Luxx Curves New Products Available!

We’ve got some new products that might interest you!

We’re back in stock and ready to roll with our traditional 11″ and 14″ waist trainers! These are our most popular and most universal trainers, great for novice to intermediate waist trainees.

What’s new?
Men’s Waist Trainer 
– It’s about time we share the spotlight with the men, purchase your spouse, your brother, or your friend a men’s latex waist trainer to help him shed unwanted belly fat. These waist trainers look just like our traditional trainers however the outer layer is made from latex material. Learn more here.

Luxx Workout Belt  This item is made for the gym…use it during all your exercises without any worry! The adjustable bands put the control in your hands on how tight or lose you want the waist trainer. If you’re lifting weight and want strong back support you can tighten them nice and tight, if you’re doing intense cardio, make them looser to allow your diaphragm to expand fully. Now only at an exclusive introductory price, once these sell out the price will go up! Learn more here.

Purple Traditional Waist Trainer – Royal purple has been long anticipated and it’s now here for you to try! This is the exact same waist trainer as the pink, nude and black traditional Luxx trainers, simply in an original color. Learn more here.

Latex Waist Trainer – Want to kick up the sweat and try something new? We’ve got latex waist trainers to help you heat up that core even more and sweat out impurities and toxins from your body. Learn more here.

Butt Lifter With Pads – Yes, we’ve now got the booty you never had! The regular butt lifters are great…but if you’ve got no assets then there isn’t much to lift. The butt lifter with pads is a great option for those with absolutely no booty, subtle and inconspicuous, you don’t have to worry about looking fake. Learn more here.

25 Steel Bone Waist Trainer  – Ready to take it up a notch? This trainer is made from 25 steel bones and although it appears similar to the traditional waist trainer, it’s not nearly as flexible or forgiving in size. This trainer will really elongate your spine and push in any fat. It’s the next level! Be sure to only move onto this trainer once you’re reached your goal weight with the traditional Luxx Curves trainer. Do not use the same size chart as the traditional trainers. Learn more here.

25 Steel Bone Waist Trainer W/Zipper – This waist trainer is the same as the previous however instead of opting for traditional clasps you may prefer to use a zipper! It also includes clasps but they can easily be removed. The choice is yours. Learn more here.

Konjac Sponge For Face– Now this isn’t a waist trainer but the Konjac Sponge has been a small little beauty staple in my daily cleansing regime so i’m releasing it on the website to share with you! Ever wash your face and then wipe with a white towel, only to find makeup transferred on the towel? How is there still makeup on your skin! I love to use it by adding some natural facial cleanser to the sponge (after it’s been fully soaked) then wash my face with the sponge… it really gets in all the hard to reach places for a squeaky clean face. Learn more here.

If you want to learn more about these items and see them before you buy, watch this Youtube Video 

Please note that the return policy has been updated, we will accept returns for the traditional waist trainers only and will not do exchanges. If you need a new size you must return the product and re-purchase. Read the full return policy here.

For this reason, it’s very important that you measure yourself prior to ordering…if you have ANY hesitation please contact us and a sizing pro will help you. When you contact us it’s important to tell us the measurement of your waist and torso. If you’re comfortable then uploaded a picture of your stomach will help us size you even more accurately as we can learn about your shape. For sizing help contact:

Please do not contact us regarding re-stocking Amazon. Your best bet is to stay on this e-mail list to be notified once we re-stock but we will not be responding to e-mails asking for a date.

I want to personally thank you for your loyalty to the Luxx Curves brand. We are continuously improving our products and adding new products to the line on a monthly basis. If you have a product/design/idea you’d like us to create please do let us know! We take all your suggestions to heart and our next waist trainer might have your favorite design featured on it!
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