Who We Are:

Luxx Curves was first created when a woman named Tatiana saw the incredible benefits of waist training but she just couldn't find the "perfect" waist trainer. She eventually decided to create her own brand by working with a manufacturer in order to design the ultimate waist trainer that's both comfortable and effective. 

Made by women, for women. We’re a mostly all female run company with a mission to provide you with not only with the highest quality and most effective waist training products in the market, but we want to empower you to feel confident in your body and to love yourself unconditionally.

We believe empowered women truly do empower one another and that’s what this brand is about. We want to empower you to feel confident in your skin today while you commit to living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle because you deserve to be the best version of you.

Thank you for trusting our brand, we are here to serve you and to honor your. If you need any help on your journey, please feel free to reach to us for support.

Team Luxx Curves