Fruit Body Shapes and Beyond - Learn Your Body Shape And How To Dress Fabulously

The female body comes in many different sizes and shapes, all beautiful. Some are curvy, some have robust body muscles, and others have beautiful broad shoulders. All these body types are influenced by a person’s bone composition plus frame, and each body shape has uniquely splendid assets and challenges when choosing an outfit.

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Different dress styles suit different types of bodies. Thereby it is highly critical to figure out your body type so you can wear what’s best for you depending on your shape.

Three women by the beach wearing black swimwear showcasing different body types

Here we have narrowed down five basic female body shapes to help you improve your wardrobe, along with the importance of knowing your body type. So without further ado, let’s find out which fruit, glassware, shape, letter, or number you are.

Why do I need to know my body shape?

Two women shopping for new outfits in a clothing store

Have you ever visited a stylist or gone shopping and left a store without getting anything? If this seems like something you have done, you don’t consider your body shape while shopping. Knowing your body shape helps you get perfectly fit clothes and feel more confident. It also helps with online shopping as you don’t have to return your “dream dress” countless times.

Think of a wardrobe full of clothes meant just for your body. Instead of trying umpteen dresses, you know that each wardrobe piece fits you exquisitely.

Imagine the person appreciating your intelligence and beauty rather than your dress being too tight for you to breathe! (Awkward!)

Instead of leaving stores in complete frustration, imagine that you can select outfits that look perfect on you like a breeze; the same goes for online shopping. You can fill your wardrobe with stuff you love instead of things you wish you would have returned. There will be no shopping mistakes as you only buy outfits that look great on you!

And let’s not forget how feeling great about our outfits makes us much more confident!

What are the basic body types?

Female body shapes broadly fall under 5 basic categories. These basic shapes are:

1. Pear Body Shape

Pear is the most common female body shape. Larger measurements in the hip area are one of the distinct features of this body shape. Divas slaying pear body shapes often describe themselves as curvy from the lower body or curvy on the bottom. They are curvy through the hips, seat, and thighs, while their upper body, waist, and shoulders are proportionally narrower.

Key Features

A pear-shaped woman’s defining features are wider hips and narrow shoulders. Also, the shoulders could be either sloped or straight.

If you are a woman with a pear-shaped body type, your hip measurement will likely be more significant than your bust measurement. The difference can either be subtle or dramatic. Slender females may have a minor distinction, often difficult to identify.

In most pear-shaped bodies, the waist is narrower than the hips. However, this can change with time and weight. A shoulder-to-hip measurement is critical when defining a pear-shaped body’s proportions.

For the best fit, women with pear-shaped body types should wear more petite clothing on top and more prominent on the bottom.

Famous Pear Shapes

Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, Claire Danes, Opera Winfrey, Kate Winslet, and Linda Carter are some industry names that proudly embrace their curves.

2. Apply Body Shape

Contrary to the other body shapes, an apple or round body shape can be tricky to detect in skinny women. Slender limbs and a fuller bust are this body type’s distinct features. Ladies who fit this description are famous for their shapely legs, bust, arms, and flat bottoms.

Key Features

For apple-shaped ladies, the largest measurement is the bust proportion. Their upper body, i.e., shoulders and waist, are wider than the hips. This body type has a broader waist with a V shape torso.

The best outfit for an apple body shape draws attention away from the midsection by creating a visual separation between the bosom and tummy. Waist training can also modify your waist by minimizing the wide apple tummy, leaving an accentuated hourglass waistline.

Famous Apple Shapes

Jessica Simpson, Meg Ryan, Catherine Bach, Reese Witherspoon, Rebel Wilson, and Drew Barrymore are well-known apple body shapes.

3. Rectangular Body Shape

A rectangle body shape is what it sounds like – a banana or celery. These body shapes are significantly proportional, making straight lines from everywhere. Rectangle body shapes have a flat tummy and tend to gain weight throughout their body. It means that their body fat is evenly distributed throughout their body. Their hip and bust are close in measurement. Plus, rib and waist measurements are also very close.

Most supermodels rock rectangle body shapes because they are fairly easy to dress with different types of clothing.

Key Features

Rectangle body shape women are known to have a closer waist-hip-shoulder measurement. Their shoulders and hip have the exact size accompanied by a straight rib cage and shoulder line.

As a rectangle shape body woman, you should wear form-fitting dresses to accentuate your natural features. Try tucking your shirt in and draw some attention to the long legs.

Famous Rectangular Body Shapes

Kate Middleton, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, The Duchess Of Cambridge, Queen Latifah, Gwyneth Paltrow, And Natalie Portman.

4. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If you have a naturally defined physique, you fall under the category of the inverted triangle or carrot body type. Women that fit in the inverted triangle body shape are muscular and have well-defined arms and abs without doing any workouts, making others envy them. They have broad shoulders, and the body narrows as you go down.

Key Features

Inverted triangle body shapes have wider shoulders compared to the hips and waist. The waist isn’t defined, and they have a strong shoulder line creating a v-shaped body. The arms and legs are toned with a naturally healthy and athletic look. The bottom can be either curvier or flat.

When it comes to dressing, a rectangle body shape has the most options. Nevertheless, avoid shapeless or boxy outfits, as they won’t do you any good. Also, consider incorporating a waist trainer to add softness to the figure.

Famous Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Charles Darwin, Wendy Williams, Twiggy, Terri Hatcher, Renee Zellweger, Charlize Theron, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Garner.

5. The Hourglass Figure

An hourglass body shape has the same top and bottom proportions. The shoulder and hip measurements are almost identical. Like the pear body shape, an hourglass figure is curvy in the seat, hips, and thighs. This body type is unique because only 8% of women have a natural hourglass figure.

Key Features

The hourglass figure is known for its defined hip and waist. Another aspect that makes this figure desirable for many women is that the waist is at least 25% smaller than the hip, shoulders, and bust, where the shoulder and hips have a softer and more rounded look.

As a woman with an hourglass figure, finding dresses that fit your waist and upper-lower curves can be tricky. However, stay clear of shapeless styles and straight-cut dresses, hiding the waist. Use dark colors around your waist, or consider using a corset to accentuate the area.

Famous Hourglass Figures

Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansen, Sofia Loren, Halle Berry, Priyanka Chopra, and Christina Hendrix.

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Sculpt Your Body with our Waist Trainers


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Personal Styling Tips According to Body Shapes

A woman sits in elegant clothes and boots, with her right hand holding the tip of her hat and the other holding her phone

Tip #1: Lower and Upper Body Balance

If you have a pear body shape, your goal when dressing should be to balance your lower half with your upper half. That might mean opting for tops with ruffles or other embellishments on the chest or choosing pants or skirts with a higher waistline. A-line silhouettes are also an excellent option for pear-shaped ladies, as they help to create the illusion of a smaller bottom half. And when it comes to swimsuits, two pieces with high-waisted bottoms are always a flattering choice.

Tip #2: Draw Attention Away From Your Midsection

When dressing an apple body type, the goal is to draw attention away from the midsection and highlight the other areas of the body. That might mean wearing tops with V-necklines or statement sleeves and choosing pants or skirts with pockets or further details on the hips. A-line silhouettes can also be very flattering for apple shapes, as they help to create the illusion of a smaller waistline.

Tip #3: Try Form Fitting Clothing

Hourglass shapes can wear whatever they want, but some styles still look incredibly flattering on this body type. Form-fitting clothing always looks excellent on hourglasses, as it hugs curves in all the right places. V-necklines are also super flattering on hourglasses, as they elongate the neck and draw attention upwards. And last but not least, A-line silhouettes are always a good choice for hourglasses—they highlight the smallest part of the waist while skimming over any problem areas.

Form-fitting clothing can help create some much-needed curves if you have a rectangular body shape. V -necks also elongate the neck, which is always lovely. And when it comes time to pick out s swimsuit, one piece with details around the midsection can be very slimming. Remember that rectangles look best when they create visual interest with their clothing choices — so don’t be afraid to be your own personal stylist! Try new things, mix and match, and most importantly: have fun with it!

The Final Note

Regardless of your body shape, remember that you are gorgeous in your own way. There is no such thing as a perfect or ideal body shape, as each has its distinctive features making it truly remarkable.

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