How To Pick A High Quality Waist Trainer (Pictures)

You’ve decided on purchasing a waist trainer, but with so many of brands to choose from how do you discern a high quality waist trainer from a low quality waist trainer? Keep reading to find a comparison of different brands…


It’s the hottest trend on the market, from celebrities to athletes to busy moms.
Waist training is a new routine for all women in America. If you haven’t heard of a waist trainer before, it has a similar use as corset. However, corsets are very strong and can actually be dangerous to use. Waist trainers are made from stretchy materials and do not suffocate the person. They are meant to be worn regularly but not 24/7. Waist trainers are worn either on the skin itself or over a thin tank top, the start under the bosom and elongate down to the hip bones region. They come in many different colours and patterns and are available mostly online and through

Curvalicious is only one brand of a high quality waist trainers found on I will compare it to another brand (not to be named). Curvalicious is the pink color waist trainer and the other brand is blue.


1. In this image you can see the size of the hooks are different as well as the distance between rows. The thicker hooks are sturdy and more durable and the thinner hooks can break if too much pressure is applied. The distance is important for the user because it gives the user options to wear the waist trainer tighter or looser. Typically when the user first tries the waist trainer she will only be able to get it on the first hook, after many uses eventually she can work her way up to row three. If the rows are not far apart it doesn’t give the user much sizing options and means the user will have to purchase a new, smaller waist trainer sooner.


2. How the waist trainer was sewn is very important. Many brands will have single stitching. High quality waist trainers will have double stitching. This means that all the bones in the waist trainer and all the lining will have double the reinforcement. When there is single stitching the waist trainer will deteriorate quicker and is more susceptible to threading after wash or prolonged usage. Always look thoroughly at pictures before your purchase, make sure that the waist trainer has double stitching at every place your body curves.




3. Look for sheltered lining. A high quality waist trainer will have all the sewing on the inside of the waist trainer covered and not open. When the lining is open, it will touch the skin and cause skin irritation and discomfort. It is also more exposed leading to threading and deterioration. A top notch waist trainer will never have exposed lining on the inside.


4. This is something that you cannot check visually. if you are purchasing from a store take advantage of holding the waist trainer. Hold two brands at one time, one in each hand and compare weight, feel and bone density. The higher quality waist trainer will actually be slightly heavier, it will feel complete and the boning will not be flimsy. Decide on which waist trainer feels more comfortable, how is the material? Having the luxury of physically comparing the waist trainer will ensure you buy the highest quality product and it will be a purchase that will last you a long time.


I hope this list of 4 key things to look for in buying your first waist trainer has been helpful, follow these tips and you will surely buy a high quality waist trainer. It can be scary making a purchase online when you aren’t able to physically inspect the item… but purchasing online has become much easier and safer. If you buy on you have 100% money back guarantee from their A-Z no questions asked policy. This means you don’t need a reason for making a return. Amazon makes purchasing online safe and fast for when you need something right away! To check out some great items including the waist trainer mentioned above check out this amazon seller’s store.

Watch the YouTube tutorial here!

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