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Shapewear has gained popularity over time.. It essentially draws everything in, making the wearer seem small and voluptuous. It is a fallacy that only curvaceous women should use shapewear; even the skinniest women may use body shaper to accentuate their curves while wearing body-fitted clothing. Compression garments are available in a variety of sizes, brands, colors, types, and shapes; nevertheless, not every item is suitable for every individual’s needs. Therefore, one should be aware of the criteria that will assist them in purchasing the most appropriate shapewear for their body type.

Good shapewear may enhance your appearance in garments you wouldn’t normally wear. You may appear fitter, sleeker, and thinner in your business attire, cocktail dress, or jeans. But if you’ve never tried it before, selecting one that meets your needs and complements your figure might be difficult.

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Sculpt Your Body with our Waist Trainers


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We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!

This is because waist trainer shapewear is available in several sizes, styles, and compression levels. Some are quite slimming, while others smooth out bulges. But don’t fret. If you obtain the right size and wear it properly, there should be no cause for concern, and it will be rather comfortable.

The good news is that you may also select shapewear that targets particular body parts. You may select one that targets your thighs, stomach, breasts, butts or many regions simultaneously. In the fashion market, shapewears are easily available both in stores and online. Nowadays after the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone prefers to have contact-free shopping and hence online option has become more popular.

Tips when shopping for Fajas Colombianas Shapewear for the first time

  • Obtain the proper size
  • Invest in your intended market
  • Recognize your body type
  • Consider the reason you require shapewear
  • Check the degree of management
  • Test it out
  • Do not give up your Comfort
  • Select the proper fabric
  • Choose the proper style

Fajas Near Me: The Most Popular American Retailers` Selling Shapewear

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There are a variety of local stores around the United States that carries fajas. Here are some of the most common places that we have found colombian fajas and waist trainers at:

  • Macy’s
  • Marshalls
  • TJ Max
  • Walmart
  • Target

You can find all the best tummy control body shaper products in these retail places. You can browse their website without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Online vs In Store: Where’s The Best Place to Buy Fajas?

Shopping for fajas is fraught with options! When selecting women shapewear, you must first decide whether to visit the main street or your computer. Trying on clothing in person may be really beneficial, but it can also leave you wanting.

It is normal to wonder whether waist training is painful or not. Rest assured, the best fajas with the perfect size will not be painful to use. If the store or outlet you’ve picked does not carry what you’re searching for, you may become upset and stuck. So, here are some reasons why it’s nice to go online:


Buying shapewear is a personal thing. What could be more private than purchasing these products from the convenience of my own home? Online faja purchasing eliminates the need to conceal oneself or avoid the gaze of other consumers.

This comes in handy especially when you’re browsing post surgery for full body shaper or wasit cincher compression garments. In addition to the waist slimming effect the high compression helps out in postpartum ease.


Online buying is effortless and incredibly handy. Orders may be submitted from any location and at any time of day or night. In addition to being able to purchase at the most convenient moment for you, your tummy control bodysuits are delivered directly to your door. There is no need to travel! If you find it tough to leave your children at home in order to buy women shapewear, leggings, panty, and undergarments, internet retailers are your best option. If you are a beginner at using tummy control shapewear, you might want to learn more about waist training before committing to them!


Buying fajas online provides access to a range of top brands, appropriate sizes, and fashionable fabrics. Due to my particular taste in shapewear, it was often difficult for me to find certain sorts of fajas at local stores in the past. It is now simpler than ever to locate the newest and trendiest designs online.

You could have a pre-existing concept that fitness belts and traditional waist trainers are the same. There actually are differences between a fitness trainer and traditional waist trainer. You may want to do your research before getting the right one for yourself!

Competitive Prices

There is no more certain method to save money than by shopping at an internet retailer. Most online shops provide clients with discounts and coupons.

Online Reviews

In actual stores, customer input is infrequent, and when it is available, it is fiercely guarded by gatekeepers. On the internet, the opposite is true. You get access to an encyclopedia of genuine consumer product reviews shapewear waist trainer.

Free delivery

Several fashion websites provide free delivery on all body shaper waist trainer orders, while others only do so for purchases over a particular threshold. Do not mind saving a few dollars when you shop.

Salesman v/s I’m the manager

Of course, shopkeepers are there to facilitate you but some introverts can not interact well with the shopkeeper which results in confusion and lack of confidence while buying fajas. In the online option, you can be your own manager when getting your own high compression full body shapers.

Small Test Rooms vs Home Comfort

Instead of trying your full body shapewear in a small and uncomfortable try room, it is better to order it online and test it in comfort. Even if you get the wrong size, the company will take your product back and will return the right size at your door step. So why not choose easy?

Future Trends / Granny Pants

Sometimes the shops near you do not offer the latest collections of fajas. The majority of their styles are uninteresting and out of date, which may not captivate your inner fashionista. They only provide two categories: “branded” and “light quality,” and believe me, they are identical! The variety of fajas, briefs, corsets, baby dolls, nightwear, stuffed animals, and whatever is offered by online merchants will astound you. It is a vast platform with collections and things that you can only imagine. Equipped with exceptional fashion designers who match the runway trends and give you the most recent and finest butt lift, thigh slimmer, waist cincher lingerie collection ever.

Arrangements versus Bargaining

Obtaining your size and trying it on is a problem in and of itself. One might not even consider haggling with the store owner about fajas. You may wish to exit the store as quickly as possible. You may regret spending extra for a so-called “branded faja” which could have been bought at a regular price, in the future. You are enticed to purchase when you don’t need to because of the frequency with which internet retailers provide you with bargains, discounts, and special offers. The discounts are completely worth dying for, and the assortment is so enticing. No cause to retreat.

Our Top Selling Fajas That Fit All Women

1)      Waist Trainer Fitness Wrap

Get the best workout waist trainer fitness wrap by Luxx Curves for the reduction of your body fat so you can support and mold your hourglass form while exercising! Since it comes in one size that fits all, you won’t need to bother about picking the right one even if you have a plus size body. It’s portable, machine washable, and provides excellent posture with tummy tuck and back support for weight loss.

The lumbar support wrap doubles as a compression binder to provide you the utmost support while you trim your waist! The waist trimming wrap should be a must in your gym bag even if you don’t want to eliminate belly fat or get an hourglass figure because it will help you maintain good form, which improves performance and lowers your chance of injury.

Inventions like waist trainers are not new. The latex waist trainers of today are comparable to the corsets of more than a century ago. Under their clothes, women used corsets to conceal their waistlines. The fabric used to make waist trainers is typically thick and durable. Many companies sell metal boning to brace your torso. Your torso is encircled by waist trainers, which you may attach with a lacing system, hook-and-eye clasps, or sticky fasteners. To prevent the waist trainer’s fabric from bunching up as your waist gets smaller, the strong boning runs vertically.

The concept behind a tummy control body shaper is to progressively increase the amount of time you spend wearing it each day. Longer wear sculpts your waist and hips into a more clearly defined hourglass shape. Companies that market waist cinchers assert that using one can reduce your waist size and aid in weight loss. Luxx Curves is your best choice in this case!

2)      Waist Trimmer Fitness Belt

Are you a fitness freak? Luxx Curves has the top Waist Trimmer Fitness Belt for you! This belt was created specifically to be used at the gym! Wear it while working out in the gym, especially when doing squats and deadlifts!

This waist-cincher belt provides you with exceptional support by functioning as a high compression binder to support your lower back. The material of this belt is 20% nylon, and 80% neoprene. Neoprene is an elastic, soft material made of natural latex, with a mesh backing for ventilation and double velcro adjustments for precise sizing that too at a regular price. 

Summary: Shopping For Fajas is So Much Better Online!

After locating the optimal shapewear for your needs and physique, you must learn how to properly care for it. How you maintain it will determine its durability and ability to retain its shape, allowing you to maintain a sleeker silhouette.

Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

Sculpt Your Body with our Waist Trainers


See What Thousands of Glowing Girls Love About Luxx Curves

We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!

Shopping fajas online is always a good option and Luxx Curves is providing you with the best quality products which you can get at your doorstep. The mission of Luxx Curves is to promote hustle-free tummy control and butt lifter shapewear shopping because women need some pampering and rest!

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