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The Perfect Curves Waist Trainer by Luxx Curves - Medium Torso - 11.5″ - New 2022 Flexi-Steel Design

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You can’t go wrong the Medium Torso, Perfect Curves Waist Trainer by Luxx Curves!

This best selling waist trainer is our medium torso trainer, and has helped thousands of clients create extreme and fabulous results! This waist trainer is unlike any trainer on the market, its comfort and quality are unique and creates a pleasant journey for any waist trainee.

The medium torso waist trainer is most suitable for people with torso lengths between 11" - 12.5" long.

  • This is the Waist Trainer for Medium Torso Length (11.5")
  • Available in 10 sizes! 3XS, 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
  • Available in 7 colors!: Beige, Black, Army, Roses, Galaxy, Black Paisley, Mermaid.
  • Made from three layers of materials, the waist trainer is thicker and more durable than the leading competitor.
  • The breathable material will help you sweat without overheating your core.
  • Three rows of hooks with each row being one inch apart so you can make the most out of your trainer.

Material: Core; 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex. Middle layer; 100% Natural Latex. Lining; 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex.

New Design for 2022! Each waist trainer now comes with 6 flexi-steel bones in the front to keep your belly flat.

Handwash only. 

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer Size Chart

 Size Waist (in)
3XS 20.5-22
2XS 22.5-24
XS 24.5-26
S 26.5-28
M 28.5-30
L 30.5-32
XL 32.5-34
2XL 34.5-36
3XL 36.5-38
4XL 38.5-40

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Customer Reviews

Based on 475 reviews
Holy Cow! Amazing Results in just 21 days

I started wearing the Luxx Curve XL waist trainer 3 weeks ago for 8-10 hours a day. I’ve been eating a low carb diet with moderate activity throughout the day. I started on the third outer hooks the first week and now I’m on the first inner hook. My waist is down 2 inches!! I’m so glad I purchased the next size down at the same time because I know I’ll be finishing my 30 day challenge using the second waist trainer. This trainer is so comfortable that I oftentimes forget I have it on and it has help my back pain and posture tremendously.

Najee Whitney (Gaffney, US)

I love luxx curves waist trainers! They have helped me so much on my journey and I will not try any other waist trainer and always recommend luxx curves trainers!!!!!

D. (Minneapolis, US)
Get it to believe it!

Before reading my review please keep in mind I live a very active healthy lifestyle. I workout religiously and eat intuitively. My diet consists of balanced, healthy, nutritious meals. I ran into Luxx Curves on YouTube while browsing fitness videos & was curious about this product as I’ve never heard of waist training before. I guess it was a plus because your girl could sure snatch this waist! I was quite impressed with the Luxx doll who explained the product and her results. I was skeptical at first however the price of this product being a bit higher gave me some sort of hope it would be legitimate. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” I purchased the trainer in a size L, it arrived fairly quickly so I was already happy with that. The first time putting on the trainer it was extremely tight and I was immediately afraid and regretted not buying an extender. I became frustrated I got the wrong size however that wasn’t true as I didn’t realize it was “normal” the fit would be tight. Took a deep breathe and managed to navigate how to finally get it on. I started on the 1st hook on Monday 10/10. The fit was tight but comfortable. I just needed to let my body adjust. By Thursday I was already on the 2nd hook and today, 10/17 on the third hook. I’m completely mind blown with the results in just 1 week! 1!!! I’m going to continue wearing it for 30 days however I’m more than confident I’ll be moving down to size M once the 30 days are up. Ladies, this works! Add a fitness regimen into your lifestyle and this will do wonders! I can’t wait to see my progress with this product.

D. (San Diego, US)
The best yet

I have been wearing my waist trainer for a hot minute, at first I was wearing it off & on, didn't feel like it would work,& felt like it was just a waisted my money; than one day I said, let me just start to wear it everyday to work & back.(7am-3pm sometimes longer)& I stayed committed; long story short... ever since I started wearing it non stop, only a day or two I might give my self a break, I started to see big results, & I've been getting compliments as well... & I also feel results as well,I'm in love with seeing results & the way my body feels. I have gone down to the last row & it feels like I'm going to need a smaller size due to the fact that I can put my arm thru,& I I'm also ready to move up to the 25 steel bone trainer, & see what journey & results I get!!! I honestly can say that this is by far the bestest waiste trainer I've ever came across, that honestly does help, if YOU WORK IT!! for you ladies out there debating whether or not you should get this, plz.. I strongly recommend it, you will not regret it, & you will see results if you work it & stay committed!! I promise you that you will fall in love just like me, & the other ladies that have gotten results & is living thier very best!! Thank you luxx curves for helping feel, & look my best!!! Good luck out there ladies, & remember you are beautiful no matter what!!! Xo

Dena Fitzpatrick (Portland, US)
Great Trainer

By far the best trainer I’ve used. At first I wasn’t sure on the fit so I reached out to custom service with pictures and they suggested that I go with the long torso so I did and man it fits perfectly. I was in between sizes so I ordered a small with extender and now it’s almost time to remove the extender.