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Waist Trainer Extenders

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Extender Length

Is your waist trainer just a LITTLE bit too small? We’ve got a solution for that! Our extenders are meant to help you get that waist trainer on so that you don’t have to return it for a bigger size. Our Dolls will often size out of their first waist trainer the quickest, which is why it’s better if your waist trainer is a little bit too tight rather than a little bit too big… it will last you longer!

Each pack of waist trainer extenders comes with your choice of:

  • One row of black extenders and one row of beige extenders.
  • Two rows of black extenders.
  • Two rows of beige extenders.


IMPORTANT: The extenders will only fit our “new” traditional waist trainers. They will only work for the traditional waist trainers that are longer in the front and shorter in the back. If your waist trainer is an even length all around, they will not work for you. If you aren’t sure, just email us at and we’ll help you out!

WHAT? A detachable row of hooks, designed explicitly for Luxx Curves traditional waist trainers (will not fit other brands).

Available in three torso lengths; short (9″), medium (11.5″), long (13.5″).

WHY? For waist trainers that fit slightly too small, this extender will offer the extra inches needed to help you fit comfortably into your trainer.

HOW? Simply attach the side of the extender with hooks to your waist trainer eyes, then attach the opposite side of eyes to your waist trainers hooks.

WASH? Hand wash with lukewarm water. Air dry.

Note: The extenders only work with the traditional waist trainers that are longer in the front and shorter in the back. Please ensure your waist trainer will match with the extenders as we do not accept refunds or exchanges for this item. 


Size  Waist (in)
Short 9" 7" - 10"
Medium 11.5" 11" - 12.5"
Long 13.5" 13" - 15"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Mitzi Ruelas (Fort Bragg, US)
Love it but..

I love how the waist trainer makes me feel snug and shapes my body. The only problem I have is that I ordered a medium torso. I thought it was going to fit but I find that it does dig into my pelvic and bust area and can be a bit uncomfortable at times. I wasn’t too sure because I wanted it to cover my Fupa which it does but now it’s just really long. I guess I am a short torso! Looking forward to purchasing a new one soon so that I can be more comfortable! Other than that I love it.

Chappel (Ladera Ranch, US)
I can't even begin to explain how this actually works, but it works alright!!!

First off, I have only had my waist trainer for 19 days as of today, 11-9-2021. I purchased the Traditional Short Torso Waist Trainer 9″- Black / XL. When I received it, I could not get it around my waist to cinch it closed, it just wasn't happening and I was a few inches off from getting it cinched. I didn't need the next size up, so I purchased the extender set (2) in a pkg. I got those and put both extenders on and was able to get myself in the waist trainer but I was hooked on the 2nd extender on the middle row, so I had to use both extenders. Now I am wearing my extender at least 8 hrs. a day, a minimum of 5 days a week. After a few days, I realized I could remove one of the extender rows, so I was now only using one extender and was cinched in on the farthest row out. A few days go by and I am now cinched on the middle row. A few days go by and I am now cinched on the 1st row of the extender, which is the last row before I am able to remove the extender altogether. After a few days, I can now remove the extender completely. I am now cinching on the farthest row out on the waist trainer with no extenders. A few days later I am on the middle row and today, I was able to cinch on the last row of the waist trainer! How the heck is that even possible. The only thing that I can think of is that this waist trainer is stretching and making me think my waist is getting smaller. However I pulled out the tape measure and when I started this 19 days ago, my waist was 39 inches and today it measures at 37 inches! What the heck is going on here? How is this even possible people? I will now have to order the L waist trainer and my 21 yr. old daughter has asked me to gift her this waist trainer so she can try this out. All I can say is that this really works, but you need to wear it to get the results. Best of luck to you all, I shall be moving on to the Large waist trainer next. You have got to love this thing!

Cynthia Gambrell (Greer, US)
Excellent quality

It works. Im 60 and just not willing to settle for that extra fat setting in my midsection. This makes it go away. Add diet and exercise and it is very effective! I do not tighten it as much as others do, but it serves my purpose well.

July Diaz (Kissimmee, US)
Perfect !

Definitely recommend getting the extenders just in case and if anything returning it, make sure you measure yourself first before selecting a size ! this brand has helped me go down in size so much i went from extenders to the 3rd row in 2/3 weeks ❤️‍🔥

Jasmine Cervantes (Medford, US)
Definitely worth the money

So my measurements are 30.5" Waist, 12" Torso and 44" Hips. Which would basically make me just small enough to fit into a size S, Medium Torso Waist Trainer. Without the extender, it's kind of uncomfortable and I needed help getting it on from my man the first 3 days of wearing. After a little advice I was told to get the extenders even if I just need 1 row (which was the case for me) because it should never feel uncomfortable during your waist training, ever! Plus, you can keep using these throughout your journey with the new trainers you get after sizing down. I just put on the extender today and huuuge difference in comfort. It's still nice and tight but I don't feel constricted to the point of discomfort. Thanks Luxx Dolls for all the advice, love y'all! 💘🧘‍♀️😇😁

P.S. the package comes with 2 extender pieces btw, I just needed 1 but it's awesome that it comes with 2!!