Waist trainer itchy? Rash from waist trainer? Side Effects Fix

If you're experiencing side effects from your waist trainer - an itch or rash - here is the quick fix.

Waist training is amazing… I think we can all agree on that at this point 😉 However what’s not so amazing is the itch that about 25% off people experience when they first start waist training!

You know what i’m talking about if you experience tingling sensations as soon as you take your trainer off at night…it can be irritating and alarming. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone and this is usually nothing severe. It should be common when you are new to waist training or even when you are working out.

You see, physical friction and heat can stimulate mast cells in our skin to release histamine. It is the same inflammatory factor that causes the symptoms of seasonal allergies, such as runny nose and itching rash. However if you do notice any rashes on the skin or pigmentation then you should seek medical attention immediately!

There are a few things you can do to try to prevent this, keep in mind this itch will go away after a few weeks of use…

Wear a think, cotton tank top underneath your trainer to avoid irritation to the skin and to absorb the sweat. Some suggestions:

Organic cotton t-shirt for men to absorb underarm sweat: https://www.luxxcurves.com/sweattshirt+

Organic Cotton tank top for women (good for sensitive skin):  https://www.luxxcurves.com/organic

Add Powder to your skin before putting your tank top on followed by your waist trainer. It’s a good way to prevent moisture build up and chafing. I recommend Johnson’s Baby Powder: https://www.luxxcurves.com/babypowder

Moisturizing with coconut oil every night is my favourite thing to do for my skin. Coconut oil has so many amazing benefits and it makes your skin baby smooth. I recommend using Sky Organic’s Coconut oil: https://www.luxxcurves.com/coconut

Just be sure you’re not applying it before you wear your waist trainer.

Finally, it’s important that you have good hygiene with your trainer. You need to wash it not only when it smells bad but when you know you’ve been sweating excessively in it. Use your own judgement. There is a specific way to wash you trainer which you can watch here: http://bit.ly/2lvyElw

If you ever are worried about the itch or any other effects possibly related to waist trainer consult with you doctor immediately then send us an e-mail so we can help you: info@luxxhealth.com

Get your Luxx Curves Trainer here: https://www.luxxcurves.com

Stay Curvy!


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • I recently bought one off of Amazon and didn’t pay attention that it was 100% latex. I put it on over my sundress to make sure it fit, and immediately my nose turned red & started itching as well as the back of my arm, and forehead which it didn’t even touch. Is it possible that this sensitivity of maybe allergy will go away after a few washes? I washed it after I took it off and I still reacted to it when it was wet…return it for a different material or no? I really wanted to keep it 😩

  • I started wearing your guys waist trainer which I like but I notice since I felt really itch but I never scratch it because I don’t want to get stench marks but I have this mark due to the trainer but it’s kinda big like it looks like a stretch mark but like thick and kinda big should I be worried ? My bf says it’s water like I don’t know how to explain but help ? Should I go to the doctor

  • I wore a waist trainer and I had got an rash near my belly button how can I get rid of the irritated skin


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