How to Get Bigger Hips (SCIENCE based Guide for 2022)

It’s no secret that women are constantly striving for a better and more beautiful body—and it’s not just because we want to impress the boys!

Women want bigger hips because they know how powerful their curves can be. Hips are so much more than just a physical attribute. It’s a representation of confidence and femininity, which is why they’re so coveted by many women.

So what if you don’t have naturally big hips? Well, in this article you’ll learn some essential information about getting the butt you’ve always wanted!

How to Get Bigger Hips (Here’s the Secret)

Like most fitness goals, the secret is good diet and the right fitness regime. You’re going to want to do a lot of exercise to target your lower body.

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Secret #2.) I Do These Three Exercises To Boost My results


Squats are a fantastic exercise to burn extra fat and tone your hips. Standing with your legs hip-width apart, your knees bent, and your weight on your sides or shoulders. Bend your knees and keep them behind your toes as you squat down. For two to three sets of eight to sixteen repetitions, stand by pressing into your heels.


Lunges are a fantastic exercise to bulk up your hips and build muscle. Without a doubt, you’ll accomplish your objectives faster than you think. Place one foot in front of the other while standing with your feet about three feet apart.

Hip Thrust

Another excellent exercise for your glutes is the hip thrust while standing on a ball. Your entire lower body has to work because of the instability the ball causes. Position your hands and hips beneath your shoulders as you are on your hands and knees.

All those exercises are a great starting point! A tip for hip thrusts is to raise your right leg till it is leveled with the ground. Your leg is downward. Each side should receive 12 to 16 repetitions. Raise your right leg until your glutes are level. Put your leg down. Perform 12 to 16 repetitions on each side. Give these exercises a try and see what gains you make!

What You Should Eat?

Here are some top nutrition tips! But first, I must say that it’s important to try to create a new habit. Make healthy decisions and learn more about your nutrition.

Now that this has been determined let’s discuss what you should eat. Protein is an important nutrient responsible for building your muscles. The daily recommended intake of protein must be met. There are a lot of different protein recomendations but a common baseline number for you that’s quite agreed upon daily amount is 0.8 grams of protein per kilograms of body weight.

Here are some easy, healthy protein boosting foods:

  • Eggs (mostly boiled) 
  • Poultry (white meat)  
  • Fish (Salmon preferably or tuna)     
  • Tender beef

If you are vegan / plant based, here are several alternatives:

  • Tofu
  • Beans / legumes
  • Lentils
  • Seitan (super easy to make and a cheap source of protein)

A balance of healthy eating and regular exercise will give you the luscious hips you’re after.

Is it Possible to Get Bigger Hips If You Are Naturally Skinny?

Even slim girls can get bigger hips believe it or not. When it comes to improving overall appearance or increasing core strength, wishing for wider, thicker legs is not enough. A calculated effort is needed through caloric intake and exercise targeting the thighs and hips.

Higher Caloric, Higher Protein Diet

One of the crucial parts to consider while trying to gain bigger thighs and hips while skinny is this. Without the right diet, getting gains to your lower body will be extremely difficult. You must consume enough calories on a daily basis to meet your body’s needs.

Try to incorporate as much protein into your regular meals as you can. Include items high in protein in your daily diet, such as beef, seafood, beans, or eggs. However, the amount of protein in your daily diet will likely fall short.

At the same time you do not want to go overboard, overeating without much thought. Count your calories using an intuitive app like MyFitnessPal.

Boosting your protein and calorie intake can be made easier with the help of protein smoothies. Protein powder can give you a meal’s worth of protein in a single scoop. Adding peanut butter can both boost the protein and calories of the smoothie even more. There’s a lot you can accomplish with your daily smoothie. Additionally, if at all possible, try to avoid fast food and processed sweets. Remember, even if you’re trying to boost your calories, you want to do it in a healthy way.


it is possible for skinny girls to get thick too! Give our 30 day booty challenge a try! As mentioned earlier, the training must be kept in mind for someone looking to develop larger hips and thighs.

Yet, a word of caution: always start slow and gradually work your way up with exercise. The first time around, the lower body shouldn’t be overworked because it could result in injury. An injury could easily break your workout routine for a week or more. Practice progressive resistance training.

Can Waist-to-Hip Ratio Be a Concern to  Your Health?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), having a WHR of more than 1.0 may increase your chance of contracting diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease, which are connected to being overweight.

This may be the case even if other signs of being overweight, such as the body mass index (BMI), are within the normal range.

The ratio between your hip and waist measurements is called your waist-to-hip ratio. Higher ratios may indicate that you have more belly fat. As a result, there may be an increased risk of diabetes or heart disease. Having a large waist circumference can have negative health effects. Even if you are a healthy weight or have a good body mass index, your health is impacted by where you retain body fat (BMI).

Hormone levels, essential fats, and other substances that induce inflammation are sent into your body by visceral fat. Higher blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol result from this. Additionally, it causes your blood to contain more triglycerides, a form of fat.

This is another important reminder that getting thicker does not necessarily mean just eating more and getting larger. Practice a healthy diet and regular exercise to gain healthy curves.

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Manage your caloric deficit

Most overweight or people with excess body fat take more calories or energy than they expend. If you don’t expend enough energy, your body stores it as fat. Eating less and exercising more is the simplest approach to losing weight and reducing your waist-to-hip ratio.

You can burn off part of the energy you consume from food by engaging in more daily activities. Total weekly moderate-intensity exercise should be 150 minutes.

Remember that exercise is a whole lot more than just going to the gym. Go on hikes, take dancing classes, get into bicycling, go kayaking, go roller skating, take yoga classes, do indoor rock climbing. There’s a lot of ways to get fit and have fun.

The Ideal Waist-to-Hip Ratio

The percentage of body fat accumulated around your waist and hips is examined by the Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR). It is an easy-to-use indicator of the distribution of fat. Because the hips are the widest area of your buttock, the Waist Hip Ratio is determined by dividing the waist size by the hip measurement. WHR = waist circumference/hip circumference is the formula. Your health is more in danger if you have an apple body shape (carry additional weight in your midsection) than if you have a pear form which means that you carry extra weight around your thighs and hips.

Healthy women have ratios between 0.80 and 0.95, while healthy men have the opposite. The optimal male and female attractiveness ratios are 0.90 and 0.7, respectively.

What Came First? The Bigger Butt or The Slimmer Waist?

Not every woman is born with a well-rounded butt. You can follow our instructions to the letter to make the booty explode!

There’s also an optical illusion portion of this. Your hips will also look much thicker if you maintain a skinny waist.

The answer to this question depends where you are at now.

You might be quite skinny now so the part of the equation you’re trying to solve is how to boost your booty. That will be found through lots of lower body exercise, maintaining a caloric deficit, and consuming enough protein.

Or you might be pretty thick right now. You have the makings of beautiful hips. Your plan of action would be more along the lines of toning your waist through exercise (likely high intensity interval training to lose weight), consuming enough protein, and burning more calories than you consume.

Bonus Exercises to Get Bigger Hips

While we recommend starting off with the three exercises we mentioned at the beginning of the article, here are several more to boost your hips.

Sumo Walks (Resistance Band Lateral Walk)

This targets the gluteus medius and tensor fascia latae, two hip abductor muscles. They both widen the hips and strengthen the core, which is a double advantage. They are perfect for developing an hourglass body because of this combination.

Donkey Kicks

Strengthening the glutes directly strengthens the hips. You can’t go wrong with donkey kicks if you want to be toned and have rounder glutes. Get down on all fours on a soft, flat surface with your hands and knees beneath your shoulders.

When your right quad is parallel to the floor, and your right foot is facing straight ahead, straighten your right knee up and backwards. Hold the knee up for one to two seconds by contracting your glutes and core. Then, slowly return the knee to its initial position.

Fire Hydrants

These sculpt the side glutes and outside hips. Get down on all fours on a soft, flat surface to open up your lower body. Bend your right leg completely out to the side. Your knee should be raised until it is at hip height. At the top, hold the contraction for one to two seconds before slowly lowering yourself back to the starting position. Repeat this.

Glute Bridges

You must incorporate these into your lower body workout because they are one of our favorites. Your arms should be by your sides as you lay flat on your back on a comfortable surface. Lifting your glutes off the ground requires pressing into your heels. Imagine being pulled into the air by a string fastened to your hip bones.

Side Lunges

Side lunges, the lateral lunge, engage the hips, outside thighs, and inner thighs. The hip adductor muscle group comprises the adductor longus, adductor longus, gracilis pectineus, and adductor brevis, all located in the inner thighs.

Hip Thrusts

These workouts aim to increase the glute muscles’ power and strength. They are not suitable for at-home workouts since they require equipment, but they are still worth including in your lower body workout program on days you go to the gym.

Lean back, pull your feet toward your glutes, and sit on the floor about a foot in front of the flat bench. Do this until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. To keep your hips in the air, drive your heels into the ground. Lift your legs till they are parallel to the ground.

Keep your hips raised by contracting your glute and hip muscles, then gradually lower them to the ground.


Get a Sexy Hourglass Figure While You Work Out


Real Women, Real Results

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Summary: How to get bigger hips the right way

If you want to get bigger hips, try out the exercises we mentioned in this article. Whether you’re currently skinny or if you’re a thick girl, there’s nothing stopping you from hitting your health and fitness goals. We’ve laid our proven techniques to get bigger hips without following an extreme fad diet or doing anything extreme. You’ve got this, girl!

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