What's Your Look? Get These Tips From My Everyday Makeup Routine

What's Your Look? Get These Tips From My Everyday Makeup Routine

Makeup is an art and a science. And, we always need to be aware of how a color will enhance our look or... you know the rest of the story when it comes to makeup. :)

I've studied how makeup will look and what I need to look natural while highlighting my best features.

From the way we bring out our natural features to the ability to hide what doesn't work for us, there are specific ways you will be able to get the look you really want.

Check out my video to see my daily makeup routine.

 What Works For Makeup?

I highlight the everyday, natural look that I use as well as what works best for video to help with your best look.

Here's some of the things you will learn about with my everyday routine:

1. How to get the right undertone with different products. I use a variety of products and highlight certain areas, while hiding others. This helps to balance certain colors from your natural tone and helps you to bring out certain features. This is often the most important part of starting your makeup routine.

2. What products work best. I use a mix and match based on what I find works best, as well as what colors fit with the look I'm going for. While I'm not promoting any of these products, you will see how there are certain makeup products that you will definitely *L*O*V*E.

3. Go one step further with accent. Dolls, you have got what it takes! Make sure you bring it out. I use a certain blush tone, eyelashes and color tones that bring my natural facial features one step further. Definitely bring out your eyes, and bring it one step further by knowing where to add in the extra pop.

4. What color? There is a makeup style that is bright, artistic and colorful. If that's your preference, make sure it still brings the beauty instead of hides it. I go for a natural style, which showcases my skin tone, brings out my lips and helps to keep the look that I know is me. Make sure the colors you are using also show what is truly you.

5. Expirement. My everyday routine that I shared with you came from learning, experimenting and taking the best. Don't stop at a basic set of lines... you can be so much more! Expirement with what works and doesn't work and keep on the look out for ways you can build into your best look yet.

Check out more with the video, showing you the brow, bronze, bolucious and the bam! that comes with putting on makeup. Made for you to show how you can bring out your best features, Dolls!

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