Need a Booty? Luxx Curves Has Got Your Back! – Butt Lifters Review

Butt Lifters

Today, I’m going to talk about butt lifters. Let me just say that I have a pair of hips and am rather proud of the booty that I have naturally, but let’s be real – sometimes a girl needs just a little bit more booty in that pair of jeans or that special dress for a night out on the town or for a special date with your significant other.  With that in mind, I decided to give the Luxx Curves Butt Lifters a try.

I’ve worn all mine with a pair of panties underneath (I might recommend a thong for comfort) – just to keep them cleaner. It will also help to keep the butt lifters in better condition, as I will have to wash them less times to keep them clean. For reference – I have a 28 inch waist, 38in hips and thighs that measure about 22.5in around.

Make sure you follow the size charts, as you want the butt lifters to fit as smoothly as possible – which makes them much easier to hide underneath clothing and form the illusion that you have a bigger, lifted booty. These forms of shape wear will not permanently lift your butt, but will give you an extra added confidence on those days you want a little something extra or an added boost of confidence.

  • Long Butt Lifter – For those seeking more coverage. It will start mid thigh and come up to your hips. Great for thigh control.

This butt lifter does the most for your body by compressing three different areas to create an ideal shape. It sucks in your lower belly, thighs, and then lifts the booty into the little cutouts at the back. It definitely reminds me of a traditional pair of shape wear you might wear to smooth out trouble zones. I got this pair in a 2XL and is a little more difficult than the others to put on because of the larger area that is compressed, but once it’s on, it fits me very nicely. I like this pair to wear under jeans or a tighter mid-length skirt to really make my booty pop. This pair also does well under leggings.

Long Butt Lifter

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  • Short Butt Lifter – For those seeking less coverage with equal results. Similar to wearing boy shorts.

The short butt lifter is also pretty comfortable. The size I went with was an 2XL, as this pair does not rise as high on the stomach area and sits lower on the hips. I want as smooth a fit as possible, as I am still working on my love handle area as well.

When I tried this one on, I was pretty happy. This butt lifter also fits so that it compresses your lower tummy, which is an extra bonus to me. It’s easier to put on than the long butt lifter and really lifts the booty to create a really good look. This pair is really good under a pair of jeans, a fitted dress or a shorter skirt to really lift that butt.

Short Butt Lifter

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  • Butt Lifter w/Pads – For those with no booty! The pads are subtle and will look natural under clothes. Get the butt you never had!

When I first received all my butt lifters – this was the first one I grabbed and put on. It was definitely the comfiest and cutest and fit me perfectly.  This lifter accentuates your butt with a little extra padding – just like a bra would. I ordered this butt lifter in a size 2XL/3XL.

I’ve worn this out under a tight form fitting grey dress – and no one was able to tell that I was wearing it. It gave me some added confidence – knowing my butt looked awesome with a little extra padding. Out of all three – this one is my favorite, just based on comfort and how easily hide-able underneath clothing, just like a normal pair of panties.

On the plus side, if you’re going to be sitting for a while on a hard chair, this is a great thing to wear. Take it from me. 🙂

Butt Lifter W/Pad

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A Real Life Luxx Curves Doll

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