Venice Beach + Luxx Curves + Working Out = Beautiful You

Hey Dolls!  I wanted to let you know about my H*O*T* photoshoot and workout made just for you at Venice Beach!

I'm setting appearances in place and showing you exactly how you can use your waist trainers to get an even more, beautiful you. All done in a location that brings great energy to the mix.

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This photoshoot is more than just basic poses. We've all seen that before, right? (yawn).

My friend, Andrea and I, break into a sweat to let you know other ways to form into your best appearances.

You'll see intense workout clips, moves that help you to get an even better figure and highlights of how to use your waist trainer. We also do show off our forms a little bit to take advantage of the Venice Beach environment. :)

The focus for this photoshoot is on the waist trainer belt used for all those times you want to work out without having to stop training. I love this particular belt because it fits your form and helps you to reduce stubborn belly fat at a faster rate.

When you combine that with a daily exercise routine and healthy eating, you are in a triple win situation. That's what it's all about... creating that balance and using it to build the most beautiful you.

More About the Workout Waist Trainer

When you look at Luxx Curves, you will notice that I have several styles of waist trainers. Some are focused on the upper torso while others nail the stubborn belly fat in your lower tummy. If you are working on any of these areas, then cater my waist trainers to your best transformation yet.

The waist trainer for working out is a little different. It's smaller than the other trainers, specifically because we need to have a full range of motion when we're working out.

However, even when you are working out, you want to waist train, right? Getting results means keeping the trainer on for a specific time and making sure it is used to maximize your best shape. 

That's why I've focused this photoshoot on the workout waist trainer. I want to show how much motion you can get, even with incredibly difficult moves, and also help you to see that you can do more to be at your best figure.

This is all an equation to help you be at your best. Exercise, eat right and use the waist trainer to compliment everything you do. You will get results fast and you'll find that what you want to enhance your image.... it's right around the corner!

There's More!

Want to try the workout waist trainer? Let me tell you, you'll love how much more you can do!

I'm so excited about using it myself, that I want to extend the offer.

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Even if you have a waist trainer or are using different methods, the workout waist trainer is going to build up that hourglass look, help you to lose weight and bridges to a healthy lifestyle for your most beautiful you.

Beauty is from the inside out, Dolls. I want you to build your self- image so that you begin to see how much you are really worth. This workout and photoshoot... it's to inspire you to become the most beautiful you!

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