Waist Training Tutorial – How to Use a Waist Trainer

So you’ve got your new waist trainer, yay! Now, how do you use it properly? Keep Reading for a waist training tutorial…


Waist trainer is the new trend, it seems as though almost every celebrity is posing in these stretchy corsets. There is no doubt that you already know the benefits to waist training, hence why you’ve probably already bought one. I’ll explain to you here quick and simple waist training tutorial.


1. When you receive your Curvalicious waist trainer, it will be sealed in a rectangular polybag, attached to the garment will be a tag with simple instructions and a bonus discount for your next purchase. It is recommended to not wear this waist trainer directly on your skin, get a thin tank top or tube top and use it as the base.


2. Decide which end will be the top and bottom. In other words, decide which end will hold your waist and which will hold your hips. It is likely that your waist is naturally thinner than your hips, you want to make sure that you don’t interchange these sides when wearing the waist trainer. This is because it will soon form to your body and to your individual curves. If you wear the wrong way after it has moulded to your body, it will be too tight on the hips and too loose on the waist.

3. Curvalicious waist trainers come with 3 options for tightness adjustment. It will probably be very tight the first time you put it on so aim for clasp row one, then after  a few weeks, as your waist gets smaller, move up to clasp two and then three.


4. Close the waist trainer from the bottom up, suck in as much as possible, you may even need assistance when using it for the first time.


5. Wear this waist cincher for no more than 3 hours the first day, and solely work your way up. Wear it for up to 8 hours a day. Do not do activities that will increase your heart rate while wearing a corset, activities include running, HITT, spin classes etc…

6. When you feel like it needs to be cleaned, do not throw it in the laundry machine. Hand wash this item and then let hang dry.


7. If you purchased the wrong size Curvalicious waist trainer, that’s a problem! Always use the size chart for proper measurement, don’t guess your size because it is probably inaccurate! However, Luxx Curves will honour you as a customer, simply contact info@luxxhealth.com to request a new size.

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