Amazon Reviews – New Playlist on Our YouTube Channel

Amazon Reviews – New Playlist on Our YouTube Channel

Luxx Curves’s YouTube channel now includes a product Amazon review section aimed at helping other shoppers see the product in a video prior to purchasing.

Online shopping is no doubt the best way to shop, especially during the busy holiday seasons… why not skip the lines and craziness of the retail stores and shop from the comfort of your own home? This sounds appealing to many people to to others it is a risky purchase. Purchasing good without the opportunity to see them in person, touch them and even smell them removes the personal experience of shopping and can leave people feeling uneasy about their purchases. That’s why Luxx Curves is now providing review on our Youtube channel. We take requests from our customers about products their interested in purchasing from and try to get our hands on those items. Then we review them on YouTube. This makes purchasing easier and more enjoyable!

Today, we are reviewing the iPhone 6 phone case and charger. This is a handy item to have for those of you who are always on the go and traveling a lot. 

Add double the battery life to your phone, no need to carry a charging cable or extra battery port.
The iPhone case is sleek and elegant. It is not bulky nor is it heavy.
Price is affordable at only  $29.95 this is comparable to regular non-charging phone cases.
The case doesn’t offer very good protection, I like to make sure my phone is completely safe if it drops but with this case, the protection is limited.



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