Waist Training Workout – Best Exercises To Optimize Your Results waist training workout

Waist Training Workout – Best Exercises To Optimize Your Results waist training workout

Now that you’ve probably received your waist trainer in the mail… let’s workout! This targeted workout will help you achieve that hourglass figure.

Waist training on its own will help give you an instantly slimmer appearance and it will certainly help shape your waist over time…but did you know that it will not help you lose weight? The exception to this is if you workout.

Working out while waist training:

  1. Helps the body sweat more = more calories burned = more fat loss
  2. Moulds the body’s curves into an hourglass figure
  3. Is tight around the corse and triggers the user to tighten abdominal muscles which in turn improves workout results

A special YouTube video has been created to demonstrate these exercises for you.


None of these exercises include weights… why? Your body is a heavy enough weight to tone your core. Heavy weights will put on muscle and the goal of achieving an hourglass figure is to lose weight in the waist and back and shape the thighs. The only place you should consider using weights would be for increasing butt size. Squatting with heaving weight will add muscle to the bottom.

Some of the exercises included in this video are:

Wall Ball Squat – Using a large stability ball, squat against a wall and hold for as long as possible. This exercise will mainly strengthen the quads but the butt, hip, calf, back of thigh, low back, abs, and side abs are all used during.


Laying Down Leg Raises – This tricky exercise will work wonders on your abs. Most people are able to build visible upper abs but lower abs are harder to create. This exercise target the lower belly and obliques for an instant burn. Precision and stability are key, swinging the hips or using the arms to pull the body up is a big no no. 


Knee Raises – Another great exercise to target the abs. This challenging exercise can be performed at an intermediate or advanced level. Intermediate level means bringing the knees up so they are levels with the hips. An advanced level is brining the knees up to the face. This involves using all of the core muscles. 


If you haven’t already bought your waist trainer, head over to Amazon.com and get yourself a high quality brand waist trainer. 

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