Skinnie Minnie Girls – We’ve Got The Waist Trainer For You!

Are you tired of not being able to find a waist trainer that fits you because you’re already slim? Look no further!

 Up until now, waist training has unintentionally been available for thicker ladies… that’s only because waist trainers were not available to fit the waists of very slim women! There are many different reasons people waist train and each woman has their own reasoning.

Weather you have 46 inch waist or a 22 inch waist, if your reason for waist training is to develop more of an hourglass figure then you’ll certainly need a waist trainer that fits!

We have now created waist trainers that will fit a 24 inches and below! They are XXXS waist trainers by Luxx Curves available here.

So are they the same quality of the original Luxx Curves waist trainers? Absolutely! When you shop with Luxx Curves you never have to worry about quality…we only release products that hold up to our high standards of not just quality but comfort!

The XXXS waist trainers are available in 3 colors, Nude, Black and Pink!

See what everyone’s talking about and try one today!

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