How to Keep Shapewear From Rolling Down (OMG! The Best Trick)

For many women, shapewear is a godsend. A fashion staple in almost every wardrobe, no outfit, yet no outing is complete without this indispensable undergarment. Shapewear boosts our confidence and can even make us feel attractive by emphasizing our best features and concealing the flaws that make us anxious. But sometimes, we don’t get it right with shapewear. One common problem is shapewear, which keeps rolling down. How do we keep Spanx from rolling down when we wear them? This article will explore tips and tricks to help you solve this problem.

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Common Shapewear Problems

Some common shapewear problems include:

  • Shapewear that rolls down – you must constantly adjust your undergarment when this happens. The waist of the shapewear garment may roll down, or if from below, the legs or skirt may roll up.
  •  Visible lines – this is another common problem with wearing shapewear. Visible lines occur when the seams and closures of the shapewear can be seen poking through your outfit.
  •  Bunching up – Shapewear also tends to bunch up or slip, which indicates that the garment doesn’t fit well, is poor quality, or is beginning to wear out. When shapewear has lost its elasticity due to frequent usage, it is no longer effective and can be difficult to keep in place. Shapewear can also bunch up or slip if your weight fluctuates, making it difficult to fit properly.
  •  Bent boning – this is another problem that can occur when wearing shapewear. Some shapewear consists of either plastic or steel boning that helps reinforce the garment’s shape. These reinforcements can sometimes become bent, making the shapewear very uncomfortable to wear.

How to Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down

As previously said, one of the most typical mishaps when wearing the undergarment is shapewear rolling down. It usually happens when you wear the wrong shapewear size, for instance, if it is too small. Also, poorly-designed shapewear tends to roll down. You need the best shapewear that will flatter your body. Take a look at the video below to learn more.

There are some features to look out for and tricks you can apply to ensure Spanx does not roll down when you wear it. 

Silicone – silicone is a feature that helps prevent the skirt of shapewear from moving out of place. Some shapewear has silicone in the hem, which keeps the garment in place and stops it from rolling.

Tip #1.) Additional reinforcement

Shapewear with high compression at the top or bottom will likely stay in place and not roll down or up. Some types of shapewear have reinforcement around the midsection or a thick band that keeps the garment from rolling down.

Tip #2.) Grip strips

Some types of shapewear, particularly high-waisted shapewear, come with a grip strip. A lining inside the waistband helps to hold up the undergarment.

Tip #3.) Correct sizing

A tattooed woman wearing a sports bra with a measuring tape wrap around her waist

Wearing the right shapewear size ensures it stays in place and does not roll down when you move around. Contrary to other types of clothing, a smaller size does not mean a better fit. Wearing the wrong shapewear size for long periods can be uncomfortable and harmful. For shapewear, sizes aren’t correlated to dress dimensions, which can vary significantly from brand to brand. Use your bust, waist, and hip measurements to select the correct size using the individual brand sizing guide and chart to find the perfect fit.

Tip #4.) Adjustable straps

A waist minimizer with adjustable straps can also help hold the shapewear in place and stop it from rolling down. Adjustable straps also help provide a more customized fit when wearing the shapewear. Shapewear hold-me-ups are also a great idea for keeping Spanx from rolling down. They are small straps or clips that anchor the shapewear and keep them firmly in place. They are suitable for high-waisted shapewear, tights, and leggings.

Tip #5.) Tucking in the waistband

Another solution to the problem of shapewear rolling down is to tuck the waistband of the shapewear under your bra strap to hold it in place. It also works for high-waisted shapewear.

Wearing Shapewear The Right Way

Putting on shapewear the right way can go a long way in making sure it stays in place and can prevent many of the problems mentioned above. 

The following are helpful tips for wearing shapewear the right way:

When putting on shapewear, take your time to step into the garment, pulling it up high enough and smoothing out any creases.

Avoid wearing shapewear from your head and shoulders; it is most likely to get stuck that way.

Make sure your hips are placed correctly, and the seams are along your body’s natural lines. If the shapewear comes with legs, ensure the seams are exactly at the sides of your legs.

If your shapewear has straps, ensure they are adjusted properly for a good fit.

Make sure your skin is dry before putting on shapewear. Wearing shapewear on damp or freshly moisturized skin will increase the chances of it rolling down or slipping out of place.

Wear tights underneath your shapewear.

Please ensure any straps and fastening on the shapewear are in place before putting it on.

Secure the hooks of the shapewear from below to above while applying pressure

Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

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See What Thousands of Glowing Girls Love About Luxx Curves

We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!


Use shapewear according to its compression level. Wearing shapewear for the appropriate amount of time ensures that it lasts longer and provides the right support. Improper use can cause shapewear to lose its elasticity, making it roll down. Low-compression shapewear can be worn for up to 8 to 12 hours, while medium-compression shapewear can be worn for between 6 and 8 hours. High-compression shapewear should be worn for about 4 to 6 hours.

Correctly putting on shapewear requires patience. Always wear shapewear timely! 

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