long 13.5" 13" - 15"

Customer Reviews

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Traditional medium torso solid color.

I love this waist trainer. I’ve been training with it for a month now and I am in love. This waist trainer holds you well in every place. Very comfortable which I love. Highly recommend it.

I wore off the trainer in 28 days

Excellent quality. I actually bought the 11 inch due to lack of 9 inch extender in stock. I cut to adjust my length. I have a 2XS 9 inch short torso. The remaining piece of the extender I actually use for the two top hooks on my waist trainer since I have wide rib cages. It's very comfortable for me this way. I started with the extenders, week by week I was able to adjust. Finally, after 28 days I not longer need to use the extenders. I lost 2 inches and a half.

Luxx Curves Waist Trainers

Absolutely obsessed with my waist trainers from Luxx Curves! I’ve been waist training on and off for about 5 years and I’ve used tons of different brands and Luxx Curves has been by far the best quality! I will continue to be a Luxx Curves customer and continue my waist training journey with this amazing brand! :)

I loved them

These are EVERYTHING I ordered my waist trainer vest and it was a tad too small so I emailed luxx curves and their excellent customer service they mentioned I should try there extenders and honey these did the trick!!!! I love my waist trainer and my extenders ty so so much luxx curves


I have not been able to wear it every day so I have not see big results but I know I will. I can tell when I take it off. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews