Australia Waist Trainers Now Available!

Australia Waist Trainers Now Available!

Luxx Curves is down under and has introduced our waist trainers to Australia! We're excited to help women down under get the curves and exact look that helps them to look their best.

The Australia waist trainers are currently available here.

Dolls, we are taking over the globe with our curves! We expect these waist trainers to continue to expand so women can feel happier, healthier and better about your best look. 

With the waist trainers now available for Australia, we are able to offer better shipping options and help women in different locations to find the right fit for their waist trainers around the world.

Currently, the waist trainers are available as follows:

* All waist trainers come in the color black
* Small 9"
* Medium 11.5"
* Large 13"
* Sizes range from XXS to 2XL

We are making sure you can find your best fit in every region of the world. With the Australia waist trainers, you will definitely be able to get the results that you have been looking for.

Here are some of the results we've been seeing from many of our Dolls, sometimes after a few days of using the trainers!

Australia waist trainer results


get curves with waist trainers


What Can You Do With Your Australia Waist Trainer?

There are tons of reasons to use a waist trainer to help with your figure and to feel better about how you look. Here are some of the many reasons that women will look for these looks.

1. Accentuate the hourglass look. Curves are a statement. Make yours are as well with the Australia waist trainers available! We've seen girls go from having more hips to having a tiny waist to accentuate their hips, leading to a beautiful, symmetry of their bodies.

2. Lose the weight. You can spend hours at the gym trying to get off the stubborn belly fat. Sometimes, it may seem like an impossible quest. Not anymore! With Australia waist trainers, you will tuck in your belly and get the weight off from your waist and even your lower belly.

3. PostPartum Weight. Dolls, say congratulations to your new life that you have just given birth to! But getting back the figure you once had... that's another story. :) If you want to move out of the postpartum weight and back into your real look, this will help without injuring your body.

4. Enhance your workouts. I have different waist trainers that will make their way to Australia soon. Some are specific to wear while you are working out. When you are getting in shape, using the trainers can help to boost your efforts and allows you to get results (those will be available soon for you in Australia, Dolls!)

You are going to L*O*V*E the results you can get by wearing our waist trainers. 

Take advantage of the Australia waist trainers now! Available until February 10th with $20 AUD off!

Click Here to Get Your Waist Trainer.


  • How much would shipping to Australia be?

  • Am 5.4"
    -Waist line about 36-37"
    -hips about 44."Something what size of the waist trainer should i get

    Gillian Fongang
  • Are there discounts for referring people?

    Amanda Medina

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