Benefits Of Waist Training (List Of Top 9 Benefits)

The first step to getting the figure you desire

The hype surrounding waist training is unavoidable. Bigger better curves are something that we all strive for, and with the celebrity endorsement that waist training has gained, it’s difficult to ignore.

But what can a waist trainer actually do for you?

A good place for us to start is to gain an understanding of why so many women choose to waist train. Waist training has provided many women with desirable results; let’s take a look at its positive attributes.

Instant results

A fantastic feature of waist trainers is how fast they can leave you feeling more attractive and confident.

On putting the waist trainer on, you’ll notice a huge change in your figure. The waist trainer acts to instant cinch your waist and smoothes out your figure. Any rolls or love handles you might have will disappear. This is great for when you want to look stunning in tight clothes, or a fitted dress.

The real change the trainer will make to the size of your waist will often happen a lot quicker than you’d think. Within the first week of waist training, you are likely to lose around an inch from your waist! In fact, progress tends to be so fast that most ladies will buy 2 different sizes of waist trainer at any one time. While every person’s experience will be different, we’ve observed an average of about 2-4 inches off the waistline with each Luxx Curves waist trainer!

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Weight Loss in stubborn areas 

When you set out to lose weight, stubborn pouches of fat can be discouraging. These exist because some stores of fat meant to hang around for longer than others. It makes biological sense to remove fat from the upper arms, before the stomach. Stomach fat is maintained for thermal insulation and protection of you vital organs, while arm and leg fat is lost first to improve mobility.

Your waist trainer can help to target weight loss. By wrapping tight around your waist and stomach, this problem area is going to get much warmer. More calories are thus burned through thermogenesis. More warmth means more sweat and this allows for more toxins to exit the body.

Enhanced workouts

If you choose to wear your waist trainer while working out, it can be of huge benefit.

As well as increasing the thermal activity and the perspiration of your midsection, wearing your shape-wear to the gym can help you build a strong tight core.

The compression of the waist trainer is a perfect compliment to your core muscles, helping you work then out harder for longer. A stronger, tighter core will mean a small waist, nicer curves and a flat stomach!

Workouts that can be done while wearing a waist trainer include running, walking, racquet sports, aerobics, circuit training and strength training.


Better posture

A wonderful side-effect of your waist training is an improvement to your posture!

The boning in your modern day waist trainer is strong enough to offer resistance and hold your tummy in place, but not so strong as to cause damage. The boning does make it difficult and uncomfortable to slouch. Due to this, the trainer can also help to ease lower back pain.

By correcting posture, your waist trained can help you to strengthen your core and back muscles. Waist training can also help to prevent the weakening of joints in the spine and damage or strain put on the connecting ligaments. You are also less likely to experience degenerative conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis.

Reduction of headaches

As wearing your waist trainer regularly is going to make a visible improvement to your posture, it will also prevent excess pressure and constriction on the nerve of the spinal cord.

Less obstruction in the communication between the spine and the brain can alleviate some headaches.

Obtaining the coveted ‘Hour-glass Figure’
This is the main effect many women associate with waist training. The waist trainer will compress your figure; tightest at the waist and looser at the hips. This will begin to create more shapely curves over time.
It isn’t a quick fix but with consistency, you’ll see amazing results!

Appetite suppression

Waist training will help speed up your weight loss by increasing your awareness of the volume of food you are eating.

Eating with your waist trainer on, will compress your stomach and make it uncomfortable to overeat. This decreases the amount you need to eat before you can feel the effects, rather than reducing real stomach capacity.

This is the same sensation that makes you unbutton your jeans after Thanksgiving dinner. Increased awareness while eating will improve your portion-control.

Alleviating menstrual cramps

This might not work for everyone, but many women report their waist trainers are able to help ease their period cramps!

If you’re someone who finds that assuming the foetal position is the best thing to do at that time of the month, a waist trainer might help you out.

Wearing the waist cincher will put pressure on the midsection and the peritoneal organs which ease the sensation of uterine contractions.

Due to how easy it is to strap on your waist trainer and head out the door, this could really help to stop hinderance that your period can put on your day. It’s such a relief to be able to head to work and not have to worry about experiencing pain while trying to get things done.

Motivation for a healthier lifestyle

We all have days when we wake up and can think of nothing but junk food, or days when we just can’t make ourselves leave the sofa.

Sometimes one of the biggest hurdles in making healthy lifestyle changes is simply having the motivation to keep going. This is where waist training can really benefit you – it keeps you going.

If putting on your waist trainer each morning is something you start to associate with healthy living, nutritious food and good workouts, you’ll be setting yourself up for a win in the long term. 

Final Words

There is far more to waist training than you might first think. If its something you’d like to learn more about, keep an eye on our blog! And make sure to check out our collections HERE.

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