Dangers Of Waist Training (Read This Before You Buy)

Dangers Of Waist Training (Read This Before You Buy)

Why do so many women decide to waist train? And are there real dangers to waist training?

Waist training is becoming more popular with women, especially those who are looking to transform their figure. Despite the huge portfolio of results, I am sure you’ve seen the scare-mongering that casts its shadow over this topic:

“Waist training is dangerous!”

This statement is often followed up with CT images of women with squashed organs and broken ribs. But how real is this risk?

(it’s worth noting at this point, that very little research has been done on this topic. This article relies on opinions and first-hand experience.)


Waist training: The concept

The goals of waist trainers and shapewear are quickly summarised as:

• To give you a more shapely figure

• and help you to lose weight

Waist training is an age-old concept that has taken many forms. From corset in the 16th century to women wrapping their waists with a cotton cloth to assist in tightening their waist postpartum, to the more technologically advanced modern waist trainers we sell here at Luxx Curves – this trend is a long-lasting one, and there’s a good reason behind this.

It works!

So why are so many people skeptical of it?

Many sources report waist training to be a dangerous activity. It’s easy to come across website telling you that this ‘out-dated’ practice will squash your lungs and ribs making it hard to breathe. With claims that longterm use of a cincher can result in crushed organs and fractured ribs run wild across internet forums, its little wonder that many of us have become a little frightened of the idea.

This post will aim to give you the facts, so you can put your mind to rest and get on with building those perfect curves!

Luxx Curves waist cinchers: Are they safe?

Luxx Curves are the best waist trainers available on the market today.

The creative of the Luxx Curves waist trainers was a passion project, with humility and a desire for a quality product that lasts at its core. Detailed research on materials, cuts, design and style has gone into the product that we’ve made available for you today.

Luxx Curves waist trainers are made from three layers of materials; cotton, latex and spandex.

Due to our multi-layer approach, the waist trainer is able to move with your body. This takes away any discomfort or friction that could occur between your skin and the garment and make using your shapewear a fully enjoyable experience.

But what about your organs and bones?

How does waist training differ from corset use?

A lack of understanding of the difference between corsets and waist trainers plays a big part in the perceived danger.

Corsets are a much more extreme approach to waist cinching. The rigid boning of a corset, whether that’s one from the 16th century or from the modern day, is made from wooden or metal boning. These materials have very little give, thus, if the garment is over-tightened they can cause some real damage. Broken ribs would not have been unusual to obtain as a woman when daily corset usage was the height of fashion.

Some very extreme images exist of women with waists cinched to ridiculously small sizes. Many of these might actually be edited; even old photos could be painted over!

Why is a waist trainer better than a corset?

By this point, you might have come to the conclusion that waist trainers are much safer than corsets. You’d be right. As corseting is much more advanced and extreme procedure, it also comes with greater risks.

The funny thing is, waist trainers can actually be much more effective than corsets!

As waist trainers are more comfortable to wear, you will undoubtedly wear them more. Your waist trainer can be worn daily. It won’t inhibit any of your daily activities and it’s easily hidden away under almost any piece of clothing. The more frequently you use the waist trainer, the more effective it will become.

You can also wear waist trainers in the gym. There are even specialized waist trainers for this purpose.

Some Final Words

Our final word on this topic is:

“Waist trainers do not have the structural integrity to move and damage organs or ribs.”

Still questioning that safety of these products? Take a minute to think about how much our organs move around during pregnancy. Our bodies are adaptable, this is why none of our organs are in a ‘fixed’ position to begin with.

This said, while waist trainers are generally harmless when used as they are meant to be, it is possible for them to become dangerous if they’re abused. Cinching your waist for excessive lengths of time, or cinching it too tight has the potential to cause damage. So be sensible and buy the right size for you.

It’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with waist training. If you feel unwell, or don’t fancy wearing your waist trainer for a few of days, don’t worry about it! Becoming obsessive about waist training (like becoming obsessive about diet is unhealthy.


  • This is absolute bullshit.

    John cena
  • Id like to note that this article is not backed up by any scientific research. Unless the person who wrote this obtains a PhD and is knowledgeable in this field, not to mention hopefully NOT affiliated with this site, I would not trust what it says :)

    Jenny Wong
  • Care to provide any references for this besides your own opinions? You mention very little evidence exists. Does that mean that the evidence that does exist shows negative effects? If that’s the case, obviously so little evidence would exist because there’s no point in researching the same thing over and over again when you get the same results.

    Claire Jones

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