What Your Gut Health Has To Do With Your Waist Size

What Your Gut Health Has To Do With Your Waist Size

Okay…okay…so the photo is photoshopped! I had to get your attention somehow…because this topic gets overlooked WAY too often. Most people would rather read about waist trainers than their gut health. In all honesty though, when I bloat…I look like that! Can you relate?

Hey Dolls,

Tatiana here… you’ve probably heard my story before about how I struggled to get rid of my lower belly fat. I honestly worked out and ate healthy (most of the time) and it seemed that my belly would just stay the same or get BIGGER!

The worst part was that I got bloated every time I ate food…so I concluded that maybe if I eat very infrequently I can reduce this terrible feeling of being bloated all day long. Little did  I know that by fasting on a daily basis I was slowing down the rate of my metabolism and in turn, the calories I did eat took far longer to work off.

Then I discovered waist training with Luxx Curves and I’m not going to go on about that story now…but it worked wonders for me!

I also started taking these little pills called probiotics, I didn’t know why I was taking them…I was just told to take them!

As I started to educate myself on health and nutrition I learned that probiotics are the “good” bacteria that thrive within our bodies. They help fight off pathogens, they help synthesize B + K vitamins, they enhance digestion and nutrient absorption, they produce short chain-fatty acids and they produce immune system boosters.

The bad bacteria include bacteria, mold, fungus, candida, and viruses! They live off of your binge days, they celebrate your holidays and they thrive on your high protein days. They are responsible for your intense cravings…yes it’s the truth!

I’ve never had the best digestion…my mom likes to say that “I got it from my dad”…whatever that means… So unlike my boyfriend, I don’t go to the bathroom 3 times a day…or 2…or sometimes even once a day 🙁

Because my digestion wasn’t very fast I wasn’t eliminating the build up of undigested food particles within my colon and food started to ferment and cause more bloating. Did you know that bloating is the bad bacteria eating your food? THEY make you bloat.

Since I started to take probiotics on a daily basis, I’m happy to say that I can eat a piece of cake and not get bloated… even better, I can eat a big salad and not get bloated (yes, even salads made me bloat).

More importantly than that, I’ve noticed an increase in my metabolism and appetite and I’m eating more than ever before and not gaining weight. Of course, I am eating healthy foods but even on the days I have cheat meals, I don’t end up looking six months pregnant. Even my skin has improved…no topical cream can do for you what good gut health can do to your skin, mood, and weight.

This is because now I have more good bacteria than bad bacteria in my gut, and they are working hard every day to improve my digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Now, I’m no nutritionist, nor am I some fitness expert, so you shouldn’t take my word for it…but I have a dear friend who can help you understand your body a whole lot better. Wade Lightheart is a fitness and nutrition expert, he’s been in the health industry for 30 years and he’s a 3X Vegan, Natural Bodybuilding World Champion. He’s coached thousands of womenof all different ages and backgrounds and he knows his stuff. So I’m very gracious that he spent 25 minutes to sit with me, as I asked him questions that you want answers to.

Take 25 minutes from your day, maybe with a cup of tea before bed…to watch this video. I know he’s helped bring some great insight to my understanding of the importance of probiotics.

The probiotics I used to change my life for the better are very high quality and I admit they aren’t cheap. I know, however, how painful it feels to feel inadequate, to feel gross and sluggish and for me, there’s nothing worth more than looking and feeling my absolute best.

Luckily, there is a SALE! Right now until September 4th, 2017 (only 3 more days), Wade is giving you 3 of his probiotics for the price of one! Take advantage of this savings right now because I’m telling you, he doesn’t offer these kinds of savings very often. Click HERE to get this deal!

Don’t forget to watch my video with BiOptimizers co-founder Wade Lightheart here!


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