The Best Corsets & Waist Trainers For Big Boobs (Large Busts)

As a woman, you probably want your breasts to look good at all times. You want them to look pushed up and perky, drawing the attention that they deserve. And as a corset or waist trainer wearer seeking an hourglass figure, you are probably aware of the way they look when you wear one. Nice and lifted, they draw all attention.

With that in mind, as flattering as large breasts may often look, they can also cause a fair amount of trouble, especially for lingerie and bustiers. A sexy corsets make even average-sized breasts look bigger – so, imagine what this will do if your breasts are already on the plus side.

This is why you need to make sure you choose the right “gear” for them, whether that’s a waist trainer or tank top, and the right size corset. This article will teach you how to choose the right waist trainer or waist belt when your boobs are already generous enough in size.


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Why Do Some Women Have Large Busts?

Breasts tend to affect our self-esteem quite a lot, no matter if it is in a positive or negative manner. That being said, women with large breasts might wonder what causes them to grow that big. Well, there might be a few good reasons for that.

Your weight

Your breasts are a part of you, deeply connected to your anatomy. You have connective or supportive tissues, fatty tissues, milk ducts – everything is connected there. And since each person has a different amount of each tissue in their breasts, it will directly be affected by your weight.

For example, if you have a higher amount of fatty tissue in your breasts compared to other types of tissue, then it will also affect your breast size. If you lose weight, your boobs will get smaller. Likewise, if you gain weight, a lot of that weight will go to your breasts.

Your family history

Your genes can affect many things about you. They can influence the color of your skin, your eye color, your height, and many other things. Obviously, your breasts are not an exception.

Sure, it’s no guarantee that you’ll have a C-cup if your mom or most of your immediate family has one, but there is a high chance that it will happen. Indeed, certain factors throughout your life will determine whether you’ll have the same cup size or not.

However, if you have large breasts and most of the women in your family also have large breasts, there’s a good chance that genetics played a role in this.

Which workouts you do

If you started working out recently and you noticed that your breasts changed a bit in their shape, then there might be a connection between the two. Pectoral exercises such as weight lifting or push-ups can make your pecs stronger. And since these muscles are right behind the breast tissue, it can significantly affect the perkiness of your breasts.

Bear in mind that exercise typically won’t make your breasts bigger. However, it might slightly expand the muscles behind your breasts, which can make you seem bigger-breasted.

Certain medications

Certain medications can affect the way in which your breasts look. Here, we are talking mostly about birth control. No matter if you are taking them to prevent an unwanted pregnancy or to regulate your period, the truth is that they can significantly affect your breast size.

Meds such as birth control affect your progesterone and estrogen hormone levels causing something called edema (or “water retention,” to put it in less fancy words). This is most noticeable when someone begins taking the pills, as the hormones are thrown off balance. However, enlarged breasts due to this cause are fairly unlikely to last.


Pregnant women have bigger breasts: that’s a fact. Women can grow their breasts a couple of cup sizes bigger during their pregnancy and after. First, it happens because of hormone changes. Afterward, it happens because your milk ducts start producing milk to feed the baby.

Every woman has milk ducts, but during pregnancy, your progesterone starts working to produce even more lobules and ducts. By the time you reach the sixth month, you will have enlarged breasts fully capable of breastfeeding. Nice, big, and perky – with the only drawback being that you’ll have to be careful of leaks.

Your breasts will likely go back into their original shape within 3-6 months after you cease breastfeeding. The longer you breastfeed, the longer you’ll have bigger breasts.


While not as much as pregnancies, periods can also send your hormones in a crazy direction. Have you noticed how they are slightly tender by the time your cycle starts? That’s because, at that point, your body starts producing estrogen for ovulation – in other words, your baby-making period.

Your milk glands are slightly stimulated, but your boobs might also appear to be bigger. This is only temporary, as your boobs will go back to normal once your body figures out no baby is coming this month either.

Best Waist Trainers For Large Busts?

Certain waist trainers might work better for the particular shape of your breasts. With that in mind, you also need to consider the desired results, along with the length of your torso. Due to their design, LuxxCurves are compatible with larger breast sizes as well. Here are the best waist trainers that you’ll want to consider.

Short torso waist trainer

Short torso waist trainers are a good option for ladies with very large busts, as they are a waist cincher that cinch your waist while pushing your breasts upward. They are also particularly useful if you have nicely rounded hips that you want to emphasize.

Short torso waist trainers make your waist look smaller – and therefore, your breasts will seem bigger. That being said, you’ll also want to be well proportioned. A short torso waist trainer such as the one provided by LuxxCurves often helps you achieve that full breast look. They have a 9-inch waist, making it a good choice for small-statured ladies as well.

Medium torso waist trainer

If you have an 11.5-inch torso, then you might want to consider getting a medium torso waist trainer from LuxxCurves. Models from this line will cover and keep your rolls under control, make your waist seem smaller, and at the same time, give you some extra breast support. Worn with the right bra, your breasts should look truly fabulous. Plus, you have multiple pattern options to choose from.

Long torso waist trainer

If you have a problem with back rolls or love handles, then a longline torso waist trainer can usually help you with that. They are also a good option for women who are particularly tall and don’t get much of a result by using a short or medium torso waist trainer. The ones provided by LuxxCurves go over a full 13.5 inches and can easily give you all the back and breast support you need.

Best Corsets For Large Busts?

When you have a large bust, it might be rather difficult to find a waist training style of corset that can cover your bust or at least fit you without squashing your ribcage. Most bustier corsets/ bustier tops appear to cater to average-sized breasts. Still, there are also a few options for those who pack a bigger bust and are seeking the right corset.

Lucy’s Corsetry

Lucy’s Corsetry is a good option for D+ ladies that are looking for an overbust strapless corset. Some waist training corsets are adjusted with lace, others are satin corsets or leather corsets. Some are even custom-made to fit your particular size. There are also multiple pre-order versions that you can get if you have a more common plus size, all of them taking different shapes and sizes.

Lace Embrace

If you have a soft spot for lace and satin, then Lace Embrace might prove to be a good option for you. These types of corsets tend to have a timeless look and also a better fit. Moreover, if the lady in question has a bust size bigger than a G cup, there is also the option for a custom corset.

Valkyrie Corsets

Valkyries are known for their strength and beauty – so, for the big-breasted ladies, we recommend Valkyrie Corsets. There are multiple sizes and options available, and if you have bigger breasts than what they have listed, you can go over for a fitting. They specialize mostly in underbust corsets, but you may also find some overbust corsets too with overbust lacing.


Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

Sculpt Your Body with our Waist Trainers

We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!

Can Clothing Or Bras Help Accentuate My Bust?

Very few women know that the clothes they wear or the bra they put on can significantly affect the size that their breasts may take. If you wear the wrong clothes, your breasts may look unflattering. However, wear the right clothes, and you’ll be turning heads.

In many cases, a simple wardrobe change may significantly affect the shape of your breasts. Here are some tips for you to accentuate your bust.

You might be wearing the wrong bra size

If your breasts don’t look right, the chances are high that you are wearing the wrong size bra. To accentuate your bust, go for a good bra that fits the contour of your body. For instance, if you have boob spillage, you are obviously wearing a bra that’s too small. The same thing applies if you seem to see bulges everywhere.

On the other hand, if the band rides up your back, then you are wearing a bra that is too big for you. A bra should also be able to offer support to your breasts – so, if your breasts are too small for the cap, you won’t be getting that much support. Take your measurements and make sure you purchase a bra in your size.

To make sure you’re not wearing the wrong size, you might want to go for a fitting every couple of months. Your body is constantly changing, and you need to keep up with it. A bra should feel comfortable, so if you are in a hurry to take your bra off the moment you get home, the chances are high that it’s not fitting you properly.

Use high waistlines

If you want your boobs to shine, then high waistlines are your best friends here. High waistlines hug your breasts and make your waist look smaller. Plus, as a bonus, they also make your legs look longer – so, why not take advantage of it?

Invest in deep V necklines

If you have large breasts that you want to emphasize, one way to do that is to wear deep V-necklines. This will make the deep plunge of your breasts pop out – and obviously, your breast will catch all the good looks.

Accessorize with pendants

Here’s a bit of logic: if you want to accentuate your breasts, all you have to do is focus the attention on them. And the best way to do that is to wear a pendant between your breasts. If the size of your breasts does not make the heads turn, then a pretty pendant dangling between your breasts surely will.

Halter necks are your friend

Halter necks go all the way around your neck, leaving your back open and your shoulders bare. At the same time, they will create that triangle-like shape that will make your breasts appear much bigger, offering you a bombshell look. Even if you have smaller breasts, halter necks tend to make them look much bigger.

Wear a waist trainer

Waist trainers tend to reshape your waistline as shapewear and push the fat upward. Add that to the fact that they keep your back straight, and your breasts will also be pushed up and look bigger. It will give you that push-up effect, one that can rival even a good push-up bra. Plus, they make your waist and tummy look smaller, which will only accentuate the way your breasts look.

Wear horizontal stripes

Clothes with horizontal lines will automatically make everything look bigger. Therefore, if you wish to accentuate the look of your breasts, get a shirt that has horizontal lines around the breast area. This will create a nice, voluminous look.


Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

Sculpt Your Body with our Waist Trainers

We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!


When they’re accentuated properly, big breasts can become an asset for a woman's body with an hourglass shape. Rather than hiding them, you should tastefully enhance them. With a waist trainer or corset, along with the right clothes and accessories, you can walk with the confidence that your breasts look amazing.

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