Gymshark Fitness Try on Haul: Is It Your Best Style?

Gymshark Fitness Try on Haul: Is It Your Best Style?

Gym clothing is coming into fashion, not only to help us get fit and feel better. It's also a great way to highlight our curves when we are in public while loving how we look.

For my personal interest and to show what the best options are, I just launched a GymShark Fitness try on haul. I show you my 3 favorite styles and if they work for the body type that has more curves to show.

You'll see exactly how it looks for anyone who's interested in a better image while they are working out or who just want to lounge around in something that brings out their best shape.

What curves do you like to show best, Dolls?

My GymShark Conclusion

I personally love gym clothes, not just for the gym. I think that GymShark clothing is something I would lounge around in and enjoy when I want something casual, comfy and chic at my home.

But for actually going to the gym?

We've got to watch some of the other activities and how it may change our body.

What I really loved was the pants. There is a slimming waistline at the top as well as a fit from the material that is so form fitting. It definitely shows the best of my curves and brings out exactly what I want to look like when I'm out.

The rest is something that is going to depend on your chest size. I personally couldn't wear some of the sports bras to the gym just because of practical issues.

However, this is the style that I see everywhere, even at popular gyms in L.A. The low cut and the push up is helping girls to show their bust as a part of the figure. If you like that style, then GymShark will definitely show it off.

Working with Clothing & Curves

Knowing how to bring out your curves with your clothing is the key to the shape that you really want. 

You can create some great looks that bring out your best and hide what you aren't comfortable with just by knowing how to identify the right products.

For instance, if you are using a waist trainer, then having a high waist and slim belt on your pants, like GymShark Fitness clothes, will make you look slimmer and curvier.

If you are not as curvy yet, try a lower or hip waist style to bring out more of your look. 

That's just the start. Sports bras, straps and everything else you wear all add up to create a certain style for your body.

You will find a ton of ways to really bring out your best and to use fashion as your ally to get the va-va-voom you are looking for.. yes... even when you are working out.

So Dolls, go try it on! And see how you start to instantly transform just by accentuating the curves on your body that are best.


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