Kim Kardashian’s New Body – Plastic Surgery, A Waist Trainer Or A Strict Diet?

Kim Kardashian West has impressed us once again with achieving a flawless post-baby #2 body… so should we thank her plastic surgeon, a waist trainer or a strict diet and exercise regime? Find out…

Kim Kardashian has been a beauty icon for many women since the Kardashian family first set foot on the Hollywood red carpets. Her infamous style, beautiful hair, makeup and unreal curves make her quite the sight. Kim has had 2 kids in the last few years and despite this she’s managed to shed the body fat an rock a bikini after each pregnancy! So what gives? Can she thank her plastic surgeon? Is she on a strict diet and fitness routine? Or is she using a high quality waist trainer?

Kim hasn’t admitted to any plastic surgery however, one look at her figure is evidence enough to assume she has had work done. They size of her behind in proportion to her legs is just not humanely possible! All of the Kardashians are not afraid of going under the knife or using botox and fillers on their faces. Going through a surgery takes many months of recovery and after having a child the body isn’t in any state to undergo these procedures. So then how did she get her body back so quickly? Perhaps she didn’t have any plastic surgery.

Kim Kardashian started the waist training trend when she posted this photo on Instagram with some intriguing hashtags #hourglass #waisttraining #nophotoshopnecessary. These captions drew attention from her large social media audience and soon everyone wanted to know what a waist trainer was! Since then, Kim K and all the Kardashian sisters have rocked waist trainers on social media. 

So how do waist trainers work and do they have the power to help get a new mama’s body back in shape? Waist training has been used for decades by women. It was initially used as a fashion piece in women’s clothing (god only knows how they could breathe wearing all those layers…). Then it emerged in the form of cloth to wrap mother’s post-partum bellies for the first 3 months after delivery. This is what Jessica Alba does to get her body back into shape saying,

“I wore a double corset day and night for three months,” she told the magazine. “It was brutal; it’s not for everyone.” However, she went on to say it was “sweaty but worth it.”

A high quality waist trainer will effectively push in belly fat and shape the body into an hourglass shape. It is comfortable to be used at the gym during workout sessions to act as sweat vest by heating up the core to produce excessive amounts of sweat. By sweating more people are able to lose weight quicker. Kim Kardashian West has told reports that her new body goals are inspired by her sister, Khloe Kardashian. Khloe has lost over 40lbs and has achieved an amazing and fit body! Kim said,

“She does these workouts with these sauna suits underneath,” Kardashian says of her sibling. “And she’s just. . . I’ve never seen someone so focused.”


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 Perhaps Kim’s new smokin’ body is a result from hard work at the gym and strict diet. The new mom of 2 says she’s been on a 1800 calorie a day diet only consuming fats, meats and carbs. She says she cut out all sugar. Kim failed to attribute her new body to a new fitness regime so perhaps a good diet and high quality waist trainer is all it took to get her sexy back!



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