The Inverted Triangle Body Shape: Everything You Wanted To Know

Looking in the mirror, you suddenly realize why that outfit just doesn’t look right. Your beautiful body type needs special attention! You’ve taken the time to identify your kibbe type and found out that you are an inverted triangle. What’s next?

Kibbe is a very popular framework in the fashion world for picking out styles that complement you. Once you know your type, you can learn about the silhouettes that make you feel and look your best. Additionally, it might sharpen your sense of style so you can mess around with popular fashion trends or new ones to better fit YOUR proportions.

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What is the Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

If you have wider shoulders than hips and little to no waist definition, you have an inverted triangle body type.

With this body type, you want to achieve a greater balance between your upper and bottom halves. To do this, you should emphasize your lower body, minimize your prominent shoulder line, and ensure that your bust and waist are well-defined.

So You Have an Inverted Triangle Body Shape: What Are Your Goals?

This body type is distinguished by a heavy upper silhouette and little middle curvature. Many people with inverted triangle body types take pride in their strong or toned arms and legs. Depending on your measurements, your waist might range from straight and tight to wide and round.

Your upper body may appear disproportionally larger as you acquire weight without your waist and hips expanding. For this reaon, you’ll want to aim to widen your hips. Regular body toning exercise is the name of the game for most people with this body type.

How to Increase Your Curves With an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

One of the key characteristics of the curved, hourglass shape is a naturally defined waistline. Women with triangle shaped bodies are also capable of doing this.

All you need to do is dress appropriately. Wear a belt above your hips area to creatively accentuate your body’s curves and define your waist. Due to the way that this trendy item cinches in your waist while allowing the rest of your shirt to flow out from your body, it gives the impression that you naturally have an hourglass figure.

Luxx Curves’ shapewear accentuates the exact shape of the waist while making the curves appear larger.

Select bright fall colors like aubergine or scarlet to enhance the belt’s effects. With figure-shaping undergarments, you can further define your waist than achievable with a belt alone. Although it may not be the best option for casual wear, it is a good tip for those important occasions.

How to Waist Train With an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

By defining your waist, triangle forms can create equilibrium and make you appear curvier. You can select an underbust shaper or a mid-waist shaper based on the length of your torso or the desired outcome. The secret is to use a waist cincher to further reduce your waist.

Considering the benefits, it makes sense to assume that using a waist trainer will give the appearance of a smaller, more sculpted waistline. But did you realize that it could also highlight your natural curves in addition to slimming? Results from using Luxx Curves Waist Trainers go beyond simply reducing waist size.

What Exercises Are Good For Inverted Triangle Body Types?

The so-called inverted triangle form is associated with enjoying a good bust line and having an athletic appearance. Famous models with this physique include Gemma Ward and Cindy Crawford. Getting lovely curves at the waistline and below is your toughest challenge.

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend between 150 and 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week for adults of all body types, including those with an inverted triangle shape.

If you don’t have that much time, you can still get great results by working out for 75–150 minutes per week if you increase the intensity to vigorous. In addition, they suggest doing full-body muscle-building exercises for two days.

Exercises for the inverted triangle can help you meet those guidelines while also strengthening your lower body.

It is claimed that the squat is the most effective exercise for the lower body. Your hips, butt, and thighs will all look and feel firmer after doing this one thing. We also suggest adding deadlifts and lunges to your workout routine if you have an inverted triangle body shape to strengthen your lower body and improve your stability.

Additionally, you can use a waist trainer while exercising to encourage an hourglass shape.

Fashion Tips for Inverted Triangle Body Types (What to Wear)

Clothing that creates the appearance of curves in the waist, hips, and lower half, as well as a pronounced bust, works best for the inverted triangle body shape. The “style rules” listed below will assist you in creating this illusion.

We suggest avoiding tops that are too top-heavy, too structured, or too embellished around the bust and shoulders to keep your shoulders looking slim. To achieve a better proportion, focus on adding volume and draping below the waist.

You can achieve symmetry between your upper and lower halves by focusing on the latter and giving it more attention. As we’ll see in a moment, your lower half can really benefit from some flashy bottoms like tights and skirts. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s break down the best style tips.

Inverted Triangle Body Type: The Best Necklines

As an inverted triangle, your neckline selection is crucial to creating a wardrobe that works for you. If your shoulders and bust create a strong horizontal line, your neckline needs to soften that.

If you want to avoid drawing attention to the width of your bust and shoulders, steer clear of low or wide necklines. The best are slender scoop neck, soft v-neck, and sharp v-necklines.

The wider shoulder line can be distracted with an asymmetrical neckline, which will also work for your body type. By shifting the emphasis away from the shoulders and onto the diagonal, we draw less attention to the width of your upper back and neck.

Long Sleeves for the Triangle Body Type

If the inverted triangle is shorter in length, it needs slim-fitting sleeves. We need to hide our broader shoulders so that our hips can take center stage. Don’t bother with ruffles or anything that adds bulk to your shoulders.

Consider an open-volume sleeve or one that doesn’t taper at the wrist if you want to draw attention horizontally to your hips while still wearing a long sleeve (when your arms are down).

If you’re trying to avoid adding bulk to your upper body, you might be tempted to go for a narrower strap. However, this will only make your shoulders look wider than they already are. If you have broad shoulders, you should avoid spaghetti straps and even strapless styles in favor of those with a more substantial width.

Plus, make sure to keep the fabric type in mind before deciding on a sleeve style.

The shoulder area can be made to look more relaxed with the help of softer, flowier textiles. An unstructured fabric will soften your silhouette and make your shoulders look smaller, while a structured one will accentuate them (which we want to avoid).

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Blouses, Tops, and Knits Style Guide

As you peruse the racks of blouses, tees, and knits, there are a few things to loo for.

Firstly, focus on the hem.

Tops and t-shirts should hit the hips, giving the illusion of fullness there and relieving pressure on the chest and wide shoulders. This point typically resides just below the thigh bone. Wearing a shirt with a cropped or shorter hem will give the impression that your upper body is larger than your lower half.

Next, look at where the stress is. Shirts that are fuller at the hips or waist and taper at the tummy are excellent choices.

The tops that accommodate an inverted triangular shape won’t be the most fashionable or intriguing addition to your closet. Your skirt, jeans, or other bottoms will help you stand out more. Remember that when you go shopping.

Lastly, knitwear. There isn’t a huge selection of it to choose from.

You should stick to the fitted sweaters and fine gauge knits in the store. Details at the hips are welcome, but those at the shoulder, neck, or bust could make the garment look too top-heavy. Complex cable knitting will make the fabric thick and cumbersome.

Whenever possible, leave the top buttons undone on a button-down shirt. This creates a small amount of exposed skin and breaks up the solid mass of fabric on your upper half, creating visual space.

Blazers and Vests for the Inverted Triangle Body Type

The inverted triangle shape presents its own unique challenges when it comes to clothing. Because your top-half is larger than your hips and waist, you need to be careful when choosing a vest so that your clothes don’t look sloppy.

Blazers and vests that define your waist and add volume at the hips are ideal for an inverted triangle shape. They should be longer in length or have a wider lapel to make the narrower waist look more proportionate to the broad shoulders.

Longer, straight-cut blazers and vests are acceptable as well (ideally below your hips).

You should definitely have some kind of hip adornment or pocket on your clothing. However, epaulets, shoulder pads, and pockets on the bust should be avoided.

Coats for Strong Shoulders

Inverted triangle is a difficult body type to find a suitable coat. This style can make it difficult to find a suitable coat because it gives the impression of an “athletic” body. You should stay away from the many coat styles that place an emphasis on the neckline and the shoulders.

Coats in darker shades are preferable because they help you look more put together and slimmer at the the same time. Coats take up a lot of space, and if we want to make our lower halves look slimmer, we should keep bold patterns and bright colors for those.

To avoid looking too disproportionate, choose a coat that is either longer than you are or has a very low collar. A well-chosen coat should skim your hips and cinch in at the waist to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Dresses for a Defined Waist

You might be thinking that finding a good dress will be difficult. Dresses that accentuate the chest or shoulders, such as a bodycon or tailored style, do not flatter this figure.

Yet, there are dresses help those with an inverted triangle body type avoid looking top-heavy and wide.

Dresses like the a-line dress that accentuate your waist and flair out at the hips are what you’re looking for. The sheath dress, for instance, is ideal for inverted triangles because it emphasizes the shoulders and bust while still allowing the hips to be shaped.

Additionally, dresses with the appropriate necklines and sleeve lengths can accentuate your best features, so bear that in mind when shopping.

Bottoms to Show Off that Hip Area

Your lower half of clothing is where you can really show off your style! The goal is to generate lower curves by adding volume to the hips.

As a result of these fashion trends, you can choose from a wider variety of skirt lengths, denim washes, and pant cuts.

Jeans Designed for the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Just a reminder that we’re big on hip enlargement. However, the jeans you choose to wear may play a significant role in achieving this.

Stay away from ultra-slim or skinny jeans that will do nothing for your hips. Instead, look for jeans with a wide leg pants or more room in the hips.

With the ever-changing denim fashion scene, you may have a lot of fun experimenting with different pockets and hip embellishments.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with denim that is either printed or light in color in order to draw attention to your legs. Since your hips are so thin, we should stay away from darker colors that have the tendency to elongate and slim.

Trousers for the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Our sizing standards for jeans are the same for our pants: we need a lot of room in the hips. There are now several paths to take.

You can wear just about any pair of pants that has some give to them. If you want to look thinner, though, you should choose straight-leg pants rather than skintight ones.

There should be lots of volume, so gathers and pleats are welcome.

Skirts for an Hourglass Body Shape

Full skirts with volume and/or flare at the bottom are ideal for the inverted triangle body type. If you want to look your best, stay away from miniskirts, pencil skirts, and other forms of body-con clothing.

Hip embellishments, panels, pockets, gathers, and pleating is all fantastic ways to lend visual weight to our lower halves.

If you want to hide your narrow hips, stay away from figure-hugging skirts.

Miniskirts that lack volume or flare might have a slimming impact through the hips, which is the opposite of the desired effect.

Shorts Inverted Triangle Shorts

In general, shorts designed for an inverted triangle body type will be bulky and/or flare at the bottom. Shorts that are too tight, too straight, or too daisy duke are to be avoided.

Hip decorations, panels, pockets, gathering, and pleating are all standard features since we want to draw attention to our lower halves.

Inverted Triangle Body Type Jumpsuits

You can’t go wrong with a jumpsuit if you’re looking for a simple and stylish one-piece. You can tell you have broad shoulders because of the inverted triangle shape you’re rocking with your jumpsuit.

Body types that resemble an inverted triangle look great in form-fitting jumpsuits or rompers. Find jumpsuits with loose hips and avoid those that cling. Hip adornments and waist ties might help you strike a fashion balance.

If you want to prevent further slimming down your hips, steer clear of jumpsuits and rompers with tapered legs.

Accessories for the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Don’t forget that we wanted to achieve a sense of proportion between our upper and lower halves. The situation becomes more challenging in terms of embellishments. The same goes for scarves, necklaces, and other accessories that make a statement.

If you want to add visual weight to your “lower” half, a long necklace or several chunky bracelets and rings are fantastic possibilities.

The proper proportions are attainable with the help of crossbody bags, belt bags, or both.

Shoes for the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

While you may be restricted from wearing flashy accessories like necklaces and earrings, you have free reign to put on your boldest pair of shoes.

Heels, shoes with bold colors or unique details, and shoes of any kind are all great ways to draw attention to your legs and feet.

You may wear anything from ankle-strapped heels to block heels without worrying about seeming stumpy; this is all down to your toned, long legs.

You can also benefit from the added volume in your lower half that boots provide.

Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

Sculpt Your Body with our Waist Trainers


See What Thousands of Glowing Girls Love About Luxx Curves

We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!


All in all, having an inverted triangle kibbe type can be accentuated with different exercises and certain types of clothing and jewlery. You’ll want to encourage balancing your upper and lower bodies to gain a symmetrical, hour glass figure.

You can also encourage this by using a waist trimming belt or corset to highlight your curves from a reputable company like Luxx Curves to make the most of it. Check out ourperfect waist trainers and waist training guide to get started!

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