8 Genius Hacks on How to Hide Belly Fat in A Tight Dress

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she sees a beautiful dress she just has to have. You snatch the dress off the rack and enthusiastically pay for it. You feel ever so empowered because nothing will hold you back - awesomeness will be yours! But then, reality strikes! This is a bodycon dress and she worries about her body shape or body type and what about unsightly belly fat and love handles? Midriff fat is a sensitive topic for most women, so don’t feel alone or like you have to cringe at the mere mention of it. We’re all in this together!

Sometimes belly fat sneaks into your life, and before you’ve managed to waist train, healthy-diet, and exercise the muffin top away, the perfect opportunity to wear a tight dress comes along. That doesn’t mean that you have to pick a new outfit to wear with a cardigan, t-shirt and leggings. It simply means you have to be clever about how you wear it! Below you will find 8 of our favorite fashion tips to hide tummy fat on the midsection handpicked by our very own Luxx Dolls because they actually work!

Now you can wear that bodycon dress and look damn hot doing so!


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Hack #1: Embrace the Dark Side (of Fabric)

One of the more difficult subjects to approach when it comes to clothing and outfit ideas is color. Many women want to wear bold or busy colors. Some even like pale or light colors. Today, we're here to tell you that looking slim is all about embracing the dark (color) side of clothing! We all know how alluring that soft pink bodycon dress looks on the mannequin, but just don’t buy it - you are not a mannequin (and neither are any of us, by the way). If you buy a bodycon dress, make it a hard and fast rule that you only buy dark colors.

Black, navy blue, or charcoal are acceptable colors for tight dresses (and loose tops, too, by the way). This isn't because you're dipping a toe in the dull and boring side of life, but rather because dark colors have a slimming effect on your silhouette.

Light colors tend to reflect light and highlight lumps and bumps, whereas dark colors absorb the light and make it hard for the eye to see definitive shapes. As a result, wear the same dress side by side, one in black and one in white, and you will see that you look miraculously slimmer and trimmer in the black dress!

Hack #2: Opt for Narrow, Vertical Stripes

Stripes are another faux pas that many of us make. There’s something about stripes that draw many women in, but the reality is that there are absolute stripe no-nos, and then there are stripe maybes of which to be aware.

What is a stripe no-no? A stripe no-no is when you choose to wear a horizontal stripe. Nothing good comes of this because it makes the belly area look much larger than it is. Horizontal stripes widen your appearance.

Now let’s consider what a “stripe maybe” is! A stripe maybe is when you opt for a narrow vertical stripe. This can have a slimming effect by drawing the eye up and down instead of side to side. Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone can wear stripes, so make sure you model the dress as much as you can before you choose to wear it out.  

If you don’t feel entirely comfortable wearing stripes, don’t do it. Being in public can exacerbate negative feelings, so you will only feel worse. Stripes should be a last resort but opt for narrow vertical stripes on a dark dress only if you cannot resist.

Hack #3: Push Your Bust into the Spotlight

If you think that you can wear any old bra when donning a tight dress, think again. A tight dress will show off your bust, and if you’re wearing an old and unsupportive bra, your bust will look tired and droopy. Some might say this is worse than having a belly bulge (and we tend to agree)!

Wearing a decent pushup bra or accentuating bra is an excellent trick for disguising belly fat. When your bust is well supported and positioned, it will draw the eye away from your belly area (score!).

Lifting your bust will also provide a sleeker, more slim appearance, which is what you want in the end. Give it a try! You will be amazed just how much wearing the right bra can enhance your overall appearance.

Hack #4: Add a Belt

Belts are wonderful things! We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, belts have far more uses than just holding your trousers up. Belts are the ultimate accessory when it comes to creating a slim appearance. The trick is to choose a belt that’s of medium to wide thickness and position it high up on your waist area.

Aim to position the belt in the slimmest part of your waist and secure it snugly (just tight enough to hold itself up but not tight enough to push into your flesh). This position accentuates the slimmest part of your body, and because it does that, as a happy side effect, your body looks a lot thinner in general. Wearing a belt with a tight dress is a genius hack for hiding belly fat! If you don’t have a belt, you can even tie a sash or scarf creatively around your upper waist area - do what you can to accentuate that zone, and you’re set!

Hack #5: Call in the Fat Assassin (Yup! We Mean a Waist Trainer)

If you’re familiar with waist training, you will already know that waist trainers (not corsets!) are the ultimate fat assassins! Nothing gets rid of belly fat faster than a waist trainer if you are plus size. Put yours on, and voila! Instant flat belly shaper! The beauty of a waist trainer is that it can tuck everything into place to create a slim look, but the more you wear it, the more it trains your belly flat and your waist into that ooh-la-la hourglass shape too.

Wearing a waist trainer is a double-whammy of note, and if you choose the right one (with flexible yet firm and durable fabric), it will whip you into shape, and no one will even know you’re wearing it - even under a tight bodycon dress (that’s a promise)! The Luxx Curves Traditional Waist Trainer is a top choice for many girls (across the globe, mind you) and for a good reason (or should we say reasons - as there are many!).

Hack #6: Make it all About Your Neck

Accessorizing and styling your neckline is a clever way to draw people’s attention up and away from your tummy area and problem areas. This is a genius hack when paired with a black bodycon/tight dress! Loosely drape a scarf around your neck (make sure it isn’t hanging down to your belly area) or wear a bulky necklace which will be your best friend. Make the statement fairly bold so that attention to that area is guaranteed.

Hack #7: Put Your Body in a Glove!

You’ve probably heard of body gloves before. Perhaps you have heard them being called “shapewear.” Regardless of what it’s called where you’re from, body gloves are all the rage (they’re not a fad, though - they work so well that they’re here to stay). Wearing a body glove is a great way to get an overall slim finish!

We love the Luxx Curves Body Glove because it does what it says it does; it tucks it all in and smoothes it all out. That’s precisely what you need when wearing a tight fitting dress! The double-layering fabric is durable yet comfortable, and because of the material it’s made from, absolutely no one will see that you’re wearing one. It’s discreet - and we like to be discreet about hiding belly fat, don’t we?

Hack #8: Choose V-neck Varieties

Luckily bodycon and other tight dresses come in various shapes and designs, which means you will find one among the dresses on the rack. When buying a tight dress, always opt for the V-neck over a round neck.

V-neck designs create the illusion of slimness and height. They also draw attention to the chest area and away from the belly. If no one is looking at your stomach, they won’t notice whether you have belly fat or not - clever, right?


Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

Sculpt Your Body with our Waist Trainers

We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!


Wearing a dark-colored tight dress with a v-neck, a bulky necklace, high-rise waistline panty hose and a high-waist belt may be all you need to disguise a bit of extra belly bulge whether or not you are working on weight loss. If you want to take it to the next level, wear a waist trainer or body glove - you won’t regret it! With these simple yet genius style tips for hiding belly fat in a tight dress, you can strut your stuff confidently the next time you dress up and head out. Rest assured, you will (and do) look great!

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