Curvalicious Trainers Are Now Called Luxx Curves!

Curvalicious waist trainers have gone through a name change and are now called Luxx Curves

Curvalicious Waist Trainers by Luxx Health can no longer be found on Amazon by this brand name. The company has decided to do this name change to better align the brand with the company name Luxx Curves.

Luxx Curves is a beauty and fitness brand that has a variety of products sold exclusively on The company is most known for their waist trainers which are now called “Luxx Curves Waist Trainers“. A waist trainer is a garment made from flexi-steel bones, latex, cotton and metal hooks. It wraps around the waist and extends from under the bust to the hip bone area. The purpose of the waist trainer is to give an instantly slimmer figure to women as it pulls in belly fat and disguises fat rolls. Most importantly with consistent use, the waist trainer will help women shed fat faster and help develop an hourglass figure. When asking the brand owner why she chose this name she said, “Our bodies are a luxury and we want to treat them with respect, Luxx Curves is an abbreviation for Luxury Curves.”

The waist trainer creates a heat chamber in the abdominal area which helps women sweat more throughout the day. This thermogenic effect is increased while exercising. The waist trainer is highly recommended to be worn while performing physical activity as it will accelerate the overall results of weight loss.

The trainer is most commonly known to help the body mould into an hourglass shape. This is due to the shape and compression of the trainer as it cinches at the waist. The Luxx Curves waist trainer is not to be confused with a corset. Corsets are made form much stronger materials that are not flexible and do not move with the flow of the body. Although corsets have the power to be dangerous by pushing the body to extreme limits, Luxx Curves waist trainers do not have that capability. The myth which became popular form an illustration showing the organs being displaced by a waist trainer is simply a myth, Luxx Curves does not have the structural capacity to shift organs upwards or downwards in the body.

Many users of Luxx Curves share their testimonials about improvements with back pain. The waist trainer acts similarly to a back brace, it provides mild back pain relief by supporting the spine. Some clients report a dramatic increase in their back pain and associate it with having better posture. Luxx Curves helps women maintain better posture while sitting. It is comfortable to sit in but does sink into the belly with bad posture. When posture is erect the waist trainer is more comfortable while sitting.

Why is Luxx Curves so popular? Previously known as Curvalicious, the waist trainer brand has gotten thousands of positive reviews from novice and intermediate waist trainees. The waist trainer became well known by the YouTube spokesperson, Tatiana. She shares her Luxx Curves waist training results on YouTube and compares many different brand name waist cinchers to the Luxx Curves. As people started to trust the brand, they purchased the product. Customers started to fall in love with the waist trainer, raving about the quality and comfort. Most customers order 2 waist trainers as the waist shrinks relatively quickly and soon the customer is down in size. Purchasing the current fit waist trainer and one size down is a wise option.

Luxx Curves has a Facebook community where women share their results, ask questions and provide support. Tatiana is an active member of this community and is easily reached through this group. Previously titled “Curvalicious Waist Training Dolls” the group can now be found on Facebook as “Luxx Curves Waist Training Dolls“.

With each purchase of the waist trainer, customers will have access to the free Luxx Curves Waist Training Workout Guide which is a thorough guide created by Tatiana. The guide teaches women which equipments to use at the gym and how to use them to achieve that hourglass shape.

Luxx Curves does sell out quickly and is usually sold within the week it is released. The Luxx Curves brand has an e-mail list where all subscribers are first to be notified when the waist trainers are back in stock and therefore they have first dibs on the sizes and colors of the shapers.

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