Feeling Romantic? Here's How to Make It Last...

Feeling Romantic? Here's How to Make It Last...

Valentine's Week is here!  Are you ready to make it special? Romance in the air, finding time out with your loved ones, giving room for someone new in your life...

Whatever the situation is, there are ways to take the romance of February 14th and make it last... even forever.

Being with Stefan has allowed me to find new romance, not just on Valentine's Day, but every day.

You can make everything that special for you and your loved one all the time!

See our video on how you can make the romance in your relationship last.


Romance Beyond Valentine's Day?

How do you take the ideal of romance and turn it into an everyday occurrence? It's as simple as putting it in your life as a priority.

For women, it is easy to say that someone in your life "should be" romantic. We often place the high ideal of romance on to our partner or a potential relationship to spice things up.

However, there are different ways you can both persuade and be a part of the dance of love. Looking at it from a different angle will incorporate the ideas of romance into your relationship. 

That's one of the things we're in it for, right?

Not only can you work on romance that comes from you to your partner, but you can make it a center stage ideal of your relationship.

Stefan and I both work on romance as a part of our relationship, always adding in different ways to make me feel connected to him in a way that helps to express our love to each other. In fact, he makes it a daily habit.

There are 7 things that we believe you can do to make romance last forever. When you start creating these habits, it is easier to change your perspective and to build the relationship you really want.

What happens if you don't add these habits into your daily relationship?

Most likely, your relationship will start to lose its spark. After a certain time, you will find that the fire that was constant in the beginning becomes "comfortable" and dies off.

You don't need to have a relationship that follows this standard. Instead, look at ways you can build the romance and deepen the situation you are in.

Even if you are single, this is a great approach to follow. Always look at deepening your relationships - maybe it is the relationship with yourself, your parents or your friends.  Maybe that's not as romantic, but it helps you to practice for those moments with your partner that are definitely on the way. 

I believe in romance. Not only for Valentine's Day, but as a part of my life. I embrace the expression of love with my partner, Stefan, and make sure that it is a part of what we are able to value within our relationship.


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