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Traditional Short Torso Waist Trainer 9″- Solid Colors

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You can’t go wrong the traditional Luxx Curves waist trainers, these babies helped thousands of clients create extreme and fabulous results! The Luxx Curves waist trainer is unlike any trainer on the market, its comfort and quality are unique and creates a pleasant journey for any waist trainee.

The short torso waist trainer is most suitable for people with torso lengths between 7" - 10" long. 

  • This is the Waist Trainer for Short Torso Length (9")
  • Available in 10 sizes! 3XS, 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
  • Available in 5 colors! Beige, Black, Purple, Purple Leopard, Army, Roses, and Galaxy.
  • Made from three layers of materials, the waist trainer is thicker and more durable than the leading competitor.
  • The breathable material will help you sweat without overheating your core.
  • Three rows of hooks with each row being one inch apart so you can make the most out of your trainer.

Handwash only. 

Material: Core; 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex. Middle layer; 100% Natural Latex. Lining; 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex.


Size Chart


 Size Waist (in)
3XS 22-24
2XS 25-26
XS 27-28
S 29-31
M 32-34
L 35-37
XL 38-39
2XL 40-41
3XL 42-44
4XL 45-47


 Size Waist (in)
3XS 22-24
2XS 25-26
XS 27-28
S 29-31
M 32-34
L 35-37
XL 38-39
2XL 40-41
3XL 42-44
4XL 45-47

Customer Reviews

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I adore my waist training journey

At first I was super hesitant to try it out and spend the X amount of $ on something I was unsure would work. The photo sideways is a size small and the second front face photo is an XS. These photos are 3 months apart.
With having to go through three rows of cinching, I couldn't believe it! I am currently on my second trainer (size XS) but I have one more row to go to move down to XXS
I will say, you will see the best of best results when you maintain a healthy/ healthier diet and have a steady exercise routine. I am in the gym 7-8 days a week and I try to only eat fatty foods once a week (Usually when I am craving pizza on a weekend) I did get a lot of lash from people telling me that waist training is not healthy and can hurt your organs.. but you can waist train accordingly where you aren't going to an extreme level of where it can become dangerous. I love my results and I plan to continue waist training.

I Love !

I absolutely love my waist trainer , the quality is really good . I ordered the traditional short torso 9” in 2xs , it was hard to put on at first but as i used it more it adjusted to my body . Definitely recommend .
Good job Luxx curves babes ! ❤️

Changed my life!

wow! At first I was skeptical how a waist trainer can help after weight training and exercising for years. I started googling why im still not seeing an hourglass figure even though I work my butt off and especially having a baby 2 years ago. Then in my search on YouTube I started seeing luxx curves and I just went down the rabbit hole and decided to just try one since I was in the market for shape wear. And oh my! It definitely works! My stomach is getting flatter and my hourglass stays even when I take off my belt. Ive been waist training now for 2 months I think and I see results! Its super good for your posture as well! And waist training is a must after giving birth and comfortable when having a period. The pics are before and after. I started with a 2xs with 2 extenders. Now I'm at 2xs with out extenders on the second row. Went from 32" to 27" in around 2 months. And the one with the dress is me wearing it under it.


honestly absolutely adored this purchase, it makes my waist look great and has improved my confidence so much!! thank you, ive really noticed a drastic difference, will definitely be purchasing my next size down:))

Amazing !!!

I have been waist training for years and by far this is the most comfortable waist trainer that I have ever worn. I bought a size Small and in 24 days I was already downsized to an Xsmall. So far I have lost 2 inches my waist and 3 inches in my lower abdomen. Verified Reviews Badge
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