Plus Size Waist Training – Why You Should Do it + New Sizes!

Plus Size Waist Training – Why You Should Do it + New Sizes!

Waist training is great for every size woman, but why should plus size women in particular not dismiss waist training? Curvalicious launches new plus size waist trainers to their inventory


Curvalicious Waist Trainers are happy to announce the release of three new sizes to their collection of premium quality waist trainers. These waist cinchers are now available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL. This is great news for us and all our customers. Adding more sizes has been a demand for a little while now and we are pleased to tailor to a wider range of female figures.


To order the waist trainer one must select one of the 8 sizes. To get the perfect fit it is imperative to measure the waist correctly. Using a flexible measuring tape, start at the smallest part of the waist; right beneath the rib cage. Wrap the measuring tape around the waist, do not pull too tightly or this will give you a false measurement. Once you have identified your correct waist size, visit the size chart on the Amazon listing of the Curvalicious waist trainer page. Or view the one below:



If you are unable to identify your correct size, it is easy to contact the company for assistance and you will be sure to be helped within 24 hours. Contact with any questions or concerns.

Why should plus size women waist train?

 Plus size or skinny, waist training benefits every body shape. It is easy to get carried away with the thought that waist training is in the diet industry but it is in fact far from it! Although waist training is method used by many to aid in weight loss, the actual purpose of a waist trainer is to change the shape of the body. Ever notice how some women who are plus size seem to have curves in all the right places? Or those naturally slim women who just have a really beautiful hourglass appearance? This is the goal of a waist trainer, to enhance the current shape of the body, no matter the size.


Plus size women need to understand their advantage, they probably already have what other women spend thousands of dollars on via plastic surgery each year; they’ve got the curves. Plus size gals tend to have junk in the trunk or the larger coconuts that many women desire. Use this asset to your advantage! Many women will get breast implants and butt implants just to achieve this “voluptuous” look that “society” is praising. Waist training helps mould the body into an hourglass figure so that the fat is used to your advantage. View the image on the right, this woman spent 20 days waist training and notice how that curve in the waist makes a world of a difference.


Plus size women can have an instantly flatter belly. If you have a special tight dress you want to wear, no problem! Cinch up your waist trainer for a seamless look. The waist trainer will not adhere to rolls of fat and therefore it will give a smooth appearance under clothing. Check out this woman on the right, a high quality waist trainer is able to suck in the belly fat and eliminate that dreaded fat roll over the pants look.
Plus size waist training is also a great method for weight loss. Why? Waist trainers are inherently tight garments. How do you feel when you are extremely full? Probably bloated and sick and at some point you will be repulsed by any other food pointed in your direction, right? Well, when waist training, the stomach feels smaller and it is quite uncomfortable to overeat in a waist trainer. What I mean is, you get full quickly! When out of a waist trainer, it can be easy to overeat and ignore the signals your body is telling you to quit eating. But when wearing a waist trainer, consuming too much food or liquids can be uncomfortable and therefore many people tend to eat less. What’s the standards equation for weight loss? Less food = Less calories = Fat loss. Bingo! It’s awesome because you don’t even have to resist or restrict yourself from food, you will naturally be inclined to eat less and less and eventually this will lead to weight loss and the spiral effect of weight loss leads to greater confidence and better decision making skills with food choices.



  • Hi my waist is a little over 50 inches. Do you all carry a waist trainer to fit me?

    Tawanda Joint
  • Im just fat a bbw will it fit me whats the price

    Roxanne Duncan
  • How much

    Kaylin Ring
  • So Im a mom of 2. And I have what’s know as the mommy pouch…. it hangs and most of the waist trainers I’ve tried don’t cover that as well advise? Or why would be recommended. Also I want a perky butt with the butt lifter work like a waist trainer?

    Kasonda Breeding
  • I’m a size 47 in my waist can in my torso 14. Wouldn’t know if the right size for me would be an 4XL. I hope you may help me out finding the right one


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