5 Best Shapewear for Wedding Dresses - Bride & Bridesmaids!

Have you found the wedding gown that complements your big day vision and your physique? What pro tips are you missing? Today we’ll find out.

Television and film would have made you believe the perfect wedding dress is the pinnacle of bridal fashion, but this is not true. Most contemporary brides choose to wear shapewear, such as a strapless bra or smoothing undergarments so that they feel supported, secure, and confident in their wedding gown. The decision to wear shapewear by a bride is not, however, based solely on the desire to feel slim or sucked in. 

In order to prevent dimpling and creasing, shapewear is a must-have for many wedding gowns (especially those made of uncomfortable fabrics).

The color of your strapless bra should match the hue of your wedding gown, not your skin tone. If you’re wearing a sleeveless or strapless wedding dress, you’ve likely done your research on strapless bras. 

If you have purchased a flesh-colored bra, you will need to begin again. We recommend selecting a strapless bra that closely matches the color of your dress. 


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Gym rat? We’ve got the best waist trimmer belt for you! Wear it during all your fitness activities, specifically during deadlift workouts and squats! Our waist cincher belt offers you extreme support, acting as a compression binder to offer lumbar support.

That way, if your dress slips and reveals your bra, it won’t be noticeable. On your wedding day, you should not wear your bridal bra for the first time. Long before you walk down the aisle, you’ll want to test-drive the bra. Wear it on a night out to ensure it is comfortable and does not dig in or slip. Obviously, you should ensure that the bra fits properly before leaving the store. A perfect strapless bra will not have cups that gape or overflow. You should also be able to fit two fingers underneath the back of the band of the bra’s loosest hook.

Besides bras, shapewear-like body shapers like corsets and bustiers are also good products to be utilized on your big day. The body shapers are a good option for plus-size women who want to be in shape without any painful procedures or surgery. 

The shapewear not only lets your skin get tight but also works as a shield for your skin. 

Because of shapewear, your sweat gets absorbed and does not appear on your wedding dress. 

Further, the fancy fabric of your wedding dress can irritate your delicate skin and shapewear works as a buffer to protect you from skin allergies and rashes. The clothing and fashion industry is stirring forward day by day to produce usable, sustainable, and trendy shapewear for all body types and all occasions.

The Fabric of Your Wedding Dress Will Determine the Shapewear You Wear

Certain textiles are more cruelty-free than others. Textured fabrics and heavier silks can create a more structured gown—some textiles have even built-in corsets to help support the bust line—that is inherently more relaxing and supportive. 

Lighter fabrics, such as charmeuse silk, tend to be nearly see-through. These fabrics require a shaping garment to eliminate the pantyliner. In this scenario, the versatility in the design, fabric as well as colors of the shapewear is necessary to be produced by the textiles.

It also Depends on the Design of the Bridal Gown

If you don’t want to wear famous shapewear like spanx on your wedding day, a structured ball gown is the best option for bust support and least likely to reveal lines. 

The remainder, including mermaids and sheaths styles, which necessitate something beneath. A good bustier works best with the mermaid and trumpet silhouettes. The sheath should be worn with a bustier and spanx. Choose one of the lingerie industry’s most recent innovations, adhesive bras, for open back and halters for neckline gowns. 

Back in the day, duct tape was your best foundation friend. Thank goodness we’ve evolved past that point and many new shapewears have been invented now.

The Most Common Mistake Made by Brides is Selecting the Wrong Fabric for Their Undergarments.

The majority of the time, seamless underwear will be the preferred choice. The edges are laser-cut to fit the body without digging. 

Typically, spandex or nylon are used to make bras. Microfibers and mesh are the materials that smooth skin the best. Built-in shapewear is an option but has a finite extent of effectiveness. 

We’ve found that while many designers and skilled tailors may help with the construction of built-in padding and corsetry for support, it is not always necessary to wear additional undergarments. When supporting the bride’s body rather than her dress, undergarments perform at their best.

There is a right time to purchase anything. And it’s not the day of the wedding or right after you say yes to the dress. Learning what lingerie fits your dress’s style and fabric the best during your first dress fitting is a fantastic idea. Observe any changes in your physique after buying underwear. 

Make careful to get re-measured if you gain or lose weight before your wedding day so that you are in the correct size.

Wedding Dress Design and Shapewear Types

If the wedding gown has deep v-necklines, then the shapewear must be selected wisely. 

Along with the evolution of bridal gowns over the years, shapewear and bridal lingerie have also progressed substantially. Many brides choose to plunge wedding gowns and want to feel confident and at ease while wearing them. From bras to bodysuits, we adore all Luxx Curves product options for plunging necklines. The wedding lingerie for backless wedding dresses should be very minimalistic. Shapewear without a back and shapewear with a low back are also very common necessities, as many gowns are now backless. 

We adore the low-back options by BFree Australia, and if you’re looking for the best backless bra for wedding dresses, we can’t get enough of their extensive range of stick-on bras.

Lingerie for the Brides Who Wish to Diminish Their Stomach Shape

Tummy control underwear is one of our most sought-after items for brides looking for undergarments or lingerie to wear with their gowns. 

If you feel confident everywhere else but want to be able to drink champagne and eat delicious food without worrying about how you look in candid photos, then tummy-control underwear is the way to go. We adore high-waisted underwear options, such as those offered by Nancy Ganz, that feature an ‘X’ over the abdomen.

Advice for Brides Who Want to Wear Bodysuits or Corsets

Numerous brides inquire about corset-style shapewear. While we always encourage our brides to wear whatever makes them feel most comfortable, we do not recommend corsets. 

Most fabrics make it difficult to conceal a corset, whereas shapewear with midsection control achieves the same effect without the hassle of concealment. 

Try a bodysuit instead of a corset for your wedding gown. Under your wedding dress, a bodysuit will provide complete coverage and, depending on the level of control it provides, can cinch you in similarly to a corset. In addition, it is much more comfortable for extended wear!

Suggestions For Brides to select shapewear

A wedding’s preparations are undoubtedly not easy. Choosing the ideal dress style might be difficult enough without having to worry about matching Shapewear. Finding the one and then developing those bothersome lumps and bumps is the very last thing any bride wants.

Ladies, you need not worry. Using these insider tips and tactics, you may choose the greatest Shapewear, and those love handles will vanish on your special day. Girls, let’s be clear about this! You purchase Shapewear independently of bras. 

Try not to purchase a full-body shaper. Choosing the best-fitting control garment(s) that would suit your body form independently from finding the best-fitting bra for your cup size and dress shape is much more advised. Every woman’s figure is unique; it can be hourglass-shaped or more of an apple shape. 

The breasts of every woman are unique, and they might even vary from one another! In the end, if you choose a full-coverage shaper, you will either give yourself almost no shape (if you are rectangular) or have your breasts uncomfortable compressed.

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5 Best Bridal Shapewear for Wedding Dresses

1). The Perfect Curves Waist Trainer

The Perfect Curves Waist Trainer is intended to be very snug; therefore, Luxx Curves has designed extenders that allow you to size up if your waist trainer is initially too tight or uncomfortable. 

Not only will you avoid the hassle and expense of exchanging or ordering a new trainer, but you will also likely be able to begin training with a trainer that is the correct size! As the saying goes, fashion requires expense! 

A difficult morning routine of corset lacing is worth the struggle. Thankfully, breathability has recently become a widespread trend. The Luxx Curves Short Torso Waist Trainer can help you achieve a figure reminiscent of a Southern belle from the 1860s. 

If you’re looking for a contemporary alternative, here’s hoping that you will attract a Luxx Curves product. The waist trainer curves is a stretchy, heftier fitness belt from Luxx Curves which helps to smooth out those unsightly bulges in a comfortable manner. The best aspect of this sculpture, in our opinion, is that it is designed for comfort in all seasons. 

The difficulty of removing a corset is a theme shared by every historical film. This traditional undergarment frequently impedes relaxation, from late-night slumbers to intimate moments. The simple hook-and-eye closure of the Long Torso Waist Trainer, however, allows for a quicker sigh of relief. This body sculpting waist trainer is constructed with thicker material and an adjustable front, unlike Victorian corsets. Additionally, it can accommodate torso lengths ranging from 13 to 16 inches.

2) Body Glove

The Body Glove waist trainer is a great way to lose excess belly fat and improve your posture. The waist trainer functions by compressing the abdominal muscles while simultaneously stretching the back and abs.

Simply lie on the ground and wrap the belt around your waist. Then, tighten the belt until you feel an appropriate amount of pressure. Once this level of compression is reached, you should be able to stand up straight without experiencing any discomfort. What a flawless finish across the board! The Luxx Curves Body Glove has finally arrived, and it will revolutionize your wardrobe forever!

The Body Glove is the answer you’ve been wishing for. With its lightweight, comfortable, double-layer Body Glove, you can now effortlessly achieve an hourglass figure. The first layer has 360-degree shaping capabilities, whereas the second layer conceals blemishes. If you’re seeking the ideal canvas for your outfit, look no further! Two styles and two hues are available for the Body Glove. Black or beige shorts or thongs. 

3) Waist Trainer Fitness Wrap

The Luxx Curves Waist trainer fitness wrap is a very popular product among individuals who want their waists to appear smaller. They guarantee to reduce your waist size and aid in weight loss. 

Get the best waist-trimming fitness wrap so you can shape and support your hourglass figure while working out! It’s a one-size-fits-all, so there’s no need to select the correct size. 

Easy to transport to the gym, machine-washable, and provides excellent back and posture support while slimming you down. The waist trimmer provides you with extreme support by acting as a compression binder to provide lumbar support! 

Luxx Curves waist trimming wrap is a necessity for your gym bag, even if you don’t want to eliminate belly fat or achieve a stunning hourglass figure. It helps you keep good form, which enhances your performance and lowers your chance of injury.

4) Steel Bones Corset Waist Trainer

The Kardashians have made waist training the trendiest method for attaining, with their unique hourglass figures. 

However, are waist trainers and corsets the same thing, or are they fundamentally different? 

And is one garment superior to another when it comes to reducing our waistlines? 

A corset reduces the waist by tightening its laces, whereas a waist trainer utilizes compression material. If you’ve heard both terms used to describe the same garment, it’s because they’re essentially interchangeable; however, the term waist trainer refers more to the results of regular use. 

Time to level up! If you’re not a beginner to waist training and you want to step it up a notch, it’s time to try out our 25 steel bone waist trainers. These trainers are unquestionably more difficult to put on, but they will help you achieve a smaller waist than you ever imagined! Recommend for individuals who have already lost the majority of desired abdominal fat and now wish to enhance their hourglass figure

These waist trainers are less flexible than traditional Luxx Curves waist trainers and are not intended to be worn for eight hours per day. Wear it up to four to six hours per day and avoid extended periods of sitting. This 25-steel-bone waist trainer is made up of hooks and eyes. Materials used are: Core: 100% Natural Latex, Lining: 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex.

5) Vest Full Back Trainer

For those who have not seen the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, a well-fitting corset should not cause fainting, near-drowning, or random encounters with Jack Sparrow. Fortunately, there is a better way to achieve that voluptuous curve without swashbuckling. The Vest Full Back Trainer shall now be introduced. Designed to conceal back fat, this Luxx Curves long torso waist trainer maintains a taut, firm, and smooth silhouette in time for selfies. 

This is made possible by its 9 flexi-steel bone structure, its adjustable straps, and its nylon/spandex blend. Concerned about your back fat? You’ve found the right trainer! Similar to a racerback tank, the straps will wrap around your shoulders! 

This waist trainer has nine flexi-steel bones and is available in nude, black, and pink cheetahs. Wear this to work, at home with the kids or at the gym. Versatile and comfortable for everyday use.

In a Nutshell

Some people suggest that you should just wear the wedding dress by itself without any additional foundation clothing because shapewear can be restrictive and uncomfortable. 

In the end, it’s up to you whether or not to wear shapewear beneath your wedding gown. 

By all means, wear shapewear if it makes you feel more at ease and confident in your outfit. Selecting the ideal bridal lingerie or shapewear is essential for your wedding day. 

Since we work in the bridal industry, we have probably seen and seen everything there is to know about underwear for special occasions. From low-neck camisoles to full-body Spanx to seamless panty or boy shorts. We’ve dealt with just about anything. To assist you to understand all the various varieties of wedding shapewear available, we wanted to talk to you about shapewear and wedding lingerie and offer our best recommendations for each specific circumstance. I hope that makes it easier for you to decide what to wear beneath your wedding dress. Luxx Curves products are literally game changers for your wedding look!

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