Waist Training Results (With Pictures)

What kind of results could you expect from waist training? Keep reading to see pictures of four different women and their waist training results.



Waist training has hit social media and has taken off, many celebrities like Jessica Alba, the Kardashians and Snooki all wear waist trainers and are not ashamed to show them off. This is why so many women have taken it upon themselves to share their own results on social medias like Youtube and Instagram. Below, I have summarized the results of 5 women who have tried waist training.



  1. Ari Tres Chic – Ari runs a budget friendly fashion blog and she tried waist training back in 2014. Her transformation is truly incredible. She started off as a size 12 or 14 and waist line was about 38.5 inches and my hips around 44.


  1. She initially used a latex corset and she saw results immediately, “I started seeing results within a month or so of using it. For starters my posture was better, the corset forces you to lose the slouch and sit/ stand like a lady.” But she quit after a month. Soon she missed her smaller waist and returned to waist training, this time buying a Spandex/Latex/Cotton waist trainer. “Well, I still wanted to see a curvaceous body in the mirror, so I started using the Sports training corset. This material is a lot more flexible, it’s easy to wash and it’s also very breathable which makes it great for working out!”.





    Ari points out that the waist trainer restricts how much food she can eat and therefore helps make better food choices. Soon she started incorporating only 1 day of cardio per week into her routine and this made a HUGE difference. “For the sports trainer, I wear it when doing cardio and for about six plus hours before any event. It makes a difference…a significant difference.”


  1. She continues to say, “With doing cardio and wearing the corset. My waist line changed so drastically. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I liked it! And that got me into doing more. I went from doing 20 minutes with it on mostly once a week to getting on the elliptical for 30 -45 minutes with it on at least twice a week! More cardio with the shaper made the biggest difference in my waist line.”  By May she reached her goal and shrunk her waist line to 32 inches and is now a size 10/12. 


  1. @Lore_Loves_You – Is a young woman from Twitter who shared a pictures of her waist training journey at 2 weeks in. You can see she has a significant change in shape. Her caption, “Only Been Waist Training For Two Weeks && I Can Already See Results ???????  


Jessica Rae – She is a gorgeous Youtube star who has documented her whole waist training journey on YouTube. A blog post has already been written about her journey but I will summarize her results here. Immediately Jessica loved that the waist trainer helped with her infamous bad posture. It’s easy to slouch like a sloth but important to remember to have great posture like a lady…for anyone with back pain this is a must.

Secondly, she says it helps regulate her eating because she loves to finish her meals if she is enjoying them, regardless if she’s feeling full. So when she wears the waist trainer it helps signal her brain sooner that she is full and she ends up consuming less food.


In only one week of wearing the waist trainer she lost 1 inch in her waist and in 3 weeks she lost 2 inches. In only 4 weeks she lost a shocking amount in waist size 28.5 inches to 25.3.  With these results her mom even bought a waist trainer! Jessica says the best part is that she notices her body shaping and she is developing an hourglass shape thanks to the waist trainer.


2. cynthykay obi – Another YouTube star, she  lost a total of 3 inches in only 10 weeks. She says she wear it every day but if she doesn’t feel like it, then she doesn’t wear it, don’t stress about it. She says that is definitely does work. Her goal is a 25 inch waist which is what she had before having kids. Right now she is at a 26 inch waist and has no doubt she can get down to a 25 inches in no time. She also lost weight and not just inches.



So there you have it. 4 women who have shared their experience and journey with waist training online. Their results speak for themselves and they all look gorgeous. If you want results like theirs, hope on the waist training wagon and purchase your first high quality waist trainer  today. The Curvalicious waist trainer is one o the best brands you can purchase on Amazon.com and is the most affordable price. 

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