10 Best Shapewear for Plus Size Women That Fit Like a Glove

The best part about shapewear today is that there are so many alternatives to pick from, aside from how it makes you look snatched and sucked in. Because the majority of shapewear is adorable enough to be worn as true clothing, you don’t need to cover it up with a shirt.

The best plus size shapewear will assist in forming a smooth silhouette beneath your clothing for a seamless appearance, complementing your natural shape, increasing curves, and removing any imperfections from any sections of your body that give you anxiety.

When it comes to outfit planning, brands like Luxx Curves, Spanx, and Heist have come to be associated with the greatest shapewear available in the market. This is because the best shapewear can help you create the ideal canvas for your apparel no matter what size you wear. However, if you don’t pick the appropriate item for you and your outfit, the extra layer of clothes may create more problems than it fixes, such as pinching discomfort, loose rolls, or unsightly bulging.

Because of the expanding body positivity movement, seeing plus-size models wearing welcoming, cozy, and self-confidence-enhancing lingerie is now more often than not, which means that plus-size shapewear options are multiplying. A number of intriguing new shapewear businesses have now joined Spanx, a longtime leader in the size category. 

Luxx Curves, whose goal is to empower women and promote all body shapes, and Heist are two shapewear companies that are so fashionable you can wear your underwear as outerwear. For all body types, concerns, and lingerie preferences, our guide has items. Once you’ve determined which plus-size shapewear is perfect for you, go through our list of the top plus-size clothing brands for some outfit ideas.

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Plus-size briefs don’t need to be uncomfortable and unsightly; they can be quite comfortable, appealing, and occasionally even sexy. There is a brief for every lady, from cinching briefs to high-waisted shaping briefs. High-waisted briefs look wonderful when paired with your favorite ensembles and might come in handy on a daily basis.

Selecting the Appropriate Plus-Size Shaper

We can get your apprehension because finding the best plus-size shapewear might feel like a minefield. Not all plus-size women are constructed the same way; some may have stunning big thighs and buttocks but tight waists, while others may have larger busts but narrow hips. 

Similarly, there isn’t a single product that will meet all of your shapewear needs. Identifying your body type and the body regions you want to emphasize will help you decide which shapewear is best for you. 

Whether you have a strawberry, rectangle, apple, hourglass, or pear-shaped figure, this advice on how to dress for your body type will help you identify your shape and the features you want to highlight. It’s important to consider the areas you want to highlight, sculpt, or tone using plus-size shapewear before we get into the intricacies of shapewear manufacturers and their star pieces. If your midsection needs support, a waist trainer or waist cincher will help you achieve an hourglass figure. Want to raise your bum or reduce cellulite? For your lower body, whether you choose slimming briefs, seamless leggings, or shaper shorts, there are several shapewear pieces alternatives.

Do you wish to improve your shape? a bodysuit that covers the entire body will produce a smoother silhouette while yet preserving a stunning, organic figure.

Important Kinds of Compression

Consider the kind of support you desire after choosing the type of shapewear component you require. 

There are three main forms of compression to pick from when purchasing shapewear, all of which are manufactured from stretchy, pliable materials like nylon and spandex. If you’re looking for shapewear to wear under your work clothes or have specific body regions that you want to smoothen out regularly, light compression (light control) is the best choice for you. If emphasizing your curves is your top objective, medium compression (medium control) shapewear is the best choice because it is made to hug your body and move with you. 

You will be comfortable for hours with these items. With an extra firm and extra-strong compression (high control), your body will be more precisely contoured than just smoothed. 

These pieces should make you feel toned without being restricted or uncomfortable if you pick the appropriate size. These accessories look their finest worn underneath formal, structured attire like cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and wedding and prom dresses.

Which Size Should I Get for Plus Size Shapewear?

Making sure you know your size and purchasing appropriately is crucial. To appear slimmer, many women frequently buy a body shaper in a smaller size.

In reality, it has the exact opposite effect and causes those unsightly rolls and bulges. You must get shapewear in your size or a size up for the smoothest appearance.

The same goes for assuming that you’ll be purchasing shapewear in the same size as your regular lingerie. Shapewear sizes are more closely related to your bust, waist, and hip dimensions than to undergarment or dress sizes. 

It’s crucial that you accurately measure yourself, consult the sizing charts and FAQ pages for each manufacturer, and discover the right fit (many have detailed advice on their websites).

The Perfect Workout Tailored to Your Body Type

You could be considering different outfits to wear with your new clothes once you’ve bought the best plus size shapewear to guarantee you feel your best. Finding out your body type is an excellent place to start when it comes to buying the appropriate shapewear and dressing for your shape. 

While we’d advise doing away with the guidelines for what to wear based on your body type, being aware of your shape will help you select the most flattering cuts for you. Susie Hasler, a stylist, claims that there are “five key body kinds.” As follows:

  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Rectangle
  • Hourglass
  • Pear 

Look in the mirror while wearing a fitted suit so you can clearly see your body form as a silhouette to determine what body type you have, Susie says. You’ll be able to identify any potential areas for growth or imbalance by looking at where you might be broader or narrower. 

This will not only aid in outfit selection but also in identifying the shapewear items that will best highlight and enhance your figure. Check out our articles on the best bathing suits for your body type, how to dress for an hourglass body, how to dress for an apple body, and how to dress for a pear-shaped body for more information.

The 10 Best Shapewear for Plus Size Women

1) Body Glove (Up to size 4XL)

Talk about a spotless finish all around! The Luxx Curves Body Glove is now out and it’s going to revolutionize the way you dress forever! The Body Glove is the answer to your prayers.

Now, with the help of our double-layered, lightweight Body Glove, you can achieve that hourglass form effortlessly. While the second layer hides lumps and irregularities, the first layer has 360° sculpting capabilities.

Look no further if you’re seeking the ideal backdrop for your ensemble! Two styles and two colors are available for the Body Glove. Black or beige shorts or a thong.

2) Perfect Curves Waist Trainer

The greatest waist trainers are designed to be extremely snug, so Luxx Curves has made extenders that let you go up a size if your trainer is too painful or too tight when you first put it on. Not only will you avoid the hassle and expense of obtaining or exchanging another trainer, but you’ll probably be able to begin working out with a trainer that is the ideal size!

The Perfect Curves Waist Trainer from Luxx Curves is perfect! This best selling waist trainer, has assisted thousands of clients in achieving extraordinary and stunning results! It comes it short, medium and long torso versions and is up to 2XL to fit all body types.

This waist trainer is unlike any other waist trainer on the market; its comfort and quality are exceptional and make any waist trainee’s journey enjoyable.

People with torso lengths of 7″ to 10″ are best suited for the short torso waist trainer. The Waist Trainer for Short Torso Length is 9″ offering eight sizes! S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XS, 2XS, XS, and XL. Excitingly, seven hues are available! Black Paisley, Army, Roses, Galaxy, Beige, and Mermaid.

The waist trainer is thicker and more lasting than the top rival since it is made from three layers of materials. You’ll be able to perspire without overheating your core thanks to the permeable material.

To make the most of your trainer, there are three rows of hooks, each row spaced one inch apart. The core is made of 96% nylon and 4% spandex. 100% Natural Latex in the middle layer. 96% cotton, and 4% spandex, is used in the lining.

3) Waist Trainer Fitness Wrap

Purchase the top waist trainer fitness wrap to help you maintain and shape your hourglass figure while you exercise. Since it comes in one size that fits all, you won’t need to bother about picking the right one. It’s portable, machine washable, and provides excellent posture and back support for weight loss. The lumbar support wrap doubles as a compression binder to provide you the utmost support while you trim your waist!

Our waist trimming wrap should be a must in your gym bag even if you don’t want to eliminate belly fat or get an hourglass figure because it will help you maintain good form, which improves performance and lowers your chance of injury.

4) Steel Bones Corset Waist Trainer

It’s time to advance! It’s time to try Luxx Curves 25 steel bone waist trainers if you’re an experienced waist trainer looking to boost the ante. These trainers are obviously more difficult to put on, but they will pull in all the fat and give you a smaller waistline than you ever imagined!

Recommended for those looking to enhance their body form after having previously shed the majority of the desired belly fat. These waist trainers are not meant to be worn continuously throughout the day and are less flexible than the classic Luxx Curves waist trainers.

Wear it for up to 4-6 hours each day, and stay away from prolonged sitting. Hooks and eyes are the main components of this 25-steel bone waist trainer. The materials used in this product are 100% Natural Latex, the core is made of 4% Spandex, and 96% Cotton is used in the lining.

5) Pour Moi Definitions High Waist Shaping Brief

Pour Moi’s Definitions High Waist Shaping Brief is the best for daily wear. There is no need to worry about any rolling at the top because of the ultra-high waist and seamless design, which also cinches the waist and fits just beneath the bust. It is also constructed of lightweight material, making it comfortable to wear all day.

No one knew that the tester was wearing this piece while they did, and they could easily wear it for a full day at work (9am to 6pm). It is significant to note that these briefs are categorized as medium control and merely provide waist support.

We recommend a bodysuit or thigh slimmer with a firm level of compression if you’re looking for a higher level of control, possibly to wear under structured clothing and evening wear, or for more total body support (such as belly, upper thigh, or back support).

6) Spanx Power Series Higher Power Short

SPANX’s Power Series Higher Power Short is recommended for shapewear beginners seeking the greatest all-around, daily support. Here, comfort is the name of the game.

This design enhances your best silhouette—from the waist to the thighs—under your clothes by smoothing the part of your body rather than slimming it.

A no-slip strip at the waistband prevents the shorts from slipping down, and the high waist allays concerns about muffin tops while the subtle crouching at the back lifts and flatters your buttocks. The seamless, lightweight yarn provides an incredibly comfortable fit and flows with your body rather than against it. It is to be noted that if not handled carefully, the fabric, which is similar in weight to high-denier tights, can prove to be a tearing hazard.

7) Bravissimo Millie Body Tummy Control Black

This body has the same underwired bra as Millie, a Bravissimo fan favorite, and is attractive, supportive, and extremely comfortable. Bravissimo Millie Body Tummy Control Black is a great product in the market.

The power mesh body provides light belly control, and the strategically placed lace panels are incredibly attractive (perfect when you wear the body to be seen with jeans).

It’s fantastic if you have one boob that is larger than the other because the bra cups tout has incredibly soft and slightly stretchy lace cups to contour to your particular shape. Poppers at the bottom make it simple to put on and take off, and the lace trimming at the bottom prevents VPL.

Additionally, the JJ and K cups include an additional liner for even more support for larger busted plus-size women.

8) Maidenform Wear Your Own Bra Black Body Briefer

When wearing a shapewear bodysuit, you may feel constrained, especially if you require a different bra size or level of compression for your breast region. Because of this, WYOB shapewear items like Maidenform’s Wear Your Own Bra Black Body Briefer are preferable to be used. 

The high-back design smooths bra lines and comfort cuffs under the arms while the firm-control compression body works to smooth and support your waist, belly, and back for a comfortable fit (and stops underarm bulges). Of course, you are free to wear any bra you like with it in the interim. The WYOB Body Briefer’s gusset closure is more like a bra fastening than a popper, which takes some getting used to. That is the only complaint by the customers.

9) Yours Clothing Black Firm Control Seamless Vest

This control vest has a flattering sleeveless style and is composed of soft jersey fabric. This Yours Clothing Black Firm Control Seamless Vest, which has a scoop neckline, looks well with a range of outfits. This tank is ideal for everyday wear because of the seamless fabric, both alone and under clothing. This figure-defining tank is perfect for layering beneath dresses and t-shirts since it allows you to breathe easily while yet defining your body.

10) M&S Collection Medium Control Wear Your Own Bra Slip

The M&S Collection full slip is figure-framing, shaping, and created so you can use your own bra—for maximum comfort and versatility—making it ideal for when you’re wearing a fitted, body-contouring dress. This stylish slip has medium control, is cozy and breathable, and has incredibly tiny shoulder adjustable straps so you can match it with a wide range of necklines. This slip is easy to wear, doesn’t ride up, and has additional elasticity for a comfortable fit. This slip is delicate and adaptable, with sensual lace paneling at the breast and hem.

Over 250 Glowing Reviews!

Sculpt Your Body with our Waist Trainers


See What Thousands of Glowing Girls Love About Luxx Curves

We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous and feel confident!

Wrapping Up

Although there isn’t a perfect technique to shop for women’s shapewear, there are a few things to consider in order to get the right one for you. According to Cami Raymond, Senior Design Director of Ruby Ribbon, comfort and smoothness are essential for shapewear. 

These items provide you with the desired silhouette while being comfortable because of advancements in compression, fabric, and design. According to Gabrielle Richards, Senior Brand Manager at Shapermint and Certified Body Positivity Expert, the fabric you choose will give away how comfy you’ll feel. Fabric is crucial because it will be worn against your skin, according to the woman. “Spandex-blend textiles, whether synthetic or natural, make it easier to move around while wearing it.” 

Thankfully, the days of wearing shapewear that was too tight and that you couldn’t wait to take off as soon as you got home are over. The right shapewear can help you achieve the fit you want while also feeling comfortable enough to wear all day. Your clothing and attitude will determine the compression amount that feels most comfortable. If you want greater comfort or stretch on some days, you should choose light to medium compression. Others might need a medium to high coverage and compression to give you the shaping and smoothing you want.

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