The Story Behind The Company Luxx Curves

The Story Behind The Company Luxx Curves

The Story Behind Luxx Curves Waist Trainers

Hello beautiful people,

I get a lot of questions about how I started Luxx Curves and I decided to write a short blog post to share this with you!

Waist training has been passed on from generation to generation in my family. My great grandmother used to wrap her belly after giving birth to help her bounce back to her pre-pregnancy body far quicker (not that she was showing it off). Of course, she never used a “waist trainer” but a modest cotton cloth did the job!

Nowadays we have waist trainers, but it wasn’t until the infamous Kardashians popularized waist training that it suddenly drew media attention over night. Most of the attention was and still is negative towards the act of waist training, claims such as “It will displace your organs” are still commonly heard with no scientific studies to back them. Perhaps if the Kardashian‘s name wasn’t associated with waist training there would be a more positive outlook on the whole act of cinching the waist.

Regardless of how it popularized, waist training is now seen all over the internet and large companies pay celebrities hundreds of thousands of dollars just to endorse their products.

I had tried around 50 waist trainers in the past 3 years and all of them led to disappointment.  The cheapest would fall apart the quickest but even the priciest of them all would eventually fail to meet my standards. When I contacted the big companies with questions or concerns regarding their products I was sent generic copied and pasted replies that didn’t even answer my questions or address my concerns, worst of all some companies never even got back to me!

This was unacceptable! I was raged that I would spent $150 on a waist trainer and not receive any kind of customer support. With all of this built up tension, I sought out how I could create my own waist trainer – just to use for myself to use!

I contacted many manufacturers who all shut me down and just when I was about to give up I finally found one manufacturer that would allow me to customize my creation! I picked the materials, the layers, the boning, the colors…everything and when the finished product arrived I was so happy! I tried it out for a few months with great results due to inch loss and my friends and family were asking me if they could try it too.

That’s when I decided to sell them the waist trainers on Amazon. It took a whole lot of work but finally I was selling my product! I promised myself that I would never turn into one of those big companies who doesn’t care about their customers and also promised to never sell “crap” for lack of a better word, to anyone. If I wouldn’t wear it then I won’t sell it, period.  I needed to maintain the quality so much that I would feel comfortable selling it to my closest family member knowing it would benefit them.

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Boy was I in for a surprise when the company started selling like crazy! Without ANY ADVERTISING, Luxx Curves sold out instantly! After asking clients how they found the product it was from word of mouth…their friends and family had recommended my product!

I was so flattered and excited for what was to come in the future. Fast forward to today, Luxx Curves has over 30 products and we’re expanding rapidly. I’m testing out new products every week and creating the best of the best for my amazing clients!

We now sell out SO quickly that it’s actually hard to stay in stock, even when we order thousands of waist trainers per batch we always seem to sell out within a week!

With such a rapid growth it can be hard for a small company to stay afloat! We’re bombarded with e-mails every day and the demand to sell internationally is strong. I try to personally respond to every e-mail because I want to keep that direct line of communication between me and the client open.

I call all my “customers” my clients because there is a big difference between the two. The customer is someone who creates a purchase from a business, they are a transaction. A client is someone who holds a long term relationship with the business and the business holds a type of fiduciary responsibility with their clients. You are my clients because I feel responsible for the product that your receive and i’m interested in the long term relationships with each client, if anything is wrong then I will make it right.

By the end of November we will be selling internationally from our website, people in the USA will still be able to order from but can also order from our website.

We’ll also be adding some very INTERESTING products to our line, believe me you will love them!


So that’s basically my story, of course I didn’t mention how much stress and let downs there has been during this whole process but that’s the entrepreneur roller coaster! There are no straight paths and every struggle leads to a new learning experience and i’m grateful for each one.

Stay beautiful (from the inside) my friends!


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