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In an instant, faja shapewear, full body shapers, and basic compression garment clothing may dramatically alter a person’s look. Your abdominal fat, huge butt, and thick thighs can go “magically.” Giving you a svelte slimming physique without the need for exercise. Who, in actuality, would not desire that?

To expound on the concept, a body shaper is any article of apparel that creates the illusion of a thinner and flatter physique. It also goes by the names colombian girdles, bodysuits, tights, body magic, latex waist trainer, etc. It comes in many forms, hues, and sizes. Earlier body shapers were composed of iron, which was extremely unpleasant since they get stuck to the body. The latest body shapers are iron-free and made of spandex material that offers comfort and high compression level.

The only truth about fajas colombianas body shapers is that they will offer you a momentarily thinner appearance wherever you need them! Curious as to how a body shaper works? Well, according to the science behind body shapers, when worn properly, they also help in tummy control both pre and post-op. Body shapers only shift fat into regions where squeezed muscle exists. On the other hand, the fat is redistributed away from the abdomen and into more desirable locations. They also help a lot in post surgery.

Body shapers perform precisely what we have always put down in our wishlists; they shift fat to the desired locations. Additionally, if worn correctly, it will aid in correcting posture. It will also assist in naturally attain an hourglass figure.

If this is your first time using colombian fajas, you can check out the main advantages of using these specifically developed body-shaping undergarments as outlined below.

  • Body shapers provide instantaneous slimming appearance
  • Simple to attain a better look
  • Inexpensive
  • Invisible under clothing
  • Complements a weight reduction diet and exercise regimen

Waist Training with Fajas Before and After (Proof That It WORKS!)

Getting your waist in shape might be a challenging endeavor. For some plus size people, regardless of how much they exercise and strive to keep fit, their waist circumference stubbornly refuses to budge, which may be viewed as a hindrance to their healthy lifestyle.

They may become slimmer overall, but they lack the hourglass figure that so many people desire. However, with the aid of a waist trainer (which have adjustable straps), you may help your waist achieve a better form. But is this only a hearsay, or is there reality behind this? Exist before-and-after pictures that demonstrate if waist trainers actually work? It turns out that there are, and an increasing number of individuals are reaping the advantages of tummy tuck waist cincher weight loss training.

Waist Training Before and After Results (Featured Stories)

When performed properly, waist training may yield astonishing results. Obviously, if you want the outcomes to be evident and in a shorter length of time, you must maximize its effectiveness. However, if you adhere to the plan, you may get the same outcomes as the following Luxx Curves consumers who used our best sellers, purchasing through amazon or our website directly!

Heidi – The Mommy with Waist Training Results

Heidi is a recovered addict who has been sober for eight years and subsequently became the proud mother of two lovely children. Since her addiction days, she has always had an issue with excess weight, particularly around the waistline. Heidi was dissatisfied with the appearance of her waistline and abdomen, despite her “healthy living weight” and her husband’s compliments that she was lovely exactly as she was.

As a result of her pregnancy, she gained a significant amount of postpartum baby weight around her stomach. This, along with Heidi’s rehabilitation from her addiction, led to her sadness. She was unhappy with her appearance and desired to make changes in her life. Heidi initially began with dieting. She discovered the ketogenic and intermittent fasting diets. While she did shed a few pounds, her stomach refused to budge despite the fact that she had tried virtually everything. She thought that it continued to be unattractive and protrude, or as she described it, “pooched out,” and this made her uncomfortable with her entire body and look.

However, she eventually saw a girl on Instagram who spoke waist training, which piqued her curiosity. Eventually, she decided to get her first Luxx Curves waist trainer after becoming engrossed in a YouTube search on waist training and watched every video that appeared. According to Heidi, this marked the beginning of one of her finest decisions ever. At the beginning of April 2019, she measured 42 inches, which was a conventional size extra-large at the time. By being diligent with her waist training, she was able to reach a size medium in just five weeks along with a great butt lift effect. This astonished Heidi since she could not believe how rapidly it occurred.

During the waist training, she maintained the same food and exercise regimen, and she also took probiotics to aid with acid reflux. Due to this, she had no difficulty using the waist trainer for extended periods of time. She observed an improvement in her posture as a bonus. Heidi works from home, which requires her to sit at a desk the entire day. At one time, this caused her terrible back discomfort, but once she began using the waist trainer, her back no longer suffered as much. In addition to squeezing her stomach, the high-quality waist trainer also supported her back. She would no longer slump or maintain a back-injuring position; she would finally be able to sit properly.

This is why Heidi is so willing to offer waist training to everyone with doubts. She recommends taking it one step at a time and “just doing it.” Given that she dropped from an XL to a M in only five weeks, her results were quite remarkable.

Tatyana – From Corsets to Luxx Curves Waist Trainers

Tatyana was not unfamiliar with waist training or corsets, but she opted to use the Luxx Curves waist trainer to further sculpt her waiist. Because she had a square waistline and a moderate amount of abdominal fat, she desired to obtain a more hourglass figure.

She measured herself immediately after putting on the waist trainer, and from a waist size of 29 inches, she lost half an inch. At the conclusion of the week, she took her measurements sans the waist trainer. At that time, her natural waistline was 28.5, indicating she had lost another half-inch. She also purchased a workout belt (taking into account her correct size) so she could sweat away some of her abdominal fat. By combining her waist training with exercise and a balanced diet, Tatyana (who was already pretty small) was able to reduce her waist circumference by one inch and sculpt her waist into the ideal hourglass shape.

Suhey – Waist Training Without exercise or dieting

If there is one thing Suhey despises, it is dieting and exercise. While she has no objection to healthy food or exercise, it’s simply not her thing. However, her stomach and back rolls were becoming increasingly bothersome and out of control.

It was then that she discovered the Luxx Curves waist trainer as a body shaper. By the second week, she still had some belly fat, but even when she wasn’t wearing the waist trainer, her tummy was clearly smaller. By the third week, the rolls had reduced much further. In addition, her back rolls had diminished in prominence. By the fourth week, Suhey could already observe a significant improvement and discovered it also worked as a butt lifter without getting lipo or plastic surgery.

By wearing it for a least of 8 hours per week and a maximum of 14 hours per week, she saw some extremely positive changes. While she only lost an inch from week one to week four (measured while she was not wearing the extender), she saw a considerable reduction in her abdominal fat. In addition, as soon as she started using the waist trainer, her waist began to appear well-shaped. Suhey no longer appeared to have rolls, and she felt much more proportionate in general. Initially, she required a lycra corset extender in order for the waist trainer to fit. By week four, however, she had already abandoned it, as the trainer no longer required an extension.

Suhey’s posture improved, along with better tummy control, allowing her to stand taller and with greater assurance. In the past, the excess weight pulled heavily on her spine, causing her to have regular back discomfort. While using the waist trainer, her back received more support and she experienced less back discomfort along with a natural tummy tuck. Suhey continues to advise dieting and exercise if you want to get big benefits. She demonstrated, however, that it is still possible to obtain remarkable results making her waist slimmer without going the additional mile in terms of eating and exercise. She just used the waist trainer every day, and her midsection has already much improved.

Jessica Rae’s Waist Training Journey

Jessica Rae is a YouTube celebrity who has filmed her whole waist training experience. She has prepared films detailing her initial impression of waist trainers and the effects of her waist training. Jessica states in her 4-week waist training update video that she likes the waist trainer because it improves her posture. Although she is known to slouch when sitting, the waist trainer helps her maintain great posture throughout the day. Second, she claims it helps her manage her eating since she enjoys finishing her meals regardless of whether she is full. Therefore, when she wears the waist trainer, her brain is alerted sooner that she is full, and she consumes less food.

In just one week, she dropped one inch from her waist, and in three weeks, she lost two inches. In only four weeks, her waist measurement decreased from 28.5 inches to 25.3. Due to these outcomes, her mother even purchased a waist trainer! The nicest aspect of the waist trainer, according to Jessica, is that she can see her body molding and that she is acquiring an hourglass figure.

Some Other Waist Transformation Pictures from Luxx Curves Clients

All the pictures shown bellow are sent to us by our amazing customers who are highly satisfied with the results of our waist training shapewears which we call fajas.

Luxx Curves has never compromised on the standard of quality and that is why we have built a long-term relationship with our customers. One who uses our fajas for once, would definitely buy again and even will recommend their family and friends. Women must raise each other and this is also the purpose and slogan of our brand. We want to build a community with awareness of body positivity and this can only happen when all women love their own skins and bodies. Everyone is special and unique and that is why Luxx Curves has created desirable products for all sizes. There is nothing like a perfect body shape, but staying in good form is always in your hands. So, all women out there, don’t hesitate to try Luxx Curves and share your transformation journey with us. We will be glad to spread your words to the other women who see you as an example!

Can Waist Trainers Really Provide Great Before and After Results?

Yes, waist trainers can provide excellent before-and-after outcomes, depending on the individual who uses them. Initially, you must establish objectives for your waist training. Most individuals who go through a “faja stage” are trained to:

  • Regain the form they had before giving birth
  • Reduce the quantity of body fat in their abdominal region.
  • Improve the form of a physique that is already fit (getting that hourglass figure)
  • Improve their core strength and command
  • Improved back comfort
  • Assist with a variety of additional personal objectives

Tips To Maximize Your Waist Training Results (Winning An Impressive AFTER Result: Weight Loss)

Certain considerations must be made before embarking on your waist training adventure. When purchasing an ill-fitting waist trainer, you may experience significant pain throughout the day. As a result, you may opt not to wear it since it is simply too unpleasant to do so. It may put a strain on your internal organs, leading to rib cage flattening. Contrary to what you may have heard, a waist trainer with a smaller circumference will not provide greater results, but rather a pain that will likely sap your drive. To maximize the effectiveness of your waist trainer as a shaper, you must select a model that is comfortable to use throughout the day. This may be achieved by selecting the correct size. Doing the contrary can only bring you agony and put you back, as well as drain your finances. If the waist trainer is too small, you will need to purchase a replacement. By the time it arrives, you will have put your waist training on hold and will have lost any tiny gains. Waist trainers are useful for achieving an hourglass figure. To achieve outstanding “after” outcomes (i.e., weight loss), you must understand how to optimize this training. Here are a few waist training recommendations from the majority of individuals.

  • Take Photographs of Your Progress: Abdominal Exercise and Weight Loss
  • Regularly use your waist trainer
  • Get The Right Size Waist Trainer
  • Utilize Your Waist Trainer for Exercise
  • Keep hydrated
  • Stick To a Diet
  • Get A Waist Trainer Friend    

A waist trainer can be used during a variety of exercises, but these are some of the favorites of most fitness enthusiasts:

  • Aerobic Workouts
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Exercises
  • Resistance Training
  • Abdominal Exercises
  • Strolling and Housework

The Final Verdict

The results of waist training might vary widely from person to person. Even if a person loses only an inch or two, they may see a considerably deeper waist curve. Some people may lose up to two and a half inches throughout the course of a month if they are attempting to lose additional abdominal fat.

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We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!

Similarly, the effects on the abdominal muscles are variable. If you want to see more obvious effects, you should combine waist training with a reasonable quantity of activity and a suitable diet. Nonetheless, even without this, you could observe meaningful changes. Luxx Curves offers a selection of waist trainers for all body shapes, waistline, torso lengths, and functions. Whether you want a waist cincher, a standard waist trainer, or a fitness belt, you may select the most suitable solution according to the offered size chart. Remember that if you want to get the best results with the waist trainer, you must use it consistently and always adjust the cincher to your comfort level.

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