10 Life Hacks on How to Pose For Pictures To Look Thinner

Right now, all across the world, girls are pulling faces and striking poses for selfies or headshots. And you know what? Only some of them will end up with a great photo. Why? Because only some girls know the secret to strike an I-look-thin-and-fabulous pose for their body type. Striking the right pose is the major difference between a photo you delete or untag yourself from and a photo you proudly slather across social media. Of course, we all want the latter, bet you’re on the edge of your seat!

Now that you know the secret to how curvy girls can look great in photos, it’s time to learn how to use it! Mastering a good photo pose is something that takes practice, so if you’re willing to do that, there’s every reason you can expect to start to look skinny in your friend or family photos as soon as tomorrow! Today we’re going to teach you how to strike the right pose to look slim and trim in every photo. You may be surprised that it takes a lot less effort than expected - you just have to familiarize yourself with the poses for your pics and put them to work every time someone whips out a camera. So here are some posing tips to make you photogenic and find the best angle for your body shape.


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Hack #1: Become Best Friends With a Waist Trainer

Many girls don’t admit it, but they’re best friends with a waist trainer, and this is why they always have a tiny waist and flat stomach in snapshots. Do you know those girls? The ones that just seem to always look good? Well, now you know their secret!

The good news is that if they can do it, so can you! If you’re wary of the idea of wearing a waist trainer out to hang with friends, don’t be. When you invest in the likes of a Luxx Curves Traditional Waist Trainer, you get to look ultra-slim and trim without compromising on your comfort. No one will even know that you’re wearing it. And due to the soft and flexible fabrics used in the design of this particular waist trainer, you won’t move around like you’re strapped into an old-fashioned whalebone corset. Instead, you will move around with flexible ease and comfort, leaving other girls wondering, “what the heck is her secret?”

Hack #2: Get Angled

Even if you like to take the world head-on, there are times when that stance can be pretty unflattering, like when taking photos, for example! Many girls - and perhaps you are one of them - make the mistake of standing straight in front of the camera and popping their hands on their hips. This is the head-on look that can be powerful but not exactly slimming.

This is a common mistake because everyone assumes the hands-on-the hips pose is fail-proof - after all, it’s the pose of the stars. Yes, while celebs are striking the pose left and right, they aren’t doing it with their bodies facing the camera directly - and if they are, they obviously haven’t learned their lesson yet! Celebs who get it right are angling their bodies! The problem striking a pose head-on with the camera is that you look wider than you are (thanks to the science of photography).

Also, standing sideways will merely draw attention to the slightest bump or bulge in your belly area, so avoid that too! Standing at an angle is not about standing sideways. Use your back leg to support most of your body weight. Twist your hip only the slightest amount and extend your other leg forward. Boom! Now you’re angled, and it highlights only the best parts.

Hack #3: Correct Your Posture

Stand up straight! And sit up straight too! Those instructions probably sound like your mother! Now, you probably think the good posture police have no place at a fun photo-snapping session, but really, posture is everything! By having a straight back when standing up or sitting down and with your shoulders broad, you elongate your silhouette leading to you looking even slimmer than you are. This is the dream, right?

The correct posture draws the attention away from your stomach zone and reduces the risk of a double-chin look. This is another instance where a waist trainer can come in handy, so if you’ve got one, wear it! When wearing the waist trainer correctly, it tightens your midsection while pulling your body gently into the correct posture. You will always have the proper posture when wearing a waist trainer, which means you will always look good!

Hack #4: Wear a Belt in the High Waist Position

This isn’t a pose, but it’s a sneaky trick you can use to accentuate your small waist (or make it look smaller than it is). Who knew that belts could be so slimming! Many people wrongly assume that belts draw attention to the stomach when it doesn’t really. It’s all about where you position it! By wearing a belt positioned snugly in your proper waist area, which is the narrowest part of your torso (not on your hip bones or just above them), can genuinely create an hourglass shape.

Just remember the golden rule; the taller you are, the thicker the belt should be, and the shorter you are, the thinner the belt should be. Next time you’re wearing a flowing dress or loose-fitted blouse, consider wearing a belt! And a point of interest if you’re already waist training, wear a belt while wearing your waist trainer and see how beautiful it looks! You’re welcome.

Hack #5: One-Handed Hip Pose

You may be wondering what on earth the one-handed hip pose is. You’re most probably already familiar with it because it’s all around us! We’ve all seen it on the red carpet when celebrities stop, push out one hip slightly, and pop a one-handed hip pose. They don’t do it because someone told them to. They do it because this pose looks excellent in photos. After all, it’s super slimming.

To do this, extend one foot slightly forward (as if you are angling your body as mentioned above) and then place your hand on your hip on the same side where you are resting most of your body weight (the back leg). This pose gets your arms away from the sides of your body, which can make you look bulky otherwise.

Hack #6: Fake a Thigh Gap

Some people love thigh gaps, and other people love to hate them, but the reality is that a thigh gap makes you look thinner (this is guaranteed). Of course, not everyone has a thigh gap! There’s good news though, even if you don’t have a thigh gap, they are pretty easy to fake. In fact, most of the girls you have seen in photos with a thigh gap probably don’t have one - they’re just faking it! Can you fake it? Of course, you can! You can achieve this by tilting your hips back and pushing your butt slightly upwards. And voila - a thigh gap is yours! This pose also hides any extra bulk you might be carrying in your stomach.

Hack #7: Lean Away From the Camera

Most of us think that we should lean forward when having our photo shoot; after all, it creates a connection with the camera, and you look engaged in the process. That’s all fine and well, but when you lean forward (and you should test this out to see for yourself), it can push your belly into a bulge, which isn’t too flattering in a photo.

Knowing that you may not want to lean forward in your next photo unless it is absolutely necessary. Standing in the angled pose and leaning your torso backward and away from the camera slims the mid-section and stomach area, leaving you looking slim and trim. Angle backward, not forwards, and notice the difference in your photos.


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Hack #8: Arch Your Back & Pop Your Butt Out

Creating curves in your figure and drawing the eyes to an accentuated waist without looking fat or bulky while doing it is a fine art. If you can, practice this pose as much as possible because it’s gold in a photo! It works best if you are up against a wall but can work just as well if you are standing in a group of people in a busy room. If you are leaning up against a wall, you can leave one leg straight, and one bent to provide a bit of extra feminism to the silhouette. If it’s a super sexy slim appearance that you’re after, this pose is the one to opt for.

Hack #9: The Staggered Leg Tip-Toe Pose

If you hop onto Instagram and take a look at what all the latest fashion bloggers are doing, you will see that they’re all using the staggered leg tip-toe pose. In fact, this pose seems to have taken the fashion world by storm. Striking this pose elongates your silhouette and provides a bit of angle at the hips, creating a smaller waistline and hiding any bulges you might have. You can do this by standing with one leg slightly positioned behind the other leg. When the photo is taken, push yourself up onto your tip-toes. The result is a slim, trim, small-waisted you! You’re bound to love this photo!

Hack #10: Avoid Wearing Bulky Clothing

Pay attention to how you dress, as it can have a direct impact on how you look in photos. If you’re not feeling great about your figure, you’re probably prone to wearing baggy, bulky, or “flowy” clothing. Many people think that fitted apparel accentuates their bad areas, when in fact, the opposite is true. The truth is that even if you’re striking all the right poses, baggy clothing will hinder your desired results. Bulky or baggy clothing can make you look fatter than you are. Opt for light and slightly fitted clothing, and you will see the difference in your photos. Light-fitted clothing paired with the right pose guarantees a good snapshot!

Bonus Hack: What Not to Do

Now that you have a few easy tips and simple tricks to try, it’s a good idea to also know what not to do when having your photo taken. It would be a pity to incorporate all of these tips to enhance your posing technique, only to continue a few bad posing habits that ruin your results anyway. Below is a brief look at a few things to avoid at all costs in front of the camera.

Never Sit Right Back in a Chair

This will flatten your legs, creating a wider thigh appearance, and will push your stomach into a bulge. Rather perch on the edge of the seat and cross your feet at the ankles while assuming the correct posture.

Avoid Clothes With Patterns & Horizontal Lines

Opt for plain clothing or, at a push, vertical lines, for a slimmer effect.

Don’t Stand in the Middle of a Photo With Friends

Say you are having your picture taken with two friends. The person who stands in the middle is almost forced to take that head-on stance in front of the camera. This can make you look wider than you are.

Avoid Looking Down

This can create a double-chin effect or make you look dumpy because your neckline cannot be seen. Instead, angle your chin up, which will slim your neck and provide a slimmer appearance too.

Avoid Hands With No Purpose

Avoid doing nothing with your hands as it can look awkward (which, even if it doesn’t make you look fat, will draw extra unwanted attention and scrutiny to you in a photo). Most people who don’t know what to do with their hands in a photo end up dangling them by their sides. Instead, pop your hand on your hip, place your hand on a chair, or hold something. Just make sure that your hands have something to do other than dangle awkwardly at your sides.


Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

Sculpt Your Body with our Waist Trainers

We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!


There you have it; a cheat sheet 10 hacks to look thinner in photos, without photoshop! You may have to practice a few of these flattering poses and tricks at home so that you become comfortable with them, but on the bright side once you’re ready to unleash your new skills, you’ll be able to head out with the girls and confidently suggest a photo-snapping session yourself! You won’t regret it.

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