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Getting your waist in shape is often a very difficult task. For some people, no matter how much they may exercise and try to stay fit, their waist just doesn’t want to budge, and may be taken as something hindering their healthy lifestyle. They may be slimmer overall, but without that hourglass shape that so many people are looking for. However, with a waist trainer, you can actually help your waist take on a better shape.

But is this just a rumor, or is there actual truth behind this? Are there any before and after results that can show you whether waist trainers really work or not? It turns out that there are – and more and more people are beginning to reap the benefits of waist training.

Waist Training Before And After Results
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Done right, waist training can show some spectacular results. Obviously, if you wish the results to be visible and in a shorter amount of time, you need to do what it takes to get the most out of it. However, if you stay on track, you may be able to reap results as the following LuxxCurves users did.

Heidi - The Mommy With Waist Training Results

Heidi is a recovering addict, sober for 8 years and later on becoming the mother of two beautiful children that she’s very proud of. She has always had a problem with extra weight, particularly around the waist, which started from her addiction days. Even though she called it a “healthy living weight” and her husband would tell her that she was beautiful just the way she was, Heidi was still unhappy with how her waist and belly area looked.

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Her pregnancy wasn’t easy on her either, as it caused her to gain a lot of baby weight around her midsection. This, together with her recovery from her addiction, caused Heidi to experience depression. She was not happy with how she looked and wanted to bring some changes into her life.

Heidi first started with dieting. She found the keto diets and intermittent fasting. She used almost everything you could think of, but while she did lose a couple of pounds, her stomach refused to budge. She felt that it continued to be unsightly and stick out – “pooched out”, as she put it – and this made her feel unhappy about her overall physique and appearance.

However, at some point, she came across a girl on Instagram who talked about waist training, piquing her interest. This caused her to spiral down into a YouTube search of waist training, watching every video that came her way, and eventually, she decided to buy her first LuxxCurves waist trainer. According to Heidi, this was the start of one of the best decisions she’d ever made.

She started this journey at the beginning of April 2019 at 42 inches – at that time, a traditional size extra-large. By being consistent with her waist training, in just five weeks, she got to a size medium. Heidi was very impressed by this because she couldn’t believe how quickly it happened.

She kept the same diet and exercise routine, and she also took some probiotics to help with the acid reflux during the waist training. Because of this, she didn’t have any problems wearing the waist trainer for prolonged amounts of time.

As a nice extra, she also noticed her posture improving. Heidi works from home, meaning she has to sit at a desk all day. This caused her to experience severe back pain at one point, but once she started wearing the waist trainer, her back no longer hurt as much.

This was because while compressing her tummy, the waist trained also worked to support her back. She would no longer slouch and no longer maintain a posture that would hurt her back – she could finally sit correctly.

This is why Heidi is so eager to recommend waist training to anyone who’s on the fence about it. She says it’s best to take it one step at a time and “just do it.” Considering she went from an XL to an M in just five weeks, the results were truly spectacular in her case.

Tatyana - From Corsets to Luxx Curves Waist Trainers

Tatyana was not new to waist training and corsets, but she decided that she wanted to try the LuxxCurves waist trainer to work on her waist a bit more. Her belly fat wasn’t that prominent, but because she had a square waistline, she wanted to achieve a more hourglass-like shape.

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Immediately after putting on the waist trainer, she measured herself, and from a 29-inch waist, she went down half an inch. However, by the end of the week, she measured herself without the waist trainer. At that point, her natural waistline measured 28.5, meaning that she still went down half an inch.

She also ordered a fitness belt so that she could sweat out some of the belly fat. By combining her waist training with exercise and a healthy diet, Tatyana brought her waist down one inch (since she was already quite slim) and managed to sculpt her waist to form her desired hourglass figure.

Can Waist Trainers Really Provide Great Before And After Results?

The overall answer is yes – waist trainers can offer great before and after results, depending of course on the person undergoing the training. First things first – you need to set your goals for your waist training. Most people are training to:

  • Achieve the shape they had before giving birth
  • Reduce the amount of body fat around their midsection
  • Gain better shape on a body that’s already fit (getting that hourglass figure)
  • Strengthen their core and control
  • Get more back comfort
  • Help with a number of other personal goals

Depending on your own specific goals, the before and after results should come at different times. It also depends on how often you engage in waist training, as well as how you approach it. With that in mind, with time, you should be able to see significant results.

Waist training compresses your middle area, essentially “training” it to remember how to stay in a certain shape. Unlike shaping underwear that does not have any boning, waist training will pull at your waistline and drive the memory into it.

Because of this, waist trainers are not considered to be a quick fix, but rather something that can shape your waist in the long term. Eventually, your waist should gain a nice shape even without the waist trainer. This is because, at some point, the waist will remember and retain the shape it should be in.

Many people who have tried waist training for themselves claim that they managed not only to lose weight, but also to visibly trim their waist in just a few weeks. Some say that they were able to get these results without doing anything extra, although others recommend that you take additional measures for better results.

The first effects should become visible within the first couple of weeks – most users say that it’s possible to drop 2-3 inches by the end of the month. That being said, the effects will also be visible from the moment you start training, all because the waist trainer is already slimming down your waist as you’re wearing it.

When wearing a waist trainer, you may look one, two, or even three sizes smaller than you normally do. Moreover, unlike corsets, waist trainers are more comfortable. However, much depends on finding the right fit and material for you. Worn regularly, you are bound to see results.

Tips To Maximize Your Waist Training Results (Winning An Impressive AFTER Result: Weight Loss)

Waist trainers can be great to give you that nice hourglass shape. However, if you want to see some impressive “after” results (i.e. weight loss), you need to learn how to maximize said training. Here are a few tips that most people undergoing waist training recommend following.

1. Take Photos Of Your Progress: Waist Training And Weight Loss

Taking before and after pictures of your body shape involves more than just showing off how much progress you’ve made. It gives you a visual of your weight loss progress and helps you stick to your training. Once you see exactly how much progress you’ve made on your waistline with your waist trainer, you’ll get the motivation to continue because you can see it doing its job.

Ideally, you want to take these pictures in the morning, when your stomach is not full or bloated. You may also want to avoid taking pictures around or during your period for the same reason.

When you’re bloated, even if you’ve already achieved great results, you may not be able to see them in their full glory.

2. Wear Your Waist Trainer Regularly

Constancy and consistency should help you reach your results much faster. With that in mind, you should build up to your perfect time. In the beginning, you’ll be able to wear your waist trainer for about 1-2 hours a day. You can then gradually increase the duration. This will allow your internal organs, rib cage, and core muscles to adjust properly, unlike with corsetry, where you must often wear the garment for a shorter time and may also have adjustment issues with your organs. You can wear your waist trainer throughout the entire day and cinch in the laces gradually, thus allowing for natural waist adjustment.

This all depends on your comfort level. You shouldn’t wear your waist trainer for too long, as a cinched waist may cause you great discomfort, but you should wear it for at least a short time every day so that your waist gets the chance to “remember” the desired shape. Likewise, the lacing needs to be adjusted according to your needs. Wearing a waist trainer 24/7 could lead to certain side effects such as acid reflux, but if you time your sessions properly, you should reap the rewards and gain your desired waist size and shape soon enough.

Wearing a cinched waist while sleeping might turn out to be uncomfortable, but this is still doable. It all depends on your comfort level. With that in mind, it’s recommended that you leave your waist trainer alone, at least throughout the night. Not only can you damage your waist trainer without noticing, but your body also needs a breather.

Don’t overdo it if you’re not comfortable sleeping with your waist trainer. Quality sleep is also important if you wish to lose weight and get your body in shape.

3. Get The Right Size Waist Trainer

When setting on your waist training journey, you need to take care of certain points. When you get a poorly-fitting waist trainer, you may feel a lot of discomfort as you wear it throughout the day. As a result, you may even decide against wearing it – all because you’re just too uncomfortable to do so. It may increase pressure on your internal organs, which leads to flattening your rib cage. Contrary to what you may have heard, a smaller waist trainer won’t bring about better results, but only more discomfort that will likely scrape at your motivation.

To get the most out of your waist trainer as a shaper, you need to ensure that it’s a model you can easily wear throughout the day. This can be done by getting the right size. Doing the opposite will only cause pain and set you back, while eating at your wallet for good measure. After all, if the waist trainer is too small, you’ll have to buy a replacement. By the time it arrives, you will have put your waist training on hold and lost any small results you may have made.

4. Work Out With Your Waist Trainer

By working out with a waist trainer, you’ll practically be feeding two birds with one stone. You’ll be shaping your waist by using the memory of the waist trainer while simultaneously burning calories through exercising. Plus, when you’re working out with the waist trainer, you’ll be sweating underneath it – which means you’ll be burning fat faster.

Wearing a waist trainer as you exercise can help you reach your goals, as it gives a boost to your workout intensity – all without requiring any extra effort on your part. The firm compression of the waist trainer will trigger the heat in your whole core, making you sweat a lot more and experience the workout at a higher intensity than usual.

However, bear in mind that not every waist trainer is designed for exercising. You will need something comfortable and made from a breathable material, such as the LuxxCurves waist trainers. Workout bands are mostly what you want to look into in these circumstances, as they were made specifically for this kind of activity. These products were made to be stronger in order to withstand rigorous movements.

Moreover, since waist trainers have properties that enhance your figure, just putting them on will make you feel more confident. They serve as a great motivator that may make you enjoy your workouts simply because you like the way you look. You’ll also get a better visual of where you’ll want to get with your workouts and your waist training in general.

A waist trainer can be used during a variety of exercises, but these are some of the favorites of most fitness enthusiasts:

Cardio Workouts

Cardio is likely one of the most efficient ways to burn overall fat around your waist, therefore enhancing the effects of the waist trainer. After all, when you want to slim down your belly, you’ll have to lose weight from the other areas of your body as well. As such, if you’re planning on biking, running, or working out on a cardio machine, wearing a waist trainer may double the effects.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts

Circuit sets of exercises such as burpees, sprints, jumping jacks, and other similar exercises may be your least favorite, but they’re likely the best at cranking up your heart rate. They tackle your core, and once it gets working, it makes you sweat and burn calories. Mixed with a good exercise-oriented waist trainer, you can easily use these exercises to your advantage and get that slim waist you’ve been wanting.

Strength Training

If you’re very serious about getting into shape, you may want to consider adding strength training to your routine along with your waist training session. Unlike HIIT workouts and cardio, strength training is often not as sweaty in itself. This means that while you’re toning your muscles, you aren’t necessarily burning any fat. However, by adding a waist trainer into your strength training routine, you should be able to fix that little problem.

Abdominal Workouts

This is a no-brainer, but if you want to make the best of your waist trainer, you should add some ab exercises to your workout. Crunches, leg raises, and planks are great here, but if you want to get that nice hourglass waistline, you should add some obliques too. Side planks (with or without leg raises), bicycle crunches, hip dips, standing twists, or Russian twists may easily help you shape up that waistline. You just need to be consistent enough.

Walks and Housework

If you don’t necessarily feel like doing any strenuous workouts, you may want to consider wearing your waist trainer while doing housework or perhaps taking your dog on a walk. The right waist trainer will still help you break enough sweat so that you can train your waist into its desired shape.

4. Stay Hydrated

You may be thinking: what does waist training have to do with drinking enough water? In truth, these two things are greatly connected. When you wear a waist trainer, you tend to sweat a lot, losing a lot of fluids from your system in the process. This can not only irritate and dry out your skin, but may also prevent you from achieving the results you want.

When your skin is well-hydrated, it becomes elastic enough to follow the lines of your waist. If you sweat and lose belly fat as a result of waist training, you may end up with a smaller-looking waist. However, since your skin is dry and dehydrated, it loses the elasticity necessary to retract. In the end, the skin may just end up hanging around your belly, looking worse than it did before.

This is why you need to make sure that you keep hydrated. Aside from drinking water, you may also want to add a moisturizing body lotion in the mix. This should add more elasticity to the skin and improve your results.

5. Stick To A Diet

If you wish to get the most out of your waist training, there’s no shortcut here: you need to consider going on a diet as well. Most people who wear LuxxCurves waist trainers have said that they achieved results much faster by having a balanced diet and consuming all the right foods. Unless you eat correctly, all of your efforts may be put to waste.

Ideally, when performing waist training, you should steer clear of processed food, sugar, alcohol, dairy, and gluten. These are to be avoided with pretty much any diet, but even more so when waist training. This is because these foods not only tend to be deposited in your middle area but can also cause acid reflux – something that can be made even worse as you wear a waist trainer.

Now to the foods you should eat: to see good results, you may want to add some vitamin A-rich meals to your system. This will help with your digestion and prevent most gastrointestinal issues (i.e. bloating and gas). Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that can not only improve your immune system but also help your skin stay in good shape.

Foods rich in soluble fiber (i.e. oatmeal, apples, nuts, blueberries, and beans) are also recommended as you waist train. These will improve your digestion, allowing you to shed those extra pounds. Don’t discard insoluble fiber either – meaning whole wheat, brown rice, fruits, etc. Fibers are not digested by your body, which means they’ll be less likely to come out easily.

Try to make your meals frequent as well. This may be easy as you wear a waist trainer, as it constricts you around the middle. Plus, by eating frequently, you help to curb your cravings and give the food more time to process.

6. Get A Waist Trainer Friend

Remember that time when you joined the gym with your friend, hoping you could lose some weight? Before, when going by yourself, you would often skip workouts, knowing you would “try again tomorrow.” No one was waiting for you (except perhaps the gym instructor), so there was no harm in skipping for the day. However, when you went with your friend, you motivated each other to go and shed some extra pounds.

The same practice applies to waist training. There may be times when you wish you could just take your waist trainer off and enjoy your freedom. However, when you see your friend wearing it, this will give you the motivation to do so as well. When they’re striving for the same goal as you, you’re likely to wear your waist trainer more and get the most out of it.

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The effects of the waist training journey can differ greatly between individuals. A slimmer person may only shed an inch or so but may notice a much deeper curve in their waistline. Someone struggling with more belly fat may see even more results throughout the month, with some shedding up to two and a half inches. Likewise, its effects on the abdominal muscles may vary. It’s recommended that you mix waist training with a healthy amount of exercise and a proper diet if you want to see more visible results. Still, even without this, you may notice real changes.

LuxxCurves offers a variety of waist trainer types for every body shape, torso length, and purpose. Regardless of whether you need a waist cincher, a regular waist trainer, or a fitness belt, you can choose the most appropriate option for you. Just remember that if you wish to get the best results with the waist trainer, you should be consistent in wearing it and should always adjust the cincher to align with your comfort level.

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Full Back Waist Training Vest
Shonda Brown (Dayton, US)
Yes love

Worn it for 3 days 5 hours per day lost 3 inches in my waist

Arthritis hands

I love my new waist trainer. The only problem is I have arthritis in my hands. So it makes it very hard to put my waist trainer on. Every time I put it on. It causes me pain. Otherwise this waist trainer is great.

Undecided, but comfy

I have not worn my waist trainer for a full month yet so am not yet sure about whether it works or not, but it is very pretty and is pretty comfortable to wear.

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Molly Lalli (Fort Dodge, US)
Best one I’ve found so far buuuuut…

This is my 3rd luxx curves waist trainer and I have just a few things.. they breakdown fast.. I wear mine 5 days a week for 8+ hours a day and they don’t last more than 6 months.. also it doesn’t have much “curve” to it.. it pushes on my hip bones and ribs but not enough on my actual waist, which causes a lot of pain and makes my legs go numb lol but I’ll continue to wear it til I find something better.. maybe make one with a deeper more exaggerated hourglass for thinner customers..?

It’s not surgery, it’s Luxx Curves.

I started waist training with Luxx Curves in 2020 at a 3XL with a 45 inch waist. It’s almost 2024 and my waist is 30 inches and I’m in a large. You have to be disciplined and wear the trainer everyday at least 6 hours to see real lasting results. Once you break it in, it will be your best friend. I wear it on road trips, to work, at the gym, everywhere. People think I’ve had surgery when they see my coke bottle shape. Thanks Luxx Curves.

Best Waist Trainer I ever used!

I cannot believe the results I’m getting with this waist trainer. I bought a Small and started on the first row and now I’m on the third and will be ordering XS soon!!

25 Steel Bones Short Torso 9"
C. (El Paso, US)
Surprisingly Disappointed..

I’ve waist trained for 5 years now and I’ve heard of this brand here and there so based off all the good things I’ve heard I was so happy once I revived my waist trainer but two weeks into my waist training with this trainer not 1 but 3 hooks fell off ! I was so upset because it was so expensive I don’t know I was so shocked and disappointed..

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Long Torso - 13.5″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Ebony Davis (Cleveland, US)
Waist trainer

I love my waist trainer. I started out with two extenders and now I’m down to one extender. It’s very comfortable and covers my lower stubborn belly area. I typically wear it for about 10-12 hours a day. I’m looking forward to the next waist training challenge.

Full Back Waist Training Vest
Samiek Clowson (New York, US)

Love it works great for me and very comfortable

Waist Trimmer Fitness Belt
Josselin Acosta (Long Beach, US)
GYM Trainer

It truly makes a huge difference when I wear my waist trainer. If for any reason I forget my GYM belt, I rather go back to the car and get it or I won’t do the workouts. Someone broke in my car and stole my gym equipment including my gym belt :( so I do not feel complete right now :(

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Vanessa Anthony (Castries, LC)
Good Waist Trainer

The waist trainer is good quality very thick and strong but I think I got the wrong size, I think a large or medium would have been better buts it still good

Brittany's results

I lost 12 pounds and 3 inches which trainer should I get next my mom Patricia isn't doing it and I will be buying my next one with your recommendation

most trusted waist trainer

when i first had it, it was quite hard to breath but it pays off lol. u have to workout if u wanna be lean however, it pinched my waist and my overall bone structure. It helps with back pain as well. Two in one. I love it. im planning on sizing up to a 2xs because my xs is too small now . in the yellow shirt that was me before. now i totally feel like a victoria secret model now. i was 26in now i’m 23in,with inconsistency. im pretty sure if you’re very consistent you’ll have even more results.

Great quality! Love the design!

This is not my first waist trainer, but it is one of the best made ones I’ve received! I also love the design (Roses). I can tell it’s definitely going to help transform my shape!

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Linda M-R (Winsford, GB)
I love it

The one I wanted wasn’t available but this one will do. It’s very comfortable and it fits perfectly.

Slow but consistent

So far I have been wearing my waist trainer for about 3 weeks now and I’m down to the last row on my waist trainer, I see a small difference when I’m not wearing it, not too much. I’m ready to go to the next size down so I can continue to sculpt my curves and see a different when I’m not wearing my trainer.

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
D.L. (Glennville, US)

To short my hanging stomach, I ordered this because of a YouTuber doing a review and said it is best for back fat but that a lie, pushed my back fat right up like a sausage roll. I ordered two extenders to just barely squeeze in. Then it was lose at the top and to tight on the bottom. Smh!

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Nadine (Dortmund, DE)

I love this waist trainer!!!
I used others before, but this one is really comfortable.
I started with an inch of 27 and now, after 24 days ,I have a waist of 25 inches and already orderer a smaller size.

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Short Torso - 9″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Love my trainer

I highly recommend this product. I am using in combination with diet and exercise. My waist is showing improvement. I am glad I started with XL and bought a L at the same time. Real incentive to use the product

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Long Torso - 13.5″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
S.W. (Portland, US)
Love this waist trainer!

It's more comfortable than I was expecting. Also I absolutely love the galaxy pattern. Very vivid and colorful. I was nervous when buying since they're so pricy and my measurements were a bit larger than the 5x would fit. So I bought extenders just in case. Luckily they were not needed! Make sure to measure correctly. I'm very short but learned I have a long torso which was a surprise to me. I mainly bought a waist trainer to help give support for my back. I worked as a caregiver for many years and messed it up. I have an actual corset but it's very hard to move in. Back braces are uncomfortable and not very cute. This trainer is best of both worlds (for me). I put this waist trainer on and by lower back is very happy! Overall very pleased and will be purchasing again. Customer service is very professional. When I didn't get any emails on shipping or any tracking info about a week after purchase I sent out an email. Customer service responded quick and friendly. I got updated on my order and got my tracking info.

The best waist trainer there is

I’ve had this trainer for few weeks and man I have already seen the difference I’m now on my second row and can’t wait to get my other one . The bathing suit is before and the others are during and now and I love it

Full Back Waist Training Vest
Nova (Newport Beach, US)
Waist training vest

I absolutely love my waist trainer vest! I have been using the regular waist trainers for a year now and have seen a difference. However, with the vest it hides the bra bulges that may pop out with the regular vest trainer. It's super comfortable and I tend to forget that I am wearing it.

3XS waist trainer

Absolutely amazing! Not only did it give me an amazing shape, but it helps so much with back support.

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Long Torso - 13.5″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Anonymous (Corona, US)

I love this brand. It has shaped my body so nice!

Perfect Curves Waist Trainer - Long Torso - 13.5″ Torso Length - Luxx Curves
Mariah Sepulveda
Luxx waist trainer

I absolutely love it and definitely love how it makes my waist look smaller I can't wait to move down in size! Started about 3 weeks ago and loving the confidence it's giving me♥️