15 Halloween Costumes With a Corset - Spooky and Sexy

Halloween is right around the corner, and many of us are excited and confused about what to rock on this scary night. While some are just concerned about their candy collection and how spooky they can look, others are stressing over adding a seductive flair to their Halloween corset costumes. And why not? After all, it is the only night women can pumpkin-spice their looks without worrying about judgmental comments.

So this Halloween, ditch all the bulging costumes and wear something empowering, such as a corset. We have searched the internet to select some of the best-selling costumes with corsets on the internet to give you a spooktacular inspo.

Dive in to see all!

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1. The Angel or Devil Costume

Alright, we know what you think. Devils, Angels, and Scarecrow costumes are Halloween staples. They are effortless to assemble and the right fit for this holiday. But just because these costumes are simple doesn’t mean you can’t spice them up!

For instance, a devil costume could be as simple as wearing a red dress with some simple horns. However, if you style these same horns with a red corset also referred to as the Satin Corset like this one from Amazon and a skirt, you can take your simple devil costume from average to spicy in a flash. Similarly, a white corset can give your angel attire a heavenly stance. This works with vamp costumes too.

And the best part about wearing a corset costume? You can shuffle the corset into your closet and add a chic feeling to any boring day-to-day outfit!

Angel or devil costume

2. Goth Corset Costume

How about having a corset costume that you can wear even after Halloween? Gothic costumes are your way to go if this seems like a good idea!

Gothic pieces are amongst the easiest costumes to repurpose as the regular wardrobe. You can wear them on Halloween and still use them for other events all year round.

black corset like this one and dark makeup can easily be worked into your everyday wear whether you consider yourself a Goth or not. This gothic corset is simply our best-selling regular-use outfit that you can easily carry at parties and special occasions.

Goth corset costume

3. Sexy Steampunk

In some areas, Halloween steps in with freezing cold. We suggest you go for a steampunk style if you are celebrating this fun holiday in any of these chilly areas. This lace-up corset is here to heat up things for you in these chilly seasons.

What makes this costume absolutely ideal for women in cold regions is that it sets perfectly with full-length skirts, jackets, and tails. It also looks great with leather boots and gloves, giving you an effortlessly stunning look. This steampunk corset falls under our best-selling corset Halloween costumes category.

Thereby, it is a fine outfit to keep you cozy and warm as you enjoy the festivities of Halloween.

Moreover, a simple corset styled with a steampunk costume and clothes ensures you stay warm while maintaining a steamy look. Made from original faux leather, this corset is the right choice for the big day.

This costume plus corset is amongst the few ideas that no lady can go wrong with. One could easily pull-off this costume on cosplays. The look can be as creative as imagining a steampunk Snow White or as simple as adding some dark goggles and finishing the look with some combat boots, and bam!

You are ready to roll!

Steampunk costume

4. Spooky but Sexy Skeleton

Be unapologetically stunning and turn the heads as a scary skeleton! To make the simple and startling look work, you just have to put on a plain black corset. Select any corset from your closet, or grab a new one here.

Here is a perfect costume idea you could go with a corset top. Get your gorgeous self some white body paint and style your costume with a few bones. Ensure that the fake bones line along with the body paint.

This look allows you to put on your creative hat and work with white, black, and grey hues. Be a Halloween Picasso and paint your stunning face as a spooky skeleton.

sexy skeleton costume

5. Naughty Nun

Utter your Halloween prayers in a naughty nun corset costume and make a style statement. Put on a knee-length black dress with long sleeves and style a black corset. You can also design a nun’s habit with a plain black cloth before lining it with a white piece of fabric. Complete this beautiful look by placing the habit around your neck. This amazing corset is available in plus size. Don’t worry about what your body type is, Halloween celebration belongs to everyone.

In the event that you are feeling preponderantly sinful, carry an improvised bible. You can also style a wooden cross necklace.

For those who are into a more risky look, check out this sexy nun costume model by the lovely Cardi b! All you need is a black suit, bold red lips, a white headdress, and a corset to channel a not-so-holy spirit. This outfit gives out the look of the gothic corset to spice up things even more.

A simple yet sexy costume guaranteed to make hearts skip a beat.

Naughty nun costume

6. Playboy Bunny

The most bewitching costume for a modern Halloween bash is the Playboy Bunny corset.

This sexy outfit is iconic for all college girls, regardless of their body shape or size, and it gives out complete bustier top vibes as well.

You can ensemble this look by wearing a black leotard and matching it with black tights. You will also need a fluffy tail which can be easily created by sewing a cotton ball on the leotard.

Other accessories include a pair of playboy bunny ears, a solid black bow tie, and a pair of red or white cuffs. You can either DIY these accessories or find them at any online marketplace.

Playboy bunny costume

7. Cat Women

For a classic Halloween costume, be an adorable Kitty cat.

Pair a black corset with a mini black dress, black boots, and tights to achieve this meow-jestic look followed by a corset belt to make it more attractive.

Style the attire with a pair of ears and paw gloves. You can feature an animal print to make a cheetah costume or simply head out as a sexy cat woman.

Cat woman costume

Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

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8. Wicked Witch

Our list of corset witch costumes for Halloween is never-ending, but believe us when we say,” no Halloween bash is complete without a hint of witchery,” and with a sexy witch outfit, you can be the one who casts the much-needed spell. 

Dress in a black corset and black heels. You might require some accessories like sequins on it to look like an actual witch. For instance, this costume requires a black cat, a broom, and a hat. Channel the spookier vibes by swiping on white or green face paint with black lipstick.

Whether you want to be a good witch or bad witch is up to you! 😈

Witch corset costume

9. Beyonce

Who hasn’t seen Beyoncé’s, single ladies? Bet we all did! In the video, the queen performs in a sexy black corset.

Anyone looking for a corset costume idea will surely get inspo from the celebrated singer’s featured outfit.

Pull this look off by grabbing a solid black leotard. Put on some ankle-tie heels and hit the dance floor with captivating moves.

Beyonce costume

10. Carnival Queen

Carnival Halloween costumes are just the fit for any woman who wishes to turn some serious heads toward her. If matched with appropriate accessories, this costume is guaranteed to bring glam and glitz to any event, especially Halloween.

For a typical carnival-inspired look, pair a masquerade mask with a plain black corset. This combo will create a bold look you don’t want to miss.

Carnival queen costume

11. Angel of Death

In case you wish to look hands down delightful, take some inspiration from the angel of death. To pull this look off, you only need a sexy black outfit made with original faux leather with some black wings.

Top up the look with a black corset, and don’t forget to include some enticing eye makeup.

Angel of death costume

12. Medieval Corset Costume

Renaissance costumes are probably one of the easiest to add a corset with. Anything from the highest-ranking aristocracy to the medieval serving crew would work with a corset, giving you a whole array of options for choosing your Halloween costume.

The best part about medieval corset costumes is that they can be worn throughout the year. You can visit any Renaissance fair in your outfit, and the corset can also be worn to any street festival or any fairy tale cosplay.

Medieval Corset Costume

13. Barb Wire’s Pamela Anderson Costume

In Barb Wire, Kendall Jenner’s appearance as Pamela Anderson has indeed won some hearts. If you have been considering working with a cinematic Halloween costume, Kendell’s black leather corset look might be the inspiration you need. This cinematic outfit can be easily recreated with a bustier, a pair of gloves, and fishnet tights. Pass the vibe with a temporary barb wire tattoo and work with some accessories.

Barb Wire's Pamela Anderson Costume

14. Little Red Riding Hood

Feeling a bit lazy this year? Style a brown or black waist cincher corset belt over an off-white top and a red skirt for an easy red-riding hood costume. Throw a red cape on the look, and be creative with the footwear. Finish the look with some striking makeup skills.

Little Red Riding Hood costume

15. Wonder Woman

We all love a moment of empowerment, don’t we? So if you are seeking an inspiring yet erotic outlook, look no further than this lace-up waist cincher corset also known as the Wonder Woman costume. You will need a red corset and a blue skirt to achieve this look. Accessorize the ensemble with a gold head peace and some matching jewelry to add to the flair. Put on some makeup to give the finishing touches.

Wonder Woman costume

Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

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Wrapping Up

Looking for women’s costumes, corsets are amongst the most versatile pieces you can put on Halloween. Choosing a Halloween attire with a corset is an excellent idea as it gives you a costume that can be worn throughout the year. This is a perfect way to get the most bounce for your ounce this Halloween!

Will you be adding corsets to your Halloween costumes this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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