The 25 Steel Bone Waist Trainer Review – The Next Level of Waist Training

25 Steel Bone Waist Trainer– Ready to take it up a notch? This trainer is made from 25 steel bones and although it appears similar to the traditional waist trainer, it’s not nearly as flexible or forgiving in size. This trainer will really elongate your spine and push in any fat. It’s the next level! Be sure to only move onto this trainer once you’re reached your goal weight with the traditional Luxx Curves trainer. Do not use the same size chart as the traditional trainers. 
 When I initially saw this product, it made me a little nervous. I still have another 15 pounds that I want to loose before I enter maintenance mode, but I decided to give it a chance anyway – despite the fact that I wasn’t quite at my goal weight yet. When I received the 25 Steel Bone Waist Trainer in the mail – I was in awe of the quality. Essentially – this is a latex trainer on steroids. The top layer is latex and the bottom layer is cotton. You can see where all the bones are meticulously sewn in. The hooks are large and very well strong and I couldn’t help but touch it just to feel the quality of the trainer.
As I usually do – as soon as a package arrives from Luxx Curves – I rush into my bedroom and put on my new things. Now – I’m not going to kid you – this trainer is very difficult to put on, as it does not stretch like the traditional trainer, nor the latex one. It is important not to push it, as you can damage the trainer. I started out on the first hook for the first few days in order to season the trainer, so it could mold to my curves because I have rather large hips. I have a 28 inch waist and 38 inch hips and ordered the medium. It is 11 inches long and perfectly fits my torso length.
When I finally had it on after a good fifteen minutes of struggle – I could just stare in the mirror all day. The shape that this trainer creates for me is to die for. I thought it would be uncomfortable and I was totally wrong in my assumption. This is by far, the MOST comfortable trainer I’ve worn thus far. It is entirely supportive, tucks any fat in – and even smooth my love handle area – which is something I’ve been working really hard on. It cinches me in and creates a gorgeous curved waist.
Fast forward about a week – I’m on row 2 as the trainer has molded to my curves. I believe I’m smoothing out more in certain areas. My lower belly is flatter and my love handles aren’t as obvious. It stays flat, even when I’m sitting down. I’ve exclusively reached for the trainer every day. It’s super easy to wear, is never painful. It’s pretty much perfect. There isn’t a single thing I would change about it. Even driving is comfortable – through waist training – I’ve discovered the seat of my small Honda Civic is not good for my posture…and the 25 Steel Bone Waist Trainer is a joy to wear and I’ve lost an inch in my waist.
If you’ve hit a plateau or are near your goal size and are ready to take your waist training journey to the next level (the ultimate, really) – you should get this trainer. Make sure to abide by the size chart. The suggested sizes are incredibly accurate.

25 Steel Bones Waist Trainer

$74.99 Select options

25 Steel Bone Waist Trainer W/Zipper 
This waist trainer is the same as the previous however instead of opting for traditional clasps you may prefer to use a zipper! It also includes clasps but they can easily be removed. The choice is yours.
I really like the concept of this waist trainer. A few clips and a zipper and you’re in your trainer in a matter of minutes. I envision this trainer as the perfect way to maintain your shape once you’ve achieved the hourglass figure you’ve always wanted.
This one is fairly comfortable for me and I feel as though it has a little more stretch than the 25 steel bone waist trainer with hooks (just a tiny bit though – still follow the size chart if you are interested in this trainer). I have the large for a 28 inch waist. The torso length is about 11.5 inches long. The top layer is a little different as well – with a spandex/cotton layer on top, a cotton layer beneath, as well as the latex core. It was pretty easy to put on overall – a lot faster than the traditional 25 steel bone hook version. There four places you can clasp the trainer, with a total of 8 hooks. Only thing I would change, and it’s pretty minor, would be to make the hooks silver instead of black. I put the trainer on by looking in a mirror usually. I imagine the more I wear this trainer, the more efficient I’ll get at hooking up those little hooks.
Fast forward a week – and I have lost some weight and can put this trainer on by clasping the two hooks at the top and the other two at the bottom. Literally takes me about thirty seconds.
I like this trainer a lot, so I would probably buy the next size down so I can use it to help maintain my goal size once I loose these last ten-fifteen pounds I’m currently working on. I would definitely recommend this trainer for those who are close to their goal size or have already achieved it and just want to maintain. It’s definitely worth the price.
It’s also great for heating up my core. I can feel the warmth through the trainer while I’m wearing it. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to know my core is working and sweating, even when I’m working on my computer and sitting down.

25 Steel Bones W/Zipper Waist Trainer

$74.99 $64.99 Select options

What really surprises me about both these trainers is how RIDICULOUSLY comfortable they are. I can sit down for long periods of time and I have no back pain. If I take it off, I tend to slouch – causing me to have upper back soreness. Since I started waist training though, this pain has been so much better because it corrects my posture.
Also when sitting, the trainer remains straight. Through the sheer numbers of boning in this trainer, you have NO lower belly bulge, even when sitting.
 These two trainers are without a doubt, my favorite trainers now. From the shape it gives me, to the support it gives me, to the amazing quality of these trainers – I’m in love. I have no doubt that these trainers will help me to my ultimate goal of a 26 inch waist and that I will be buying the next sizes down soon to maintain my ideal body shape.

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