What Does True Fitness and Health Mean To You?

Dolls, staying healthy and being in true fitness is a lifetime journey.  It may begin or progress with a waist trainer, changing your diet or looking at how you want to improve your image... all so you can feel like your real you.

I believe that the more we know about fitness and health, the easier it is to improve not only our self-image, but also how we feel inside.

What we decide to eat, how we decide to exercise and what we do with our bodies ultimately impacts us from the inside out.

Feel good on the inside and you will get the results.

Health and Your Mindset

Mike Rachid is a body building champion and owner of Ambrosia, a plant based substance to build your muscle.

But what he talks about the most is your mindset and how this relates to what you decide to eat as well as how you exercise.  

He understands that, women especially, must be aware of how they think about themselves and how they perceive and relate to their food, body and health.

Would if we had a self-image of our self that was based on how beautiful we knew we were? And which combined with what we decided to put in our bodies and how we took care of ourselves?

There might be a different outcome to our self-perception and even the results we get from self-care.  That's what Mike Rachid is interested in shouting out to others who are a part of a healthy plan for their best life.

Check Out These Health & Fitness Tips...

Mike Rachid is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to good health, Dolls. His background as a body builder gives him a golden approach to fitness. Here's some of the things he covered with his approach to health and fitness.

1.  Cardio bunny?  

Try again.  We talk a lot about how you can actually get fit and trim faster by lifting weights and targeting specific areas of your body.  Those fitness tips can get you the body you are looking for.... fast.

2.  How many snacks....

Mike Rachid is a vegan and stands by the fact that the food we put in our body all has a place.  His approach is to look closer at how your body works and what we can do to optimise it's health.

3.  Time to boost!  

There are a ton of programs that are out there to help with you being at your best, such as losing weight or just feeling better about how you look.  Try things like intermittent fasting, specifically designed to reset your body and to help you with how you work with your body.

Dolls, there's a wealth of knowledge in this video.  I highly recommend looking at the tips, find what fits you best, and keep working towards your best, most beautiful you.

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