Waist Trainers For Short Torsos – A Comfortable Waist Training Experience!

Short torso Waist Trainers to the rescue!

When it comes to waist training, there are two key concepts. Consistency and commitment are crucial players in producing that dreamy hourglass figure.

Because of this, one of our main goals here at Luxx is to make sure that waist training is as fun and enjoyable as possible. One way we strive towards this is always seeking out ways to improve the comfort levels of our waist trainers.

Your waist trainer HAS to fit;

It simply won’t work otherwise!

Whilst the importance of choosing the correct width for your waist trainer might be obvious, the length of your trainer is also crucial. Many manufacturers of inferior waist shaping products overlook this fact. This is one of the many areas where we like to think Luxx stands out from the crowd.

(Speaking of the width of your waist trainer, you should take a look at our waist trainer extenders.)

Comfort = Consistency

The simple fact here is that you are less likely to wear an uncomfortable piece of clothing. This isn’t only true of shapewear; think about those uncomfortable jeans and itchy jumpers at the back of your wardrobe.

Waist trainers that sell at a generic length often provide discomfort. This acts to discourage consumers from regular usage of the product.

This is a problem that we at Luxx have experienced ourselves. On sitting down wearing a waist trainer that is too long, you’ll find that the top edge digs into your breasts and the bottom digs into your pelvis. This annoyance does not encourage long-term use of your waist cincher, and thus does not encourage results!

Almost everyone has to sit down for long periods every day, whether this is for work, school or in the car. So it isn’t realistic to try and wear a trainer that’s going to cause you pain while in this position.

EveryBODY is different!

Just because you’re a relatively short person, it doesn’t mean you have a short torso.

Body ratios are a hugely individualised feature. Whilst there are calculated averages (these are generally used in making off-the-shelf clothing and in art classes), it is to should be expected that every single one of us is a different shape.

The variance in peoples body shape is actually a studied biological concept. Body ratios can play a big role in individuals sporting abilities. It’s better to be a swimmer with long arms and legs, but if you’re going to give Olympic weightlifting a try, a long torso and short thighs are ideal.

So why aren’t more of our clothes bespoke and personalised? Especially more important and more fitted items such as skinny jeans and lingerie.

If men can buy tailored suits, we should have tailored waist trainers.

Luxx Sizing 

Luxx Curves offers 3 different lengths of waist trainer. This allows everyone to find the shapewear to perfectly fit their individual form.

The sizes that are available are Long (14”), Medium (11.5”), and Short (9”).

Your Free Size Evaluation

It’s difficult to get a 100% accurate idea of sizing using the simplistic sizing charts found online.

While these charts are available for your use on the Luxx Curves website, we want to offer you a much better way of finding your perfect fit:

A free size evaluation!

Simply send an email info@luxxhealth.com. This email should contain tummy photos from the front and side view (these photos do not need to contain your face, just your tummy), along with your waist and torso measurements.

To get an accurate and useful torso measurement, keep your comfort levels in mind. When taking your measurements, you should start at the point under your bust where you would like the top edge of your waist trainer to sit. We suggest measuring from here, down to a level that lies just above your hip bones.

Make sure you are leaving enough space at each end of the cincher to prevent uncomfortable digging in or pinching.

One other suggestion we do give for those dolls with a bit more belly fat is to go for a slightly longer waist trainer. Allowing the waist trainer to reach a bit lower down on your tummy will ensure that is can pull in your lower belly. This means you won’t end up with any rolls sticking out underneath you waist trainer.

Our short torso trainers

Luxxcurves 9” short torso waist trainers are available in both black and rose. Check them out HERE and change your waist training game today!

We’re also pleased to provide you with a $5 off coupon code on your first purchase for the next 30 days. So don’t hesitate to start you waist training journey today! Check out offer out HERE.

Check out our youtube video on this topic:


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