Waist Training Results, Does it work? Jessica Rae’s Results

We’ve all heard of waist training by now, but does it really work? Read this article to learn one woman’s journey and her waist training results!


Waist training has been unofficially turned into a verb, the act of using a waist trainer daily to enhance the shape of the body.

Waist trainers are different than corsets; they are softer and more pliable, they are not as extreme and can be worn by nearly anyone. Corsets are typically made from leather and have relatively inflexible boning.

 High quality waist trainers are made from latex, spandex and cotton and compromise of sturdy yet pliable boning. Waist training has become popular through social media where celebrities are flaunting their waist trainers on Instagram and Facebook.

With all the media attention drawn to these products, do they live up to the claims of instant inch loss?

Jessica Rae is a Youtube star who has documented her waist training journey from start to finish. She’s created videos on her first impression of waist trainers and her waist training results.

Jessica says on her 4 week waist training update video, that she loves the waist trainer because it helps her posture and she’s known by friends to slouch when sitting, when she wears the waist trainer it helps her keep her posture perfect all day long.


Secondly, she says it helps regulate her eating because she loves to finish her meals if she is enjoying them, regardless if she’s feeling full. So when she wears the waist trainer it helps signal her brain sooner that she is full and she ends up consuming less food.

In only one week of wearing the waist trainer she lost 1 inch in her waist and in 3 weeks she lost 2 inches. In only 4 weeks she lost a shocking amount in waist size 28.5 inches to 25.3.  With these results her mom even bought a waist trainer! Jessica says the best part is that she notices her body shaping and she is developing an hourglass shape thanks to the waist trainer. 

Jessica notes that she does eat healthy and that is important in fat loss but she does have cheat days. During the first 4 weeks of waist training she did not lift weights but she did do cardio workouts.


In Jessica’s next update video  she discusses her weight loss. She reached her goal waist size which is a 24 inch waist. She devotes her success solely to waist training. She says she has stopped working out and despite this, she lost inch size.


Jessica went from a size Large waist trainer to a size Medium in 4 weeks. She suggests to wear the waist trainer when working out and doesn’t believe it is dangerous at all. Jessica’s last update video is about how to workout with a waist trainer (although she says she hates working out).


Her last waist trainer was a size XS and Jessica says that putting on the waist trainers for the first time is very hard, she almost broke out a sweat and broke a nail! Waist trainers always run small… make sure to measure yourself and refer to the size chart for proper sizing.


Her results speak for themselves and she is very satisfied with the way her body looks as a result of waist training. Jessica’s Youtube channel is about hair, lifestyle and beauty & fashion. She’s a down to earth woman and very fun to watch! Visit her channel here 🙂


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