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25 Steel Bones Medium Torso 11.5"

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Time to level up! If you’re no beginner to waist training and you want to kick it up a notch then it’s time to try our 25 steel bone waist trainers. These trainers are undoubtedly much harder to get on but with that, they are going to pull in any fat and give you the smallest waist you thought possible! Recommended for people who have already lost most of the desired fat from the midsection and now wanting to increase the hourglass shape.

These trainers are not as flexible as the traditional Luxx Curves waist trainers and they are not intended to be worn 8 hours a day. Wear it up to 4-6 hours a day and avoid long periods of sitting.

This 25 steel bone waist trainer is composed of hooks and eyes.


Core: 100% Natural Latex

Lining: 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex.


Size Waist (in)
2XS 22-24
XS 25-26
S 27-28
M 29-31
L 32-33
XL 34-37

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Trilly Kurosaki (Easton, US)
most trusted waist trainer

when i first had it, it was quite hard to breath but it pays off lol. u have to workout if u wanna be lean however, it pinched my waist and my overall bone structure. It helps with back pain as well. Two in one. I love it. im planning on sizing up to a 2xs because my xs is too small now . in the yellow shirt that was me before. now i totally feel like a victoria secret model now. i was 26in now i’m 23in,with inconsistency. im pretty sure if you’re very consistent you’ll have even more results.

P.P. (Phoenix, US)
They ripped easy but will give it a last chance

I've purchased a total of 3 waist trainers and they all end up ripping after 1-2 months of wear, I feel like they only help me keep my excess skin from previous pregnancies tucked in since I already have a small waist. They are meant to last more than 2 months... correct?!. I'm hoping this one last longer than the previous ones. But it does dig on my hips and they feel raw in less than 8 hours.

Asanta Hawthorne (The Bronx, US)
Fits amazing

Bough size small medium torso with the extender in less then 3 weeks I took the extender off !!

Jess Marie Carr (Atlanta, US)
The best solution since quarantine/coronavirus

My doctor saw me before my waist trainer arrived and looked at me so puzzled with how huge I had gotten I was inspired to lose all of my unhealthy weight literally just in the nic of time LUXX CURVES 25 steel bones medium torso arrived in the mail and my journey to being a doll began I’m literally up editing my monthly video for YouTube tune in it’s a real movie transition I’m literally in love with the product so much I sized down in two days of dramatic non stop waist training I look amazing feel amazing Flawless approves of this product wholeheartedly

Karla Rodriguez (Austin, US)
25 Steel Bones

Favorite waist trainer!
It’s a little more intense than the traditional waist trainer but I’ve had great results and went from a 24 inch waist to 23 inches!
I ordered the 2xs Medium torso and it fit perfect.