Latex Waist Trainer – A Luxx Curves Doll’s Review

Latex Waist Trainer – A Luxx Curves Doll’s Review

Earlier this year, Luxx Curves released the purple traditional waist trainer – and to my surprise – this little gem was among the new products brought to the website. At the point I ordered this trainer – I was between trainers and had hit a sort of plateau so I was excited when I read about it. I couldn’t help myself and ordered it hours after it was released.

Latex Waist Trainer  – Want to kick up the sweat and try something new? We’ve got latex waist trainers to help you heat up that core even more and sweat out impurities and toxins from your body.

Latex Waist Trainer 1

The front is 12.5 in long and curved in the hip area, and the back is just over 10in long. There are only two layers – a latex one on top and a cotton one underneath. The boning is a lot stronger and a little thicker than the traditional.

There are only four bones in this trainer – two in the front and two in the back which gives you much greater range of motion while wearing it – making it perfect for exercising in. There are no bones directly on top of the spine or at the sides so you can work your abs a bit while exercising without fear of damaging the trainer. While wearing it – I work out on the treadmill and some floor work that targets my total body. It’s comfortable – whether I’m going about my hectic daily life or working out.

The latex trainer is tight and cinches me in quite a bit, but is even more comfortable than the traditional trainer. The fabric does stretch some, but not quite as much as the traditional trainer does – so stick to the size chart if you are interested in it.

Latex Waist Trainer 2

Basically… I’m in love. This fits my body perfectly. I would highly recommend this one if your stuck in a plateau. I am currently wearing a size small, and according to the size chart, fits a waist size of 25-29in – which is perfect to really push me along to my goal of a 25-26 inch waist.

Latex Waist Trainer 3

Latex Waist Trainer 4

The latex trainer heats up my core more so than the traditional trainer. When I’m wearing it, I will touch the surface periodically and feel the warmth coming from my torso. Even if I don’t work out, when I take the trainer off, there is sweat on the tank top that I wear underneath – so I know the trainer is doing it’s job.

Since getting this trainer about a month or so ago – I have lost another half an inch – so it’s really working and cinching my waist. This is the trainer I reach for most often because I love it so much.

I would definitely recommend this trainer if you are looking to step up your game or work through a plateau in your waist training journey.


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